10 Best PS2 Emulators for Android

Due to the progress of PlayStation, a lot of gaming lovers led to the development of its’ local variants in the form of emulators. These PlayStation emulators imitate the operation of a PS console and act as one, for the Windows and Android devices. Various PS2 emulators have been specifically designed to run on the Android platform.

In this article, we will be reviewing such 10 PlayStation 2 emulators that function well on Android-based devices.

1. DamonPS2

One of the super-fast PS2 emulators, DamonPS2, is an important and a must-try program for Android platforms. Although it is only fully-compatible with few games, this emulator can play most of the PS2 games easily. With some in-between ads in the original version, one can easily use this emulator. However, in the Pro version of DamonP2S2, there are no ads and offer a newer set of features.

DamonPS2 offers good quality graphics and sustains the performance levels. This PS2 emulator is considered as the best among all other Android-based emulators. The Pro version offers features like additional memory card support, NEON acceleration, widescreen for gameplay, etc.

2. Golden PS2

Next up is the Golden PS2 emulator, a program that functions well with most of the Android-based devices, without needing a BIOS setup. Its biggest benefit is the high-quality graphics. Golden PS emulator also performs with various ROM formats. That indicates you can execute PS2 as well as PS2 games. Depending upon the system configuration, this emulator can perform more durable imitation work.

With a screen-size of 16:9 ratio, the Golden PS2 emulator offers NEON acceleration and multi-threading as well. This emulator is well-designed that it is almost like playing on an actual PS2 console.

3. Play!

A great imitator for Android platforms as well as others, including Windows, macOS, and iOS, Play! works perfectly as a PS2 emulator. It is very efficient and is estimated to be one of the best PS2 emulators available for Android. With an ample amount of 128-bit PS2 games available, Play! offers a large variety to gaming enthusiasts. However, this emulator also has few glitches such as the slow processing capacity and low frame-per-second rate. Other than this, it offers a lot of features including a simple configuration process, no need for BIOS, etc. With decent graphics and average audio effects, this app can be downloaded from the internet.

4. NSDDS Emulator

The NSDDS emulator is specifically designed for Android platforms. This emulator is very simple to use and helps play simulation games that support file extensions like .nds & .zip. You can save and resume the game, from wherever you want. This emulator supports Android version 6.0 and above. Although NDS has ads coming now and then, it also offers all the primary functions. All you need is a smartphone with power pack specs to make NDS your go-to emulator.

5. Pro PlayStation

One of the most recommended Android PS2 emulators is Pro PlayStation. This emulator easily imitates the complete console, even if an older version. Pro PlayStation can dump games right into the SD cards and still play with the saved version or load games. Moreover, it is equipped with features such as game compatibility, fast-forwarding, easy to configure and operate.

6. EmuBox

EmuBox is one such emulator that can run all of your childhood games. As an emulator, it works fine for a variety of gaming consoles, emulating for each of these consoles. EmuBox’s Material Design is impressive and has a simplistic user-interface. Although it has a lot of great features to make it imitate the console’s working, there are a lot of ads that may bother you before and after the gameplay.

7. ePSXe

Here is an emulator that’ll take you back to the old days. ePSXe emulator is known for its versatility on Android-based platforms since it customizes well. One of its important features is the split-screen support that allows up to 4 players, offering customized virtual as well as real gamepads. ePSXe is known for several other aspects like utilizing pre-saved memory data and cheat codes option amid the gameplay. Even though this emulator runs all PSX games perfectly, there is never much pressure on the processing capacity of the Android device.

8. PPSS2 Golden

Although the PPSS2 Golden emulator is not a very popular app, it is considered as one of the most reliable PS2 emulators for Android-based devices. A very effective PS2 emulator, this app enables you to access and play all the amazing PS2 games on your Android smartphone.

9. Emulator For PS2

Here’s another super-fast emulator for Android, Emulator for PS2. This emulator offers will enable you to play your preferred PS2 games on your smartphones. This emulator support several PS2, as well as PS1 and PS3 games. Some of the top PS2 games it supports are Spider-Man, Gran Turismo 2, WWF War Zone, Resident Evil 2, and more.

10. New PS2 Emulator

The New PS2 emulator is a good alternative to experience some amazing PS2 games on an Android-based device. What’s even better is that it also supports several PSP and PS1 games. Although the New PS2 Emulator has few glitches, it works fine with some of the PS2 games. These games include Crash Team Racing and Final Fantasy. There are also a few graphic issues and other bugs that need to be fixed.


These PS2 emulators are amazing and work well with Android devices. Hence, you can use any of the above 10 options to play your favorite PS2 games on your smartphones.

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