5 Best Cryptocurrency Wallets for Android (2019)

Getting a Bitcoin is the first thing on everybody’s mind these days. However, with regular breach attacks on crypto exchanges and wallets, people need to realize the importance of storing their crypto in a safe wallet. And by all standards, a wallet where you can control your private keys is considered a safe one.

A wallet is pretty much like a vault where you keep your crypto funds protected by your private key. When dealing in cryptocurrencies, it gets very important that you have the control of your private keys, they ensure your funds are in your control. A wallet should be portable and user friendly so that one can easily send and receive their cryptos in a hassle-free manner. In this post, we look at the best five cryptocurrency wallets for android.

Best Cryptocurrency Wallets for Android (2018)But first,  need to understand when it comes to crypto wallets, there are 4 different types:

  • Desktop Wallet like Bitcoin Core: These are wallets which are ideal for people who are connected to the web. They can be unlocked by a passphrase or uploading a file.
  • Offline wallets: Offline wallets are best if your main strategy is to hold your coins for a long term. They are nothing but paper wallets that remain safe and never come in contact with the web.
  • Hardware wallets: These are arguably the best kind of crypto wallets; they’re definitely secure. No one can touch your funds until they get access to the private keys and the device itself.
  • Mobile based wallets:  Mobile wallets are very handy if you are someone who does a lot of day trades. They are portable and can be transferred from one phone to another

In this article, we discuss the best android wallets for Android platforms:


1. Mycelium


Mycelium wallet is probably the best android wallet available on the play store. It is also one of the oldest Android wallets.

  • It lets you store the only Bitcoin and you own your seed keys and so the bitcoins.
  • It has a minimalistic interface; you have a choice to create a new wallet or restore a backup. If you choose the new wallet option, you will have to note down the 12 words which are your seed words.
  • You should always keep them safe for they are the key to your BTCs. The wallet also lets you add pin code for further security. So even if anyone gets hold of your phone, they can’t do anything with your funds.
  • The application is very lightweight and easy to recover in case you lose your phone

USP: The user interface of Mycelium wallet is very simple. It is very easy to send and receive BTC through it. While sending, you also get the option of choosing the miner fees based on the satoshi values.

Download here


2. Jaxx


There are a lot of quality currencies that people like to HODL for a long period of time but they don’t find the right wallet to store them all. Jaxx is a wallet that supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

  • Jaxx has support for 16 different currencies.
  • Jaxx can be easily synced with different platforms such as windows and iOS
  • The best part about Jaxx is the amazing user interface it has. Getting your seed phrase and unlocking private key is very easy.
  • It has the integration of shapeshift.io which makes converting currencies a lot easier.

USP: Support for 16 different cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, Bitcoin, Augur, Litecoin, Zcash, Doge, Iconomi, Golem, Gnosis, Civic, Stox, Aragon, Salt, Monaco. etc

Download here


3. Coinomi


Coinomi is another crypto wallet which supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

  • It is very lightweight and works like a charm on any smartphone.
  • It is among the fastest to have support for emerging cryptocurrencies.
  • Coinomi supports the maximum number of cryptocurrencies at present. Currently, it supports around 90 different cryptocurrencies.
  • Coinomi has seed keys and password protection as a standard feature.

USP: The best part is that you also get features of paper wallet and QR code support. Very few wallets support bitcoin cash but coinomi was one of the first to do so when the fork took place.

You can download the app on both Android and the iOS.

Download from here


4. Copay.io


Copay is an open source wallet.

  • Users can hold funds individually or share finances securely with other users along with multi-signature wallets. It prevents unauthorized payments by requiring multiple approvals.
  • The wallet also supports Bitcoin cash and many other cryptocurrencies.
  • Copay has an integrated feature of buying Amazon.com gifts cards that make it a flexible wallet.
  • Copay app has support for Bitcoin testnet wallet too which is very rare. Crypto is a global market and thus the app also supports major languages such as French, German, Chinese and Spanish.

USP: If you want a multi crypto wallet that supports major coins along with a user-friendly interface, you should definitely give copay a try. It is available for multiple platforms and supports buying Amazon.com gift cards.   

Download here


5. BlockChain and Ether Wallet

ether wallet

Blockchain and Ether wallet is a very old wallet which is very simple and fun to use bitcoin wallet.

  • There are over 21 million Bitcoin wallet users who are using the wallet to safely do transactions.
  • The wallet is highly secure and has features such as 2-factor authentication instead of the standard feature of pin verification.
  • The wallet has also been through several audits done by the best blockchain researchers from across the globe.
  • The crypto world has a global community, the app has support for 18 languages.

USP: Code is open source which means there is a transparency between the developers and the users.

Download Here

Few Important Tips

Before downloading a wallet from a site or the play store, always make sure of two things. It is never recommended to keep your cryptos funds on an exchange. There are a lot of crypto exchanges which have been hacked in the last few months like ETHER delta and Nicehash. Numerous cases have come up where people have lost tons of money while having all of their money stuck on an exchange. So,

  1. Always download a wallet from a trusted site and look for Http’s’ in the URL of the site; it ensures that you are downloading from a reliable source.
  2. Before downloading any android wallet, you should not be having any malware based 3rd party app as they can steal your information.

Keep your cryptos safe and happy Holding!