5 Factors of choosing the best headphones

Headphones have become one of the most important gadgets in today’s world. You need them everywhere at work, home or just on the way. There are several types of headphones and all have unique features.

But in a general view, there are several things which are common in headphones. These things are of the utmost importance before choosing the best headphones. One should deeply look into these factors before choosing headphones.

Here we have mention 5 factors for choosing the best headphones. They are the most general and important factors. By looking into these things you will get your hands onto a nice pair of headphones.

1.Form Factor

Based on the design there are three main types of headphones. The design makes the headphones in different ways. There is a difference in portability, sound, ease of use and many other things. These three types are in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear.

a)In-ear Headphones

In-ear are tiny earbuds that go into your ears smoothly and fairly deep. They offer isolation for the outer world. Without it, you can have outside noise mixing with your actual tunes. They also offer ultimate portability and are lightweight.

This type of headphones most people who are workout enthusiasts or people who carry their headphones everywhere. This is because you can very easily place them in your pocket.

Now among in-ear headphones, some come with silicone tips and some are bare. Those with silicone tips are more comfortable to use. They don’t hurt your ears and are pretty tightly fixed into your ears.

b)On-ear Headphones

On-ear is normal headphones with a headband that goes around your head and have cups on either side which are the speaker or sound producers. These cups are placed on your ears, which means they don’t cover your ear entirely.

These types of headphones allow sound from the outside world to be heard. They are best to be used at work. Like in office or meetings where you need to hear people in your surrounding too.

On-ear headphones can be portable because some of them are foldable. You can easily fold and place them in you backpack. Now the comfort factor is critical here. Some of these come with padded headbands with foam inside them and are covered using premium fabrics but of course, then the price goes up. Others come with normal headbands which can be uncomfortable at times if used for a long period of time.

c)Over-ear Headphones

And the third type of headphones are the over-ear headphones. These are the massive bulky headphones that totally cover your ears. They cover your ears because the ear cups are very large.

Over-ear are only used when you need to hear best sound with total noise cancellation. So people working in studios (professionals) and gamers suggested these most highly recommended headphones.

They are not comfortable and portable. But the reason people use them is the performance. The sound of these headphones is always amazing at all three levels high, mid and low. Also, they are best known for noise cancellation.


Next factor for choosing the best headphones is features. You must look into what additional features you will be getting with the headphones besides good sound. There can be many features but the most important of them are wireless use and noise cancellation.


Wireless use has been an important thing now. All types of gadgets and technologies ten to turn towards wireless use. Same is the case with headphones. People like to use wireless headphones because you won’t have to worry about the cables and all the mess.

Most of the wireless headphones use Bluetooth technology that can easily connect through the gadgets. You would not only listen to music wirelessly, but even play, pause, or skip music right from the headphones. But there’s a problem regarding wireless headphone since they need to be charged time and again. Charging can be an issue if you go for cheap wireless headphones because they don’t work for a long time. But if you go for some good headphones they work for like 15 to 20 hours. Now, 20 hours is a big thing. This means you can use them all day long.

Now about the sound performance. It is pretty clear that sound performance over wires is better than over wireless technologies. Anyone having a little know-how about technology can understand this.

b)Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation has become an important feature for many people. Ordinary headphones do not cancel the noise from outer world and you hear everything around you unless you are listening at full volume. This can be a problem because people don’t always turn up to full volume.

For tackling this issue there is noise cancellation feature. This tech is used cancel out waves of sound coming from the outer world and so you get to hear only what you want to hear.


Whenever you’re getting a new set of headphone just try it once, leave them for a while. You’ll get to know in a few minutes whether it’s comfortable or not. Is it hurting or does it make your ear hot or pink? For buying a new set of headphone you need to consider a thick, padded headband that will distribute the weight well across the top of your head. You also want ear cups that won’t sweat easily, so you can wear the phones longer. For headphones that rest on your ear, smaller is better, and fabric padding or leather can soften the pressure.


Be sure that the wired headphones are long enough for your use. But extraordinarily long cables could negatively affect the sound quality and add the noise from outside. Tangling is one of the big drawbacks of long wired cables, they just mingle up. On other hands if you’re buying short cable headphone, you can always add an extension to it but be careful to get an extensible cable of the same quality of that headphone cable. You could also add the length of the cable you want, as adding to shorter cables could leads degrade the signals.


If you’re looking for some fairly portable headphones, then go for in-ear ones. As they are light which makes them ideal for active use, and the better ones can sound fantastic.

In case of professional studio work or gaming, you cannot go for in-ear headphones because they are not meant to be used there. You can go for on-ear or over-ear headphone. They are not portable but you don’t need portability in such cases.


This would be enough to get your hands on a good pair of headphones. There’s a lot of varieties out there, and one can easily choose the wrong one.

So make sure you look into these factors before choosing any headphones. Once you get to know about these factors and try to buy headphones which are good with these things, you will get a nice pair that’s for sure.