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They say, technology is anything that wasn’t around when you were born. But at this breakneck speed, technology is anything you didn’t know yesterday. It is continuing unabated. And, we simply can’t afford to relax when so much is happening across the world.

TechiesPad is a commitment to covering tech with an eye for quality and excellence. It is our dearest endeavor to bring you the newest of tech updates in the simplest of language, for experienced and beginners alike. We’ve ditched jargon. Because it’s boring. We know that simplicity works and is what you love. We don’t make a muck of matters. But, bring you the coolest stuff that matters to you the most.

We are a team of 6, which knows the best of the trends the world’s doting on and works hard to get you a comprehensive coverage of everything you shouldn’t miss. We do the blogs beyond the ordinary way of doing them.

Love gadgets? TechiesPad has plenty of listicles for gadget reviews that explain why you should buy a product and why you shouldn’t.

Looking for an app? We’ve an app-focused section to get you the recommendations – from best to the NEXT BEST.

We also review tech, but not how others attempt it. We think of our readers and try to be as uncomplicated as one can be. Simple, but impactful writing that includes inputs from our readers as well. You can add your comments and opinions. And, we promise to take them up for more authentic, user-centric experience. If you don’t like something that we do, you can share that as well. We believe, each feedback, irrespective of its nature, is a step forward to our goals.

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