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Free Download 2021 AI Dungeon 2 PC and Windows

AI Dungeon 2

AI Dungeon 2 is a revolutionary text-based game that has changed the perception of how computer and mobile games are developed. AI Dungeon 2 Developed by Nick Walton in his college room in America, the game is open source and revolves around the player rather than the limits specified by the developer. You can play the game in whichever genre you want and the game will use Artificial Intelligence to steer you towards the ending you want. While this game has become extremely popular, you can download this game for PC from the official website of AI dungeon 2 pc or use the following steps to download the mobile app on your PCs.

Steps to download AI Dungeon 2 PC

Method 1

1.      By the first method, you can download AI Dungeon 2 By Nick Walton with the help of an emulator. The game is officially available as an AI Dungeon 2 Android app, an Apple App and also a PC version of the game on its official website.

2.      You can use any Android or iOS emulator available on the internet to download this game. BlueStacks is a widely used Android emulator that you can use for this purpose. You can also go forward with iPadian, an iOS emulator for the same. Any other emulator other than these two will also fetch you the same result.

3.      After successfully downloading and installing the emulator on your PC, you will find the app store icon when you launch the emulator. If it is an Android emulator, the Google Play Store icon will be present on the homepage or else the Apple Store for an iOS one.

4.      On clicking the icon, you will need to mandatorily sign up or log in before being able to surf through the apps, irrespective of the type of emulator. For Google Play Store, you will require a Gmail ID and an Apple ID for an iOS one. If you do not have a previous account, you will need to register.

5.      After successfully logging in to the app store, you will get unrestricted access to download any app you want. On searching for AI Dungeon 2 on the search bar, you will be able to instantly download and install it on your PC.

Method 2

1.      This method is a simpler one where you can play the game online from AI Dungeon’s website. The link to it is as follows:

2.      After opening the link, click on the ‘Play on your Browser’ option. This will redirect you to another page where you have to verify whether you want to play the game.

3.      Press ‘Enter’ on the page. You will reach a login page. This is the final stage before the game starts. You will have to create an account here with a valid email id and press “Submit”.

4.      The game will start thereafter on the next window.

AI Dungeon 2 – A game thought of like never before

·        The most unique feature that separates AI Dungeon 2 from any other average video game and makes it a cut above the rest is the way the game has been thought of like never before.

·   AI Dungeon Normally a game is designed by a developer who lays out certain rules of a game and gives us few tools to complete the game and come out victorious. In AI game, you can do anything you want and come to an infinite number of possible endings in a text-based format.

·        You can create your storyline and the game will use predictive technology to bring about characters and adventures to your game accordingly.

·  The AI Dungeon game is extremely intuitive and completely free of cost.

The Basic Format of the Game

The gameplay starts by giving the user options to choose a genre. The options given are fantasy, apocalyptic, or mystery. You can choose one either from these three or you can custom type any genre you like. The game starts with your opening genre and builds the play from it. You can thereafter enter any text adventure you want in response to a love by the computer and the game will respond to you accordingly. You can fight with zombies, save princesses from mystery lands, or even opt for a horror genre that will be filled with ghosts.

AI Dungeon 2 for PC – EndNote

AI Dungeon 2 PC has opened to the world the usefulness of Artificial Intelligence and how machines can be given the power to think and respond accordingly. You can enjoy this game on any device you want and now even on your PC and laptop by following the methods stated above in this article. This game has fostered Artificial Intelligence and facilitated growth in innovation With AI Dungeon commands. Start playing today!