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AI Marketing for Small Businesses: The Ultimate Guide

When choosing marketing tools for your new or small business, AI/Artificial Intelligence marketing should be at the top of your list. AI marketing is mainly used for online marketing. This should give you a hint on what you are dealing with at this point. AI marketing enhances account-based marketing by providing you with a perceptive analysis. This tool is also very effective as there is a target audience. This target audience is obtained by selecting users who have engaged with similar posts.

A significant number of small business owners use AI marketing. According to the people who have used AI marketing so far, the reviews are good. Some of them claim that it has helped them to cut costs such as the salary that would have been given to people who would perform marketing roles.

In this guide for AI marketing in small business, we will go through:

  1. An in-depth look at what AI marketing is
  2. The benefits of using AI marketing for your small business
  3. How to create an AI marketing strategy
  4. The important marketing tools for your small business

What is AI Marketing?

As a small business owner, marketing is vital to help your business to gain momentum. If you are in this position, AI marketing is your best shot. By using AI for marketing, you are simply using a software to analyze the data that you have and obtain several target consumers of your product. Remember this is done with little to no human interference.

Apart from this, AI can also be used to undertake other marketing sectors such as social media marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing and even search engine optimization.

These marketing tools have been objectively divided into four according to the purpose they serve. These four are:

  • Integrated task automation apps
  • Machine learning apps
  • Stand-alone machine learning apps 
  • Stand -alone task automation apps or digital technologies

The stand-alone task automation apps are the best for starting up. This is because they are the easiest to set up. The digital technologies however have limited in app features, this is why it can not be used by well developed and functional companies for marketing purposes.

As a business owner who mainly depends on AI marketing for your business marketing, overtime you gain experience and skills. With this you can advance to using the stand-alone task automation apps and the machine learning apps as they are a bit complex compared to the task automation apps.

Let us take a look at the core elements of marketing that you need to have in mind. The core Ai marketing elements are :

  • Machine learning simply uses computer algorithms and mathematical methods to look into the large datasets available. The analyzed patterns give a depiction of past marketing strategies that have worked and those that have failed. These insights can give you an idea of what strategies you should incorporate in your marketing.
  • Big data, in this case, while you are collecting an analyzing data, the quantity of data online may be vast. AI tools simplify this practice by helping you comb through this data in a matter of minutes and give you appropriate recommendations.
  • Powerful AI tools.These tools help small business owners receive insights from their targeted consumers enabling to make the decisions for their based on the reviews

Benefits Of Using AI Marketing For Your Small Business

Judging from the fact that many small business owners prefer using AI marketing tools, this shows that the AI tools are an asset and benefit the owners in several ways. Let us see how AI helps you improve your marketing strategies.

  • With AI marketing the possibility of human error is completely avoided. Keep in mind that in marketing, precision is key and when using a software, you will have achieved the required level of accuracy.
  • Improved performance and productivity. Marketing requirements such as constant data collection is tedious and time consuming. When using an AI marketing tool, you can automate it that it completes this task at the intervals you will have put in place. They saves you the trouble of performing this repetitive task all the time and use this energy and time on other business needs. With this, your productivity is greatly enhanced as you are killing two birds with one stone.
  • Better and fast reporting. AI marketing helps you receive data at a faster rate as a large quantity of data is analyzed at a go.
  • Effective customer service. These tools complete a larger part of your marketing needs which means you are able to respond faster to your clients
  • Increased ROI. This is return on investment. AI marketing also helps in positively impacting your bottomline.

How to Create an AI Marketing Strategy

When planning to implement a strategy, you should plan in order to anticipate for the success of your business. Here is how to design the AI marketing strategy for your business.

  1. Pin point your goal.
  2. Highlight your weakness to shed light on the areas where your strategy should enhance
  3. Personalize customer profiles. This will help you engage with and understand your customer base
  4. Choose a suitable app or software. Choose according to your skill and or references from people who have already used the tool.
  5. Decide how and where you will use the AI technologies. This decision should be based on your strengths and weaknesses.

The Important Marketing Tools for Your Small Business

If this AI marketing idea is something new for you, you might be at crossroads when trying to decide the most suitable software. All tools have strong encryption. Many CA (certificate authorities) offer encryption enabled SSL products. Comodo SSL Certificate, RapidSSL Certificate are few popular certificate authorities. The best reviewed AI marketing tools online are as followed;

  1. -This software is a writing tool. It helps when you are writing blog spots, emails, social media post and even website pages. It is also affordable as the price starts from $49 for 40000 words. The app also has many templates, over 20 languages, is easy to navigate and has over 90 content types.
  2. Hubspot -This a very powerful and simple to use digital marketing platform. It has is used for marketing automation, sales customer relationship management, content management and customer service. The prices range from $45 -$6000 per month. The app gives extensive marketing reviews, is easy to navigate, capacious marketplace for simple integrations and has an undemanding drag and drop emails and landing pages. This software is however slightly more expensive than the other ones.
  3. Nicejob -This is for your business reputation marketing. It assists your business obtain more and better reviews while subsequently improving the SEO ranking the presence on social media. The app simply reminds the consumers of your product to make reviews about it. The packages range from $75-$174. The software improves the reviews by sending one tap SMS review requests, one click email review requests, automatic customer review follow-ups, social media follow-ups and streamlined review funnels.
  4. Jasper -This AI software enables you to write and edit content. This makes your content more grammatical and engaging. The content written can be blogs, websites and even social media posts. The marketing strategy comes in where the content is SEO optimized. The prices range from $40-$82 per month. The use of this platform is easy and has a native grammar support.
  5. Sapling -This is an AI messaging assistant. The software increase the speed you respond to your customers. The software makes suggestions of real time responses to your customers and you can personalize these messages. Apart from this the software it also improves your grammar. It costs $25 per month.


If you are considering using AI for marketing for your business, the above software might be effective. Generally, AI marketing makes your work by decreasing the input an increasing the output. It is therefore recommended