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Apple AirTag Battery Life: Tips to Check and Improve Performance

For people who need help remembering where they have kept their belongings or keep misplacing their wallets, keys, and other essential items, an attractive technological solution has been the launch of Apple AirTag. A lightweight, portable device, AirTag is based on Bluetooth tech that maintains a track record of your essential belongings.

Now, for those who have been using the AirTag for a while, a common problem comes up now and then is the battery life of this fantastic device. More often than not, people have asked how they can make the battery life of their AirTag device last longer.

Through this article, we will discuss how you can increase the battery life for the AirTag device. We will also explain how you can check the battery level of your AirTag device and when it is the right time to consider a battery replacement.

So, if you want to learn about your AirTag’s battery life, read on.

How to Check an AirTag’s Battery Life?

To start with the first question, if you want to check the battery life of your AirTag, you should know that when the device is low on battery, you get an automatic notification on the iPhone. Hence, if you have a notification on your iPhone, your AirTag needs to be checked.

Now, to check the battery percentage, you can follow the below steps-

  • Based on the Apple device your AirTag is connected to, go to the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • The Find My app will show a low battery level icon if the AirTag device has a low battery.

Even though the notification says low battery, this warning appears weeks before the device ends its battery life. It should work for the next few weeks before the device battery gives up. 

But as a recommendation, it is suggested that once you receive a low battery notification, it is best to replace the AirTag battery before it’s too late and before you lose your belonging and cannot track it with the AirTag.

Factors affecting AirTag battery Life?

The AirTag functions on a battery that cannot be recharged; hence, you will need to replace it once it drains out. So, it is crucial to consider the factors that can affect the life of your AirTag’s battery.

One of the most common reasons the AirTag device’s battery drains out depends on how often the device is used. Ensure you only use the device when required and do not keep it powered on mode for no reason.

Another reason that may cause your AirTag’s battery to drain fast is the temperature and humidity around the device. The AirTag must always be kept in a cool, dry place for longer battery life. Moreover, if you are keen on using AirTag’s features like Play Sound and Precision Tracking, it can also cause faster battery drainage.

Lastly, and most importantly, always purchase an original battery from a reputed brand for your AirTag to ensure long-lasting battery life. You can read more about how long does airtag battery last here.

Tips for Maximizing AirTag Battery Life

Here are some tips to help you maximize the battery life of your AirTag device-

  • Use the device only when needed, and do not always keep it in active mode.
  • Whenever you activate the AirTag, add a To-Do note in your app to replace the AirTag battery.
  • Set the task as a recurrence after 11 months every time. You can also tag this task as a vacation.

Now, AirTags are often activated right after they are purchased, and for things like your luggage bag, you probably only need the AirTag once your vacation starts. But you tag each time you add an AirTag to an item, for example. In that case, your luggage is added as a task (vacation); you will know when to replace the battery since the To Do list will show when the AirTag battery is low or whether it has been 12 months since you activated the tag.

How to replace the AirTag battery?

If you want to replace the battery for your AirTag device, you can do so by below steps-

  • On the cover of the AirTag, locate the steel battery cover and press on it. After that, move the cover anti-clockwise and rotate it until it can’t.
  • Now, remove the battery cover and then take the battery out.
  • Make sure you have the lithium 3-volt coin battery available and insert it, placing the positive side of the battery upwards. 
  • Once you hear an indicator sound, it confirms the battery has been placed and connected successfully.

You can now put the battery cover back by aligning the three tabs on it against the AirTag’s slots and then move the battery cover and rotate it clockwise to close it properly.

Is the Battery in an AirTag Rechargeable?

Unfortunately, you cannot recharge the AirTag battery once it has drained. Yet, these AirTag batteries have a long life and can easily last up to one year, depending on the device’s usage. Moreover, you can always replace the battery by opening the AirTag device and placing a new CR2032 lithium battery.

Do AirTags Have Batteries That Can Be Changed?

AirTags come with preinstalled coin-sized lithium batteries. Even though an AirTag battery can last up to one year, you can replace them once the battery life is over. You can easily find replacement batteries in any local electronic store near you.

How Can You Check the Charging of an AirTag Battery?

If you want to know if the AirTag battery is functioning correctly and has excellent life remaining before it needs to be replaced, you can check the charge by visiting the Find My app on your Apple device. Under the Items section in the app, you can click on the AirTag device you want to check the battery life for and look at the battery icon to check the remaining battery levels.

What Kind of Battery Powers an AirTag?

The AirTag device is powered by a CR2032 battery that is coated with lithium and is a coin-sized cell battery.

When You Need an AirTag Battery Replacement

If you receive a notification on your Apple device connected to the AirTag confirming its battery level is low, it is time to replace the battery. Although, it has been confirmed that the AirTag low battery notification is not a high-priority alert, and the device’s battery can further work for several months after you receive such a notification. But it will eventually disable essential features on your AirTag as the battery level goes down further.


When used efficiently, AirTag is an interesting technology. But it is crucial to keep a check on the device’s usage to avoid battery draining before the stipulated duration. You can always manage your tagged items and ensure only essential items are tagged for regular usage. For items that are utilized occasionally, you should tag them with your AirTag when in use.

I hope this article was helpful, and that you are able to manage your AirTag’s battery levels better after going through the above content and can secure the battery without replacement, for a longer duration.