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AirTag Not Reachable (Easy Proven Fix!)

The AirTag tracking device is used for finding things like wallets, keys, etc., and can be easily connected to your iPhone. But what happens when you get AirTag not reachable, move around to reach our device error on your iPhone? 

Several iPhone users have complained about this error and could not restore the tracking device. Since the problem is clearly with the device’s connectivity, we will discuss the various fixes to resolve the AirTag is not reachable error in this article.

AirTag Not Reachable – Quick Solution

If the AirTag is not connecting with your iPhone, check your AirTag’s battery status. Although AirTag batteries have a minimum life of one year, you may have received a device with a faulty battery. Here’s what you can do.

FindMyApp > Items tab > AirTag device.

The battery status will be visible under the AirTag device’s name. If the battery status shows down, you should know that the only way to fix the battery problem and the AirTag is not reachable error is by getting the battery replaced from a nearby Apple Store.

 1. AirTag Not Reachable Move around to Connect

In your iPhone, the Precision Finding feature can sometimes cause the AirTag unreachable error to appear. If this happens, your AirTag has moved out of the maximum range; this Bluetooth tracking device allows you to stay connected to your iPhone. The maximum distance between your AirTag and iPhone should be 800 feet outdoors (or 130 feet indoors).

Hence, all you need to do is move within the safe connectivity radius for the AirTag to become discoverable and reconnect to the iPhone again.

If this does not solve the problem, the error prompt may be showing due to a compatibility issue with your iPhone version. You can check the compatibility by visiting Apple’s official page for AirTag. It will help confirm if both devices are compatible or not.

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2. Check Battery Status Of AirTag

The AirTag comes with a replaceable battery and has a life of over one year. If it is a recent purchase, the chances of your AirTag’s battery running out are slim. Yet, you should check if the AirTag is not reachable error on your iPhone is showing because of the battery.

So, you should check the AirTag’s battery status to ensure this is not the case. Follow below steps to check the battery’s status:

  • Open FindMyApp on your iPhone.
  • Now go to the Items tab.
  • Click on the AirTag device to check the battery. The battery’s status will reflect right under the AirTag’s name.

If the battery is down, you should get the same replaced from a nearby Apple Store. And this is the reason why the AirTag is not able to connect with your iPhone.

3. Remove AirTag From Your Apple ID And Re-Connect

If the above procedure did not resolve the AirTag is unreachable; move around to connect error, you should try and remove the AirTag from the Apple ID. The AirTag gets added to the Apple ID in your iCloud account when you click it on your iPhone. Hence, if the AirTag is at fault, you should remove it from the Apple ID and try to reconnect it afterwards. Here’s how you can do it:

  • On the FindMyApp on your iPhone, go to the Items tab.
  • Select the AirTag device and pull it up from the bottom to see its settings.
  • Click on the last option on this list, i.e., Remove the item. You will receive a warning asking if you want to remove the device from your Apple ID.
  • Click on the Remove button to remove the AirTag from your iPhone.

After the AirTag is removed, the next thing to do is reconnect it. So, bring the AirTag near your iPhone, and a pop-up message will appear on your iPhone screen asking for your permission to connect the device.

  • Tap on Connect option.
  • Give a name to the AirTag.

And your AirTag will be connected successfully, fixing the issue. You can test the device by playing the sound on your device. If the problem is persistent, try the next method to fix this issue.

4. Bluetooth was ON for a Long Time

If your iPhone’s Bluetooth is left on Switch On mode for a long time without being used or connected to any device, it may stop working correctly, causing connectivity issues in your AirTag.

So, if your iPhone’s Bluetooth seems to be on for an extended period, here is what you can do.

Switch off the feature > Wait for a few seconds > Switch it back on

It should fix the problem and allow the AirTag device to connect with your iPhone easily.

5. Hard Reset AirTag

Another way you can try fixing the AirTag problem is through a hard reset on this Bluetooth device. Follow the below steps to do a hard reset on the AirTag.

  • On the steel side of the AirTag, press the area to do a factory reset.
  • After pressing the area, start rotating the steel cover in the anti-clockwise direction. It should be done until it reaches the end and cannot be turned further.
  • After reaching the end, you can remove the steel cover and separate it from the upper white side.
  • Once the steel cover is removed, take the battery out from the device and then put it back. Now, press the battery until a sound comes from the AirTag device. Do not put the steel cover back.

After this, you need to follow this procedure four more times. And remember that you must hear a sound from the AirTag every time. Once this is done, you can put the steel cover back. Ensure the lid is placed on the device correctly, with all three slots aligned with the cover. Also, when you press the cover, you will hear a sound, confirming the cover is aligned correctly. Now, you will need to rotate the steel side of the AirTag to lock it.

And that’s how you do a hard reset on the AirTag device.

6. Restart Find MyApp

Just like the previous method stating how Bluetooth left on for a long time can affect the AirTag connectivity, the same can happen if the FindMyApp is left open in the background of your iPhone for a long duration.

All you need to do if that is the case is to restart FindMyApp. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen and hold the screen in the middle.
  • Now, you will see all the apps left open and silently running in the background.
  • Swipe up all the apps to close them. Do this till you find the FindMyApp, and make sure to close it too.

Once all the apps are closed, go back to FindMyApp and reopen it. It will fix your AirTag is not Reachable, move around to reach our device error and make it accessible for you to use on your iPhone again.

7. Restart your iPhone

If you can still not get the AirTag to connect with your iPhone, you should try and restart your iPhone. You could do that by checking the wi-fi and your cellular network.

  • To do this, go to the Settings menu on your iPhone.
  • Go to the wi-fi section. Turn off the toggle bar. Do the same for Bluetooth and Mobile Data sections also.
  • Restart your iPhone.

Once done, go back to the Settings menu, and turn on the wi-fi, Bluetooth and Mobile data using the toggle bar. It should restore your iPhone to the correct settings, allowing the AirTag to connect with your iPhone successfully.

8. Reset Network Setting

A lot of the AirTag is not Reachable, move around to reach our device error pops up because of network issues in your iPhone. In such cases, you can start troubleshooting by switching off and switching on the wi-fi or Mobile data and Bluetooth on your iPhone.

If the error is reflected even after this, the next step is resetting the iPhone’s network settings.

To do that, you must follow below steps:

  • Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone.
  • Select General, and then scroll down till the end. Here, you will find the Reset option.
  • Select Reset, and here, tap on the Reset Network Settings option.
  • Here, enter your iPhone’s passcode and select Reset Network Settings again.

It will reset the network settings on your iPhone. Hence, if the AirTag connectivity issue is due to your íPhone’s network settings, this will resolve it.

However, if this approach proves unhelpful, you may try the last option to fix the AirTag connectivity issue.

9. Ask For Replacement

Last but not the least, if you have tried all the above methods and still cannot resolve the AirTag is unreachable, move around to reach our device error; this might be it. Your AirTag may have faulty hardware. If that is the case, you must contact the Apple support team and seek help with a replacement device.

If the support team asks you to follow the troubleshooting steps I have already shared in this article, let them know that you have already tried and could not resolve it. The Apple support team will then move ahead and process a replacement for your faulty AirTag device since it falls under the replacement warranty that comes with the device.


And with the help of these nine easy methods, you can quickly resolve the AirTag is unreachable and move around to connect errors on your iPhone. I hope you were able to find the answer to your AirTag problem here and that I was able to help you get over this. In case you want to see what methods, we have discussed here, below are the key points to help you recollect the gist of this article.

  • Bring the AirTag device close to your iPhone
  • Check your AirTag’s battery status
  • Remove and add back your AirTag device from your Apple ID
  • In case the Bluetooth has been switched on for a long time
  • Perform a hard reset on the AirTag device
  • Restart the FindMyApp on your iPhone
  • Restart your iPhone
  • Reset the network settings
  • Ask For Replacement

However, if you are still unsure that any of these procedures were helpful, you might want to reach out to the technical support team at Apple to know more.