Alfred Security Download for PC Windows Free Download

Alfred Security System is a free ad personalized security system that will keep your places of interest free from intruders and unwanted activities. Alfred Security System, popularly known as the Alfred Camera system, as the name suggests, surveys your homes and workplaces through the lens of a camera. The video stream is relayed onto another device through which you can monitor the area you want the security of. The only drawback of this app is that the official variant is only available as a smartphone application and not for PC. With the help of this guide, you can download the app on your PCs or laptops as well as irrespective of the Operating System you are using.

How to download Alfred Security for PC Windows 10

Alfred Camera is available in both the Google Play Store and the iOS store as a smartphone app so both kinds of emulators can be used to download this app.

Steps involved using an Android Emulator

1.      As Alfred Security is available as an Android app in the Google Play Store, we can download an Android emulator from the Internet and complete this process. The main aim of an emulator is to bring about systems processes from one device to another. This results in the ability of the latter device to run all programs of the former device.

2.       There are several good quality Android emulators available online. You can download any of them. BlueStacks and NoxPlayer are two recommended emulators as both of these are widely used by people.

3.      After downloading an Android emulator of your choice, install the emulator and set I up on your PC. Thereafter launch it.

4.      The appearance of the emulator will be exactly that of an Android smartphone. Locate the Google Play Store app on the homepage of the emulator and open it.

5.      On opening the app store, you will be asked to log in first before you can download any app. If you have an existing account registered with Google Play Store, you can use it here. If not, you will need to create a new account. The process is simple and involves an easy verification of your email.

6.      Once you have successfully logged in to the Store, you can download any app you like. Search for Alfred Camera on the search bar and install it. The app will be installed on your emulator and you will find the icon on its homepage.

Steps involved using an iOS Emulator

1.      You can also use an iOS emulator for this purpose as the app is also available in the Apple Store.

2.      Download any iOS emulator of your choice. All emulators should ideally do the work for you. Two recommended emulators that you can use are iPadian and MobiOne Studio.

3.      Once you have downloaded the emulator, set it up on your PC and launch it.

4.      The appearance of the iOS emulator will be exactly that of an iPhone home screen. Find the Apple Store icon on the homepage and open it.

5.      At this stage, you will be required to log in to the Apple Store. Use any existing Apple ID if you have. If you are new to the Apple Store, you can quickly sign up for a new Apple ID and register onto the Apple Store using it.

6.      Once you have logged onto the store, type Alfred Camera on the search bar. The app will appear as a search result. Click on Install.

7.      Once the app is installed on your emulator, you can find its icon on the homepage of the emulator.

How to Set-up Alfred Camera

1.      Download and successfully install Alfred Camera on two devices.

2.      When you launch the app, use the same Google ID to log in to both the devices.

3.      Once you do that, both the devices will be paired to the Alfred Camera app.

4.      Now place one device at a vantage point in the place you want monitoring and switch on Camera mode.

5.      The other device will act as a viewer where you can view the live video stream being sent in from the camera device.

6.      Alfred Camera also has motion detection inbuilt. If it detects any motion on your video streams, a notification will be sent to your viewing device immediately.

7.      You can also undergo a two-way communication process using the Alfred Security System


The Alfred Security system is a complete security solution to protect your and monitor places of interest. With the help of this guide, in addition to monitoring places using smartphones, you can also do it using PCs or laptops.