Notepad++ Alternatives for Mac

If you’re a Mac user who’s looking for an alternative to NotePad++, you’re in luck. In this post, we’ll take a look at three different alternatives that are worth checking out. Each of these programs has its own unique set of features, so be sure to read on to see which one is the best fit for your needs. Here are some great alternatives!

Brackets (Free)


An Adobe roll-out, Brackets is an open source text editor with standards on a par with Notepad++ or even better. Not just Notepad++, Brackets is miles ahead of its paid equivalents with respect to utility and ease of working. That being so, it is undoubtedly the most-used code text editor on Mac OS X, and shall remain so, for web development that’s neat and fun.

Brackets is a program always on the evolve, always getting better to complement the creative needs. A rejig is introduced in every 3-4 months, and the one that’s happened recently provided it features, like instant search, text folding and CSS hints. The feature, Extract, happens to be its highlight, which lets you acquire information about the color, gradient and font of a PSD file, and convert it into CSS scheme.

A simple solution to all coding tasks, Brackets makes you see all the CSS selectors in one particular window, so that you can concentrate on the code without having to worry about the popups. You are given the leeway to work on pre-processors in an easier way than ever. You can access Quick Edit and Live Highlight simultaneously with your LESS and SCSS files.

Download Brackets 1.10 Version Here.

Atom (Free)


A text editor tool that’s efficient and highly modish – Atom is maintained by GitHub team, and lives up to the claim of being the best for front-end development. On the top of it, who can think of a better alternative to Notepad++ for Mac other than Atom, which can accommodate any change you would like to make via hacking into it.

Yes, you read that right! Atom is ‘hackable’, and you can make tweaks into it to get your job done, if it isn’t programmed for it already. Changes, made in HTML and JavaScript, are integrated well into the original groundwork of Atom, and thereby, makes the developer to have it easy without learning various computing languages.

Atom comes with an in-built package manager, which consists several user-generated packages to make working on Atom a whole lot better for you. These packages have a lot of customizable features, ranging from themes to history managers, that simplify and improve this code editor for the whole community. The file system browser lets you manage various files and projects simultaneously in one window, so there is no need to toggle between two source files to code on the web.  

Being a cross-platform, Atom is workable on OS X, Windows and Linux.

Download Atom Here.

Komodo Edit (Free)

Komodo Edit

Another great Notepad++ alternative for Mac you can easily count on is Komodo Edit. Its IDE is already a favorite of developers, and Komodo Edit mimics the same popularity. A lightweight text editor, Komodo Edit boasts some of the best core features that include Autocomplete, Markdown Viewing, Multi-language Support and lots more. This text editor is basic of its kind, but you can stay assured of finding all the features that get your job done. Don’t forget, Komodo Edit has a full-featured IDE that fits all needs and works exceptionally.

You can always add more to Komodo Edit’s functionality by using a number of extensions. Notably, you’ll find many GitHub repositories that suggest the best extensions and themes for the tool. So, there’s nothing less with Komodo Edit.

With features like Unit Testing, Chrome Debugging, Code Profiling, Symbol Browser, PhoneGap and Cordova Integration, Komodo Edit is the tool you should give a try.

Download Komodo Edit Here.

TextWrangler (Free)


If you’ve a fondness for BBEdit, TextWrangler is a text editor you should give a shot to. Candidly speaking, TextWrangler is a little sibling to BBEdit, and comes equipped with features, which help a ton in making the process of front-end development a whole lot easy and approachable. You can find Syntax Highlighting, Built-in Text Transformations, Unicode Viewing, Multi-file Search and more with TextWrangler.

It’s important to note that TextWrangler is a basic purpose editor, and acquires most of its features from BBEdit. It is a good option if you aren’t in any mood to shell out money for BBEdit purchase. Also, the developer wing has already announced that it is no longer working on the development on TextWrangler, and focusing on making BBEdit better.

Keeping the money factor aside, we would recommend you to try BBEdit over TextWrangler instead.

Download TextWrangler Here.


Price: $50


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A well-known, feature-packed HTML and text editor for Mac systems, BBEdit has got the industry’s backing, and rightfully so. Touted as one of the excellent tools for software developers and authors, BBEdit has a list of versatile, well-performing features for searching, editing and manipulation of tasks.

BBEdit’s interface is organized to specify navigation and lead you straight to its bag of features, where you’ll find grep pattern matching, project definition tools, syntax coloring, FTP and SFTP open and save, AppleScript and more. And, lest we forget, you’ll also get to see a full kit of HTML markup tools.

To compress the story as one, BBEdit is an amazing value-for-money investment and does justice to the amount invested in it. It is better in every aspect and totally worth your time and dime.

Download BBEdit Here.


Price: $80


With UltraEdit, you get the promise of the best; of a web development process that’s crazily impressive. This is a high-end text editor, which pulls off the most demanding tasks just the way you expect. Features like Multi-Caret Editing, Multi-Select, Cross-File Regex Search and  Column/block Editing make it the most powerful feature of the bandwagon.

Mind you, it’s not just these features that make it supremely powerful, but a lot of purchase bundles and the accompanying programs that help you choose a customizable theme, do a deep file search, provide a column mode to do both horizontal and vertical editing, and offer built-in FTP and SSH features.

If you wish to broaden the scope of your work with UltraEdit, go for the mix of UltraEdit and UltraCompare, which will cost you around $100.

Download UltraEdit Here.

Sublime Text

Price: $70

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is trusted by millions, for being the simplest, most excellent text editor in the market. This text editor is hugely liked by web development professionals for code, markup and prose, and comprises lots of customization (with JSON files), a great suite of editing options and an easy-to-use interface. The most notable trait of Sublime Text is ‘Goto Anything’, which lets you instantly search and hop on files, lines/symbols and words you’re looking for. This is achieved when you press ⌘P key. So, you aren’t required to navigate the menus for minutes to find what you intend to find.

Besides its smooth interface and batch/split editing options, there is also a distraction free mode, which doesn’t let your concentration go haywire.

After spending $70, you can have Sublime Text on any computer you’ve without thinking about the licensing limitations. Sublime Text 2 is the version you need to download, as it’s the current one. The advanced version, Sublime Text 3 is available in its Beta version.

Sublime Text can work on OS X, Windows and Linux.

Download Sublime Text Here.


These 7 best alternatives to Notepad++ for MAC have made it to our list. Try them and share your experience with us. If you feel that we have missed out on an important alternative, mention in the comments below and we’ll take that up for our next post.