Amino App for PC Mac Windows 10/8.1/7 Free Download

Amino App brings together people across various communities and cultures who share a common interest over a particular subject. This app is a place for people to bond on their favourites and meet more people who share the same liking towards a particular subject. With the help of Amino, you can bring together like-minded people into an Amino community which can be administered by anyone from the group. Amino allows users to make as many communities as they want and share media relating to that subject in those communities. Even though a PC variant is not available for Amino, this guide will take advantage of the apps available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store and give you methods to download it on your PC.

How to Download Amino on your PC using BlueStacks

1.      BlueStacks is an Android emulator and since the Amino app is available in the Google Play Store, this method can be used. The emulator facilitates the download of smartphone apps on your PC by replicating a smartphone-like environment on the PC or laptop.

2.      BlueStacks is a recommended emulator but you can use any other Android emulator as well to complete the process. You will get BlueStacks easily from its official site online.

3.      Download the emulator and install it on your PC. After setting it up on your required directory, launch the emulator. The theme of the emulator will be exactly like that of an Android smartphone. Open the Google Play Store icon on the homepage.

4.      The first window of the app store will ask for your login credentials as you are entering the store for the first time from this device. You can either use an existing play store account or register for a new one if you do not have one already. All it requires is a simple email verification process.

5.      Once you have successfully logged in to the Play Store, you can browse and download any app from there on to the emulator. Search for Amino on the search bar.

6.      You will immediately find the app. Click on install.

7.      After installation, you will find the Amino app icon on the homepage of your emulator. Launch the app and you are good to go!

How to Download Amino using iPadian

1.      Alternatively, you can use an iOS emulator also to download Amino on your PC. It is possible because the app is also available in the Apple Store.

2.      iPadian is a recommended iOS emulator for this case but you can find several other good ones as well online. iPadian can be downloaded from its online source. MobiOne Studio is also an alternative that is widely used.

3.      After downloading and installing the emulator, launch it. The appearance of the home page should look exactly like the home screen of an iPhone. Open the App Store from there.

4.      At this stage, the store will require you to sign in before you can download any app. If you have an Apple ID, you can use it here or create a new account.

5.      After logging in, go to the search tab on top of the window and search for Amino. The app will instantly appear as a search result.

6.      Click on ‘Install’ beside it. The app will be installed and the icon will appear on the home screen of your emulator.

Key Features of Amino

·        Amino offers various activities that can be conducted in the communities formed. You can watch videos, browse articles, blogs, and read stories encompassing all topics from music to entertainment to art as well as gaming apps.

·        In your Amino community groups, quizzes and long posts help the group members to know each other better. The group chat allows members to converse with each other regarding their common interests which enhances the bonding of the group.

·        Other than group activities, you can individually also post your stories, write blogs, and upload videos. People watching your content will instantly bond if they also have the same likings.

·        Profile customization can be done to change the theme, try out a profile frame, and change the aesthetics of the page according to your requirements.


Amino brings together groups of people with a common interest. With this guide, it is now possible to run Amino from your PC or laptop as well. This is an alternative while you can still use it from your smartphones. Join Amino and make your community now!