Best Android Icon Packs to Revamp the Look of Your Device

Sitting at work one day, someone perhaps got bored of the same icons flashing at the home screen. An idea twinkled and with the techie DNA he’s wired with, he sussed out a trendy way of customizing these icons into cool, awesome designs.

We know them as Android Icon packs and gladly, have pretty good selections to revamp the look of icons on your device. This means, your device will no longer be a typical definition of Android. Instead, will come wrapped up in a style that takes the greater route to customization.

We’ve collated a list of best Android Icons that will help customize your device uniquely and provide a fun way of interacting with it.

Let’s know them all!


1. Black Light

Black Light

If neons endear you, Black light is the icon you can try. This is one of the best android icon packs, filled with fluorescence over blacked-out iconography. The best part is you are greeted with icons in new styles and colors each day. Plus, you get over 200 matching wallpapers to apply and make your device look interesting. Black Light has support for over 30+ launchers, including Holo, Nova, Sony, Arrow, Atom, Lucid, EverythingMe and so on.

Offered by: DrumDestroyer Themes

Download here.  

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2. Antimatter


This is one incredibly looking icon pack with over 3100+ icons. The icon arrangement is such that you can see a blank space inside. Technically, it is referred to as ‘hollow floating’. You can also find over 30 wallpapers qHD, all cloud-based and a special tool to request an icon that’s missing.

Offered by: Mowmo

Download Here.


3. Almug


Almug is a favorite to many for its wide variety of icons for android, over 4120+ in number. The color picks are vibrant of a kind, oozing an intense appeal altogether when seen. You can also find a dynamic calendar, a clock widget and over 50 QHD wallpapers as extras. And yes, it has compatibility to Muzei Live wallpapers too.

Offered by: Vertumus

Download Here.


4. Ikon


Ikon brings 1300+ cute, badge-styled icons in easy-on-the-eye colors to your Android device. New icon updates arrive weekly to help you personalize better. This Android icon pack offers 10 UHD wallpapers to sync well with the icons pack. Ikon supports launchers APEX, NOVA, TSF Shell and HOLO among many.

Offered by: BladeXDesigns

Download here.

5. PixBit


PixBit packs over 1114 icons, 10+ wallpapers and support for 12 launchers in total, including Action, Atom, Apex, LG, Nova and more. PixBit icons are 8-bit blocky graphics, the ones associated with the earliest computers this age has seen. In all likeness, you’ll swoon over your phone that will look like a 90’s gadget.

Offered by: myAP

Download here.


6. Flix


Flix is great, because not all icons are carved in circles. Some are square, triangle, pentagon and what not. The pack has 340+ circle-inspired icons, along with Cloud based wallpapers (QHD) and dynamic calendar support. The available icons are divided into multiple categories and there is also a Help section to get you clear of any confusion. You can send requests for missing icons to developers via emails. Flix has support for launchers, like Nova, Atom, Apex, Aviate, Go, Smart and much more.

Offered by: le0maz

Download here.


7. Delta


With over 1400 hand-designed icons, neat and cheery in looks, Delta is a must-have Android pack. It supports launchers, like Evie, Nova, Apex, Go and many more. If anyone has a liking to a screen that looks nothing less than spring-like joys, Delta has a lot to offer.

Offered by: Leif Niemczik

Download here.


8. Mation


Mation gets you the wealth of 1,800+ icons, intelligently crafted in vibrant tints, much like color bombs bursting on your screen. While you expect the icons in shape, Mation cuts a creativity by giving you the shapeless ones. The library of icons is regularly updated and you get an icon request tool as well. And, off course, there are Cloud-based wallpapers to pair up well with the icons.

Offered by: LKN9X

Download here.

9. New Pixel

New Pixel

New Pixel icon pack is for those who like how icons show up in Pixel devices – circular, subjectively accurate and high resolution. These are all hand-designed icons and you can request even more by hitting the request tool on the dashboard. Having New Pixel, you will be loving your device a tad more for its beauty.

Offered by: Halmos Janos

Download here.


10. Unicorn


Unicorn is a celebration in its own, with deep, vivid colors like Purple, Pink, Turquoise and Blue making a strong case of phonic extravaganza. There is over 3,650 icons with 200 matching wallpapers to change the look of your device. You can auto-apply the icons to any of the 30+ launchers, including Holo, L, Nova, Go, Arrow, Atom, TSF, Next, Nine, Zen UI and so on.

Offered by: DrumDestroyer

Download here.

Love to tinker with your Android device? Try these best new Android packs for 2019 that are pure bevy of beauties. Your smartphone will no longer look like a dull gadget and will look great. You can simply download them from Play Store and apply them. If you’ve something to share with us, you can get in touch by posting comments below.