Everything You Need To Know About AnyTrans For iOS (Info and Usage Guide 2020)

If you’re using an Apple device, chances are that you greatly rely on itunes or iCloud to transfer and backup most of your files, right? However, it’s time you acquaint yourself with AnyTrans for iOS.  

AnyTrans is an iOS file manager that helps you share and sync all your data. You can sync all data stored in your iPad, iPhone, iPod, Computer; you can move around with all your photos, videos, contacts, messages, all a click or finger swipe away. Much as iTunes has its own undeniable advantages, it makes a lot of sense to compliment that with a file manager like AnyTrans. Why?

  • With iTunes, most songs that you have on your iOS are restricted; you can only listen to them. But with AnyTrans, you’re able to edit and customize such songs so that you create a preferred ringtone to such.
  • It’s also easier arranging your iPhone Apps on your computer when you’re using AnyTrans. The software comes in handy when you’re categorizing, arranging, and accessing your apps and personal data.

With this application, it’s basically more than just experiencing enhanced data files and media arrangements on your iOS. Rather, think of an overall, more enjoyable experience on any iOS device. With a single click, you have everything right at your finger tips.

Everything You Need To Know About AnyTrans For iOS (Info and Usage Guide 2019)

Here’s what users like about AnyTrans;

  • A user friendly interface, supports 7 different languages
  • Great file control
  • Users can download videos online, directly to the IOS device.

The only major disadvantage, perhaps, is that AnyTrans doesn’t allow you to edit or add data and files to your iTunes library.

But aside from that, you’ll love how easy it becomes sharing and managing your data files on all types of iOS devices. You’ll be able to integrate your iCloud account to any device, this makes management of everything super easy; and enjoyable too.

The fact that you can download videos from popular sites like YouTube or DailyMotion directly to your iOS device makes this a must have software.  To download the latest version of AnyTrans, simply visit the iMobie website here.  It’s absolutely safe downloading it from the site and you have nothing to fear in terms of malware and viruses. Needless to say, the latest version is also the safest.

In instances where you have accidentally deleted files from your IOS device, you can always restore these using backup copies created by AnyTrans.

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How much does AnyTrans on iOS cost?

Like most software, AnyTrans will give you a free trial period during which period you’ll be able to evaluate its features. If you’re pleased with it, you simply go ahead and purchase it.  However, you’ll be limited on the number of files you can share or transfer during the trial period. You can only transfer a maximum of 50 files before the trial period is suspended.

From here, you’d have to make a purchase and enter the registration code that’s usually sent via email. The purchases are available under 2 major categories. There’s the personal lifetime license that costs $39.99 and recommended for single computers. Then there’s the family lifetime license that goes for $ 199.95 and can be used by up to 5 devices at once. However, kindly note that the prices are subject to constant review, the price of a family lifetime license was going for $ 59.99 by the time this article was written.

To get the latest and accurate pricing, simply check it out here.

AnyTrans gives a Money back guarantee of 60 days, which is actually one of the longest of any Software in the market today.

How to use AnyTrans;

Like we mentioned before, AnyTrans has a relatively easy and straightforward interface; the navigation features for iOS devices and Mac are similar.  Upon downloading and installing the software, you’ll be prompted to connect your iOS device. After the software is initialized on your device, you’ll be directed to the Device Content Tab.

Here you’ll get a quick guide on common shortcuts you’ll need when doing common tasks like adding content, transferring content from PC to iPhone or iPad, and so on.

The video downloading feature is pretty straightforward and the beauty of it all is that you don’t even need to paste the video URL to your program. Rather, it will automatically monitor and insert the URL from the clipboard into the program. You can watch such videos later when you’re offline.

In case you missed our earlier post, we discussed into detail how you can transfer photos from one iOS device to another. This is especially handy if you’re looking to transfer files and data from one iPhone to another without having to face the limitations that come with relying on iCloud or iTunes.

Backing up your data on your iOS devices is important, means you can always access those special photos or messages even when you’ve accidentally deleted them. Other times, the loss of a device may also spell doom. But not with Any Trans!

  • AnyTrans brings you scheduled backups that are done wirelessly and silently.
  • You don’t have to rely on cables or USB ports to back up and sync your data! Backup happens automatically every time you have access to Wi-Fi.  
  • In the absence of AnyTrans, you’d have to manually update and sync your data every now and then. It’d be even trickier when you are dealing with several iOS devices and a MAC at once.

In summary;

In a nutshell, AnyTrans is a great software, we’d gladly give it 4 on a scale of 5. It makes data and file sharing on iOS much easier, more enjoyable.  

Plus the fact that it is not pricey and has a user friendly money back guarantee policy.  If you own an iPhone, iPad, Ipod, Mac and are looking to centralize all your operations into one device, AnyTrans will come in very handy.

iMobie is a reputable tech company and they never disappoint; certainly not with AnyTrans. Download it today and experience a new world of possibilities and fun on your iOS device.