9 Apps Like Offer Up You Should Try

Everyone has more stuff than they actually need. It could be anything from a laptop, a piece of furniture or a pair of denims that’s aging in the wardrobe. While they might not be of any use to you, there are many out there who need them.

The point is, what’s useless to you could be of immense use to others. You can sell all these items to the one who genuinely needs them. Not only will it benefit you by cashing in some money, but also help the buyer to find a product at reasonable rates.

Apps like Offer Up are making waves all over for providing an unmissable buy and sell experience. The premise is – buyers and sellers come in contact online, decide on a deal and make a transaction.

And, it isn’t just Offer Up on the bandwagon. There are many other alternatives to Offer Up, emerging as the biggest marketplaces and the simplest places to buy and sell locally. We’re out with this post to help you know them all.

Let’s dive in straight!

Best Apps Like Offer Up in 2019



Be it renting out a flat or selling that baggy maternity dress that’s hiding no bump any longer, Craigslist can help you rake up quick money by posting easy ads for all.

Other side, if you’re a home-seeker or a pregnant mother, you can get what you need at best rates here on Craigslist.

One of the earliest sites in the niche of buy and sell, Craigslist’s main function is to provide an easy, accessible and non-commercial way of dealing in products. It hosts advertisements in various categories, like Jobs, Gigs, Personals, Housing, Services, For-Sale and more. Every category has several subcategories for faster and more intuitive navigation.

All transactions between you and the party can be successfully kept secret with the email mask option. This is great if you don’t want your email address to float around in the wild.

Craigslist accepts ads for free. Even scrolling and responding to ads is free of cost. This website is universal in value, as almost every country on the globe has its entries on Craigslist.

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Oodle, as it says, is reinventing classifieds. And, it’s no exaggeration. We mean, look how easy it has become to sell the used stuffs online and be of some use to the world at large. For a seller, oodle help make easy money. And, for a buyer, it has myriad product offers that don’t cost a bomb.

Out of all, Vehicles, Rentals and Pets are its most prominent sections. So, whether you’re looking for a pup to be your forever or a home where your heart belongs, Oodle can help with its scores of offers.

Oodle has kept it simple – find an offer, get in touch with the seller, arrange a meet and make a transaction. Recommendations are location-based. This means, you will be notified of the offers found closer to your location.

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VarageScale one ups all other buy-and-sell platforms by merging communities with the business as usual.

The ‘community’ concept at VarageSale goes like, you can join groups having others from the region you belong to and do business with them. It’s done to infuse trust into the trading relationships which they lack otherwise. It’s indeed less risky than other platforms.

Be at VarageSale to find interesting deals, snag extra money and join the communities of the people you like and trust.

You need to have a Facebook account to use VarageSale. You can visit the help centre of VarageSale to know how.

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The stuff you don’t need is in need somewhere else. Use Bookoo to market them and earn fast money. As for buyers, it has the best deals you need at a fraction of market price.

Bookoo happens to be a platform where neighbors meet to buy and sell the products. It is quite similar to Craigslist, albeit not so far-reaching. While Craigslist covers almost the globe and provides region-specific information, Bookoo has far less representation of areas. But, make no mistake to consider it any trivial. It boasts a user base of 2,400,000 members, which is constantly expanding.

Bookoo works in a simple 1-2-3. You find a product, contact seller, arrange a meet and exchange money for the item. There is a different Bookoo site for a different city, listing all the areas where could be your next potential seller or buyer.

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OLX is where you find the best bargains without the pain of running around. And, it’s hugely popular in not just one, five or 50, but over 100 countries worldwide.

You just name a thing and we bet, OLX must be having plenty of deals for it. The listings of products are the highest here and that’s how it takes things a step further. You can see over thousands of advertisements selling used cars, appliances, mobiles, clothes and what not from the local sellers. Just about everything, perhaps a needle as well, at a price that’s unbelievably cheap.

Other side, sellers find great opportunity to clean their closets and put out all online for the sake of some extra money. Less wonder, OLX is the next big thing after Craigslist globally.

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eBay Classifieds


Doesn’t that sound satisfying already? Trust comes naturally when it’s anything about eBay.

The platform wasn’t as popular as others earlier, but is gradually picking up pace for its well-curated online classifieds, where you, as a buyer, find lots of great products to chip your money in. So much so that if you don’t find anything on Craigslist, you can easily go to eBay’s ad section to search it.

The platform has an auto-location detection option that automatically tracks user’s location and displays the best results for him that are found in the proximity.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort for sellers to go in and list their products for sale. Since transactions happen locally, there is a little threat of your  being swindled off your money.

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Since everyone has Facebook and it’s grown to become a business friendly platform from a simple networking site, it is actually useful to connect with people, market a product and clinch a deal. From a buyer’s perspective, it becomes easy for him to look for the products he needs on a platform that’s easily accessible and available on the move.

There are several Facebook groups, niche-based, where you can connect with many local sellers to buy products of your choice. You can find a group by adding your city’s name to the words ‘garage sale’. Like, ‘New Delhi garage sale’ and this will toss out the best results for you.

There is also a new feature, Local Market, which has been worked upon currently. Once activated, the feature will help the buyers to browse, buy and sell products to the interested ones, all by improving the visibility.




If you wish to give away a product, sell it on Listia. It’s completely free and doesn’t include any extra charges. The more you sell, the more you earn credits.

And, if you’re a buyer, you will get products at a price that surely brings an eye twinkle. Listia has millions of products by people living nearby, so that it’s becomes easy for the buyers to connect and make transactions happen.

To your delight, over 100 millions transactions have happened on Listia. More to come!

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At its crux, Kijiji is Canada’s Craigslist, having tons of deals to drool over. As a seller, you can post your ads in quick steps and manage them well by either viewing, editing or deleting them at anytime of your choice. You can also share these ads directly with your friends via social networks. This is how, Kijiji facilitates to find yourself some potential buyers.

If you’re a buyer, you get deals under categories, like services, jobs, vacation rentals, resumes, childcare, community events and 90 others. Whatever you search to buy goes down to the search history, so that you can shop fast with easy access to recent searches. You can easily connect with the local sellers via email or phone calls.

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That’s a wrap!

We have got you some great apps like Offer Up. You can get them to buy products at half rates from the trusted sellers. If you know any other sites like Offer Up, have suggestions or feedback to share with us, go to the comments section below and feel free to express your opinion.

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