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Are AirTags Fully Waterproof?

If you own Apple’s AirTag, you probably know everything about this fantastic tracking device. However, one thing that probably is not discussed enough is the water resistance feature of AirTag. Even though AirTags have superior water resistance technology with an IP67 rating that allows water splashes on this device not to cause any harm, it is not waterproof.

In this article, we will discuss whether AirTags are water-resistant or waterproof. Moreover, we will look at the IP ratings given to AirTags and how you can keep it safe from water spillage.

Water Resistance Rating of AirTags

Since AirTags are a crucial tracking device for your personal belongings, they are specially designed to be water-resistant. The IP67 rating for AirTag makes it resistant to dust and water splashes. You can quickly submerge your AirTag underwater at a depth of one metre for over 30 minutes and still be functional. However, it is only effective if the item it is tagged to can also sustain underwater for that duration.

Also, even though the IP67 rating confirms water resistance on AirTag, you do not have to use them continuously when dust or water is involved. The ratings clarify that AirTag can survive a situation involving dust or water. However, it may not withstand such conditions for an extended period. Moreover, the water resistance level for AirTag may also wear off with time or get damaged by water spillage in some way.

Hence, it is essential to understand that even though your AirTag device is water resistant, putting it through regular tests and checking its capacity to withhold dust or water may affect its functioning. The water resistance capability is an additional protection to keep your AirTag from getting damaged easily.

The IP67 Water Resistance Rating of AirTags Explained

The water resistance ratings given to any device vary based on how long the device can sustain exposure to water. Hence, the time duration for which the device can withstand water and still function afterwards defines its rating. For AirTags, the IP67 rating is used to confirm that the device is water resistant, can handle water spills, and can easily stay submerged in one metre deep water for over 30 minutes.

Effective Strategies for Drying Your AirTags

You should avoid keeping AirTag near water, even though the device is water resistant. Yet, if your AirTag has gotten water on it, you should consider the below method to dry it off.

  • Take a dry cloth (make sure it does not have any lint) and gently wipe the AirTag surface for any water droplets. 
  • After you have entirely dried the surface of the AirTag, the next thing to do is to open the device to check for water drops inside. Put your fingers on both sides of the logo on AirTag and move in an anti-clockwise direction to open the battery cover.
  • Once the cover is open, take out the battery. If you find any water drops here, use the same cloth to clean it.
  • Leave the battery cover open for 5-10 mins to dry any remaining water.
  • After waiting, put the battery in the AirTag and place the battery cover on it. Turn the cover in a clockwise direction until you hear a clicking sound. 

The AirTag has been dried and is ready to be used again.

Differentiating Between Water Resistant and Waterproof

Even though AirTag is known to be water resistant, a lot of times, users confuse it as waterproof. While water-resistant means your AirTag is protected from water spillage, it does not guarantee that the device will remain safe from water damage if submerged under water for a long time. Being waterproof would mean that if the device is submerged under water for any duration or depth, the AirTag should still be functional. However, since AirTags are not waterproof, this does not apply to this unique tracking device.

What happens if an AirTag gets wet?

If an AirTag gets wet or submerges underwater, it may survive and function appropriately if taken out within 30 minutes. However, it must be taken out in time and should only be 1 metre deep in water at maximum. In that case, it may damage the device, turning off its tracking feature or causing battery problems.

Examining the Usefulness of AirTag Waterproof and Splash-Proof Cases

Although the water resistance feature makes AirTag suitable to be used near water, it is always good to have additional protection. The IP67 rating makes it safe from water damage, but if you are around water often, using a waterproof and splash-proof case for your AirTag is an advantage.

Below are some practical waterproof case options for your AirTag-

  • Caseology Vault Case – The first one is the Caseology Vault, which offers durability and has an in-built carabiner that allows you to attach anything to it. Moreover, the case frame is very flexible and keeps the AirTag safe. Also, you can open this case on either side, making it easy to track down the AirTag when needed.
  • Elevation Lab Vault Case – Developed by a brand specifically dealing in waterproof electronic device cases, the Elevation Lab Tag case has a stainless steel body with a sturdy design that saves on space and protects your AirTag from water spillage.
  • ESR AirTag Case – The ESR case is a cheap yet effective silicon waterproof case for your AirTag. With two holder options and in-built keys, you can easily use this case to attach to any device. Since the ESR AirTag case is designed openly, it allows robust signal transmission for the AirTag to function correctly and does not affect the device’s sound when you are trying to track it.
  • Basic Water-Resistant Case – The most generic and straightforward pocket case has a silicone cover that opens at the top end. It keeps the AirTag easily accessible while also protecting the device. You can find several colours online in this AirTag case.

Can AirTags Get Wet?

Yes, an AirTag can get wet very quickly. If you submerge it under water or take the AirTag out in the rain, the device will get wet. However, because of its water-resistance feature, an AirTag can function efficiently even if submerged underwater for 30 minutes. But if not taken care of correctly, the water resistance feature may also prove ineffective and damage your AirTag’s functioning.

The Importance of Staying Dry

Even after learning about the water resistance feature, we recommend AirTag users avoid using the device near water. Since AirTag is not fully waterproof, if the device is submerged in deep waters or for a long-time duration, it can damage the device. Moreover, a lot of times, it causes problems with the airtag battery life of the device.


AirTag is an excellent tracking device with a fantastic water resistance feature. Yet, you must keep your AirTag away from water as it is not fully waterproof and can be easily damaged if water enters the device. Also, as discussed above, consider using a waterproof cover to avoid water spillage with the AirTag.