10+ Best Free Auto Clicker Software for Windows

Finding the best free auto clicker software for windows can be a challenge task. There are many to choose from and most of them have very similar features. So, how do you know which one is the best for you? We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the 10+ best ones available. Check it out now!

Best Free Auto Clicker Software for Windows

The type of software you use is what defines the auto clicker you need to select. From the multiple options available, there are different auto clickers for various functions.

For example, a game software needs a gamer-friendly auto clicker, and a software developer needs an auto clicker that figures out any bugs in its app.

The following varied types will give you an overview and simultaneously and a unique understanding of each type.

1. Auto Mouse Clicker

Simple yet efficient. 

This auto clicker offers you a time interval setting, which allows you to set the starting time and stopping time of the entire auto-clicking episode(s). The time interval option is so meticulous that you can even set the timer right until the milliseconds. 


The timer is super fast and super precise. No errors are recorded, and your job is done in no time. 

For selecting the area to be subjected to auto-clicking, all you have to is drag your mouse, and a square-ish region is selected. The clicks will not take place outside the marked boundary.

It is also multilingual. It has the option of Polish and English.

Also, the F keys come in handy when put in functions to be performed by this auto clicker. Often, F11 is for Start command, and F12 is for Stop.

2. Auto Clicker Typer 2.0

Want to schedule the auto-clicking episodes, rather than setting the auto clicker, each time you need to use it? Auto Clicker Typer 2.0 can do so.

You can set the break period between each session and go about doing your other jobs, which require your assistance. Leave this mundane job to the auto clicker typer 2.0

If you have multiple functions to be done, one after the other, you have the auto clicker’s succession attribute. Line up all the functions, and let the click-chain reaction start.

Does not take up much space and affects your PC’s performance. Since it’s lightweight, it can almost go unnoticeable.

The interface is easy to use and easier to understand. A few clicks and your auto clicker is ready to take up its job without any delay or inaccuracy.

Perfect Automation

It has features beyond its years.

This advanced auto clicker may just have too many options to explore. However, for experienced users and experts, this is a party to work with.

Along with the mouse functions, it takes up keyboard functions too. This feature of it has proved to be a big hit amongst auto-clicking veterans.

It is considered advanced because of its take up of multiple applications in a single software. To achieve such a complex setup is not an easy task.

Gamers are its target audience since it comes with the script-editor option, one of its many elements.

When you opt for the script-editor option, you have the opportunity to edit the sequence of operations, rearrange the order, add or subtract certain activities, and more. All these perks result in the most efficient use of Perfect Automation.

Additionally, it can even act as a launcher or scheduler, all of which are automated functions. 

GS Auto Clicker

Arguably the most popular out of all the free auto clicker software available for windows. Hotkeys are its forte.

Otherwise known as ‘keyboard shortcuts,’ Hotkeys comprise a significant part of this auto clicker—for example, simple operations like cut, copy, paste, open file, etc.

Most of the auto clickers are operational only in the selected area, which is also one. However, with GS Auto Clicker, you can choose multiple locations on the screen and then set a sequence to perform all the clickings in the order you desire.

Another one of its notable features is that it affords the option of saving and load. This unique course of action will help you immensely by saving each click that is being performed and marks a load option after each one so that you can reach back to one specific click whenever you want to.

Free Auto Clicker

Though the name’s pretty simple, the fact that it’s free is very beneficial because of its expertise in auto-clicking. You selecting this as your auto-clicking software for windows will leave no place for regrets.

How do you actually mark the area for the clicking operations to be performed? The site is selected using the ‘x’ and ‘y’ coordinates of the application you are using it for.

It displays a column of ‘x-y coordinate list.’ Fill it with the sequences, and the cycle will begin without hiccups unless you plan any, otherwise known as time intervals.

Supposing you have entered 200 clicks to be operated. The Free Auto Clicker keeps a track record that it even displays on the screen when the operations are underway. The number of clicks performed and the number of clicks to be performed is separately displayed to avoid confusion. 

The save+load option lets you stop/pause at any point of clicking, saves it, and lets it continue from the exact point where you left it by loading it. This saves a tremendous amount of time since sometimes your PC may hang up, and the already progressed clicking becomes nil.

Quick Touch Automatic Clicker

This could also be named as ‘the oldest trick in the book.’ Though plain jane, it holds its own among its competitors.

You shed your blood, sweat, and tears and managed to reach the 1000th level of your favorite game. However, you cannot miss the test in school tomorrow. 

What a painful dilemma to be in. Do not panic; Quick Touch Automatic Clicker understands your emotions, and that is why it has the best clicking software for gamers.

It is not erred and does not skip even one click. It follows the set order without any bumps or interruptions and plays the game for you until you have passed that test with flying colors and can now celebrate by continuing the game.

Also, it takes into consideration personalized preferences and thus adjusts itself according to those. This makes it almost custom-fit for your game and software.

Automatic Tap Auto Clicker

Smartphone-specific auto clickers are challenging to find, and even they have been opted for, they keep hanging up every other second. This can put you off and eventually develop hate for auto clickers.

Automatic Tap Auto Clicker is here to pull you out of the hate whirlpool. It is known for its flawless gelling with smartphones and is devoid of any glitches.

Mobile gaming is on the rise, and its increasing demand has led to the invention of many mobile gaming-compatible auto clickers. However, Automatic Tap Auto Clicker has made its mark in the market, and it seems it is not willing to step down the pedestal anytime soon.

One more fantastic feature of its ability to be operational in more than one game on one software. To be more precise, it means it’s a multi-gaming-operational.

Auto Keybot

The name will sound familiar to you if you are a bot fanatic. This does resemble bots in a few ways.

In addition to the regular tapping and clicking functions, it is one skill higher. It even has the scope of performing other computational functions too.

Of course, it does require the same settings as that of clicking/tapping. You will need to set the initial and final time, break time-outs, an orderly string of operations, x-y coordinates, and timed transitions between two different selected areas of clicks/taps.

Its interface is easily accessible and adaptable. No too many options right in your face as soon as you open it.

Mouse Recorder Premium

Works like a charm. The adjectives used to name this auto clicker are ‘recorder’ and ‘premium,’ and it does not falter in its reputation indeed.

The proper intervals between two transitions are smooth; it’s almost invisible to the eye if not watched like a hawk. No cheats and misses with this one.

The recording is lacking any extra clicks or missed clicks. It stays strictly on its set-in-motion track and does not deviate from it.

Newbies or beginners and even amateurs have given raving reviews of the Auto Keybot Auto Clicker.


Not too fancy, but it shows its fanciness in its work. Actions do speak louder than names.

Most of the auto clickers mentioned until now had at most clicking and tapping of games. However, this one has a few additional features.

Those features include reminder set-ups, sending of already drafted emails, auto replying emails when on leave, template text messages for primary responses, and consequent cycles for all mentioned operations.

The selection of right or left clicks is paired up with mouse keyup and mouse keydown. This supplementary facet is exclusive to this type of auto clicker.

Rebooting is also an unshared point of Clicker. If you want to reboot/restart your windows operating system after the respective clicks you had scheduled to be done, then you absolutely have the option to move forward with the plan.

The saving option of Clicker then kicks into motion and does not let you lose all the clicks and taps that occurred prior to the reboot. Hence, all your progress is stored, saved, and ready to continue from the last function.

Mouse Click Generator! Automatic Click Drag Generator

So you can find the options of clicking or tapping in any auto clicker software for windows. Then why is Mouse Click Generator! Is the Automatic Click Drag Generator special?

Besides the usual clicks and taps, this auto clicker has a new yet significant option. And that is ‘Drag.’

If you have scheduled clicking and tapping in two different locations and wish to drag the selected areas to other sites or exchange two simultaneously, then this is where the drag option works. However, you do have the option not to use the drag option by unticking the box at the start of the schedule.

At the end of the schedule preparation, you have to click the ‘generate’ option once manually, and then the clicking, tapping, and dragging (if selected) begins. Rest assured, your windows are in good clicks.


Yes, it is very clicky, proving the ‘clicky’ part of the name, but mentioning only ‘mouse’ may be falsely assumed to be not considering the keyboard. It does have the option to use or not to use the keyboard functions. 

Using ClickyMouse will be fruitful if you are more prone to making mistakes and require constant editing mid-clicks and mid-taps. You can use this auto clicker to create, cancel or change any of the commands at any time, even during the already started cycle.

You can even set triggers for editing when you doubt any clicks have been misplaced or miscalculated. This will save your time immensely by notifying you to change the commands as soon as possible, rather than realizing the mistake at the end of the entire schedule and having to redo it.

Final Say

The above index is a result of diverse research. All types of auto clickers have been mentioned to give you an idea of what you may or may not achieve by opting for any of them.

This inventory of best free auto clicker software for windows has easily explained the technicalities of auto clickers. Their operations and functions have been clearly stated.

Therefore, these roll names will undoubtedly assist you in finding the one best paired up with your windows.

Click! Tap! Drag!