Bandicam – All in One Solution to Recording Screen, Games & Devices

Bandicam is software that enables the user to capture screenshots and or video recordings of anything on the computer screen. Bandicam captures images and videos with the level of quality of the original display.

  • The performance of Bandicam as screen recording software is beyond any other software that offers similar services.
  • Bandicam makes it easy for users to set their preferences and the default storage location. You are even given the option of choosing the quality of video to be recorded.
  • Using Bandicam, one can capture and save their desktop activity, record tutorial videos, or record games. The software, therefore, facilitates the making of dynamic videos and an assessment and review of one’s work from a different perspective.
  • Bandicam offers the user a chance to try out their software; the trial version is limited in function but still enables users to record their screens and to sample the benefits of the software.
  • Bandicam is affordable, and almost all users recognize its value after using the trial version. The user is one payment away from years of enjoyment and convenience on the screen capture.
  • Bandicam frequently updates the software for continued enjoyment by the users. Additionally, you get reliable and excellent support to users if you question how to navigate through the software.
  • There is a link on their websites that direct users to the frequently asked questions. All your queries are addressed, including any technical hitches you may be experiencing.
  • Lastly, there is also a Bandicam forum through which different users discuss and answer questions on the software.

What modes are offered by Bandicam?

  • Screen recording mode
  • Game recording mode
  • Device recording mode

Screen recording mode

This mode enables the user to record their computer screen. The recording or image can be saved in various formats to be decided upon by the user. The user has multiple options to choose from for content to record.

Some of the options include recording videos from different streaming sites and programs offered by Microsoft such as PowerPoint and Excel.

Game recording mode

The game recording mode is one of the main reasons users recommend Bandicam to others. The videos recorded are excellent high-quality videos. This mode does not have any lag when recording which is essential when recording games.

Bandicam can record all types of games regardless of whether they are 2D or 3D. Game recording mode can capture approximately 144 frames per second which are impressive. This mode is diverse. In addition to recording games, one can also record, capture flags from high definition television, internet television streaming and music players like iTunes and windows media player.

Device recording mode

Device recording mode facilitates the recording of other video devices. Bandicam is therefore not limited to computer screens. One can record multiple devices including webcams, camcorders, smartphones, iPads, HDTV, Apple TV and game playing devices like PlayStation and Xbox.

This mode records high-quality videos and offers external device recording that does not lag.

What are the features of Bandicam?

  • One has the option of recording a selected area of the screen.
  • Bandicam enables real-time editing on videos. Features available include drawing and highlighting. The editing feature is also available for screenshots.
  • It is possible for a user to overlay a webcam video onto a video that is being recorded. One can, therefore, capture the recording on the screen and the welcome recording at the same time.
  • A user can mix their voice recording on a video as Bandicam is capturing it.
  • Bandicam allows users to add a logo to the recorded video and as it is being captured.
  • Users can add animations and effects to the recording. One can add the clicking effect of a mouse.
  • Bandicam offers Band fix. This is a program that allows a user to recover and fix a file that does not play.
  • Bandicam has a feature that allows scheduled recording. The software records automatically at the time specified by the user.

If you are looking for a top-notch screen capturing software that delivers high-quality videos, then look no further than Bandicam. The features, modes, and diverse application accommodate all types of users and their different needs.  

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