BandwidthPlace an Internet Speedometer: The Good & The Bad

There is a pretty good website called BandwidthPlace which lets you online internet speed test, performing both in terms of uploading or downloading. It has all the features you expect and more, and it comes with a design that’s much easier and user-friendly. Here’s a detailed review.


Looking at the looks of internet speedometer

Bandwidth Place Website Full Review

There is hardly an online utility that’s as neatly designed and arranged as Bandwidth speed testPlace. The white gives it a neat look and the bright tangerine colored button is well suited to the interface. The text is big enough to see properly on both mobile and desktop. The menu design is neat and sorted too.

There’s also a little animation to lighten the mood. Not a lot, just the needle that moves with the speed and a little bar under it, but it still makes things a lot easier on the eyes.

The box is neat, but are the goods good to use?

There’s a good number of features the website provides too. For starters, there is the ability to choose servers which helps you get a more specific result, like when you’re trying to find out how well the internet is running between two locations you’re trying to connect using a service like video calling or live streaming. The website works for both mobile and desktop which can help you figure out the speed of hotspots, mobile data connections as well as LAN and WiFi networks.

Not everything is rosy, though…

There are a number of shortcomings to consider as well. For starters, the website fares poorly in terms of its ability to keep wifi speed test online. This is not a concern with a lot of other services that send your scores or otherwise store them to your account or shoot it to your email. It’s a major disappointment; you can need a score of your internet speeds at different times for submitting a complaint to your ISP or phone company. Then, there is the number of ads on the screen, and the content that follows the tool on the page that has a distinct sales-pitch tone to it. Some don’t find the “Best Internet PRoviders In Your Area” tool to be too appropriate or neutral enough for an online tool dealing with internet speeds. But then, that cannot be argued against; the developer may choose to include what they find appropriate and monetise the site as they deem fit.

What Sets Bandwidth Place Apart?

Bandwidth Place work speed test is thankfully more than your average, run of the mill speed checking tool. It has information about good internet options to try out. Even though the main page has a lot of sales pitch to navigate through, when you switch over to the “Connected Business” tab, you find a treasure trove of posts that share a lot of good content about various internet providers, the many technologies operating it and even cool startups to check out. Their “Entertainment” section is pretty cool too, filled with news and opinion pieces about internet and technology, and some great pieces on Net Neutrality that I recommend you check out.

Compared with Speedtest, Bandwith Place is faster, looks much smarter and has a lot more to offer, utilising their website space much better. Now if only Bandwidth Place gets account login on their site with the ability to keep a record of your tests, calling it the best online internet accurate speed tester would become stating the obvious.