Best 6 Platforms to Buy Ripple

Ripple is widely regarded as a bad coin to invest in, having failed to generate much interest or enthusiasm owing to its closeness to the banking system, the enemy of a lot of cryptocurrency fans. Reliance on the establishment is exactly what the cryptocurrencies aimed to eliminate, so it doesn’t make sense to a lot of people to buy Ripple to many. But there is the 18000% growth to factor in, which many Ripple fans brandish as evidence for its awesomeness. So if you’re interested

Where to buy Ripple

Just to be completely sure that we’re not misleading you into doing something you might regret, Let me make it very clear that we don’t recommend trading in Ripple on multiple platforms since it locks up 20 XRP in each account you transfer your coins to. The aim of the article is not to advise you to try 5 different exchanges and lose 20 XRP each time, but to consider the five best options we have picked out based on our experiences with the coin, and research them further on your own before picking the one to buy Ripple from.With that said, let’s proceed to the options.


1. Shapeshift (convert crypto to cash to crypto (XRP))


The ideal way to buy a coin is to convert your existing cryptocurrency into fiat currency, and then use it to buy your desired altcoin. Shapeshift makes this daunting process easier. A prime benefit on using the platform is not needing to complete KYC. The website supports transaction in 48 cryptocurrencies, with over 25 others that irregularly appear available for transaction. There is usually a small miner’s fee, though, which bothers some people. But then, there are hardly any free platforms that allow you to buy Ripple without needing to pay any such fees. Shapeshift is regarded safe and reliable by many in the crypto community.


CEX is the perfect global platform to buy Ripple from, since it accepts payments from plastic currency as well, which is the preferred mode of transactions for a lot of people and doesn’t rely on needing to buy a standard cryptocurrency like BTC to start trading with in the first place. The platform requires registration, but it is free, so it doesn’t become a big disadvantage. The service is registered in the UK, and supports margin trading, the scourge of the cryptocurrency beginner. Anyway, it is ideal for Ripple, which at its current affordable price shouldn’t make for much of a need for margin trading.


3. Binance


This Tokyo based platform is a lot like an online stock exchange that keeps you updated of the latest developments and trends in the market in addition to being a pretty solid place to buy your Ripple altcoins from. The platform registers a 24 hour change which it uses to keep you updated on how things are looking considering the immediate past, which can be a boon for people looking to invest in altcoins like Ripple to make a profit in the market.


4. Bittrex


Bittrex is based in the USA, but it operates globally. It offers a respectable degree of privacy for your transactions and supports trading apps and bots that pros may be inclined to employ to maximise profits from average trade results. They claim to support over 190 currencies, though you probably only ever need to look for your favorite 10 (nevertheless, it’s great to have them). You do need to register to the site to buy Ripple though, which doesn’t sit well with everyone.

5. Koinex


Koinex is a platform that’s catered to the Indian cryptocurrency market. It allows you to buy coins using Indian Rupees which breaks the mould of markets only accepting USD when buying cryptocurrency. It is pretty useful to track the market as well, getting you a graphical representation of trends that can be narrowed down to 15 minute intervals. It is a safe and reliable place to buy Ripple if you’re looking to buy using INR. The catch? You need to register, which not a lot of cryptocurrency fans don’t prefer.


6. Changelly


Changelly is a decent platform to exchange cryptocurrencies and convert other currencies to Ripple. However, there have been a lot of allegations about irregularities and suspicion-generating activities in peoples’ accounts on the website, which prompted us to push it to the last position in this list since we don’t want anyone to fall prey to any such issues that may cause them to worry. Nothing has been proved confirming or conclusively disproving the allegations made, so we don’t want to discourage you from using it, but definitely be careful using the platform.

There are other places you might be advised to turn to by experts, when you’re looking for places to buy XRP from. Check them out for sure, but don’t experiment with your Ripple coins since every place will reserve 20 coins to operate, which amounts to a big loss over multiple such experiments.