The Smartest Ad-Blockers For Android (2021 Checklist)

We admit, online adverts are a big nuisance. We dislike them a lot, and suppose that you too.

It’s terrible how these ads are a spanner in the works, interrupting the browsing experience and keeping security at stake.

This post explains some of the best ad blockers for Android, which are must-haves in 2021. The techies in our team tried these ad-blocking utilities on Android devices and analyzed how good they’re on multiple factors – all while keeping a straight focus on one goal ‘reliability’.  

Select any one of these to get rid of annoying ads and worsening web browsing.

Let’s head straight towards our first choice!

Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android

Adblock Plus

An easy guess for the top spot – AdBlock Plus is the uncrowned king of the adblock wares, and is sufficiently customized to help you vaccinate your Android device against malware and irksome ads. This program is arguably the best ad blocker for Android that has helped millions to get an interrupted web experience. Since it is completely free to use, you can try it any time of your choice without giving a second thought.

Adblock Plus

Besides blocking the intrusive ads, AdBlock Plus also proves up well to the task of improving download speeds of the websites. Additionally, it also works by reducing the data volumes while loading websites. If we’re to view it as a whole, AdBlock Plus has the best blocking capabilities, which aren’t just limited to Android apps, but also available for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and more.

That being said, its unavailability on Google Play Store is a major let-down. This surely strips some ease off its downloading process, but fortunately, you aren’t pricked into doing a double to get AdBlock Plus on your device. The official website of AdBlock Plus has a link to its APK download, which can be accessed here. The only requirement is that you should root your device before.


  • A complete solution to blocking all kinds of ads that congest your system, including pop-ups, flashy banners, facebook ads, pop-unders and more.
  • Disables browser tracking by multiple sources and safeguard your identity on web.
  • Provides malware protection that immunize your system against attacks by viruses, worms, spyware, Trojans and more.
  • Disable social media tabs on websites.
  • Optional Acceptable ads policy.

Adguard for Android

Adguard is a free-to-download adware blocking solution that protects your Android device from online dangers and system vulnerabilities, through and through. This is an advanced web filter that provides a shield against annoying ads, malware, spyware, online tracking and more, and keep you at the safer side of the web. Have this, and next time when you’ll be accessing web, there will be no ad pop-ups, testing your patience.

Adguard for Android

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Adguard adds a powerful layer of security to your system by blocking all potential threats, more specifically the advert types, which include pop-ups, pop-unders, social media ads and other troublesome stuffs. Besides this, you can be sure about Adguard doing all that’s necessary to improve load speeds of the websites and saving bandwidth, so that your system runs smoothly and efficiently.

And, there is no need to root your device before using AdGuard for Android. How convenient! With AdGuard for Android, expect nothing less than a system that works hassle-free and a web experience that’s trouble-free.


  • Blocks intrusive ads on your Android device.
  • Integrates with Firewall to let you manage app access on the web.
  • Dodges fraud attempts by being a guard against phishing.
  • Keeps your personal data safe.
  • Uses two mediums of filtering – Local VPN Mode (no root needed) and Local HTTP proxy mode (root recommended).  

Download AdGuard for Android.

AppBrain Ad Detector

AppBrain Ad Detector is a well-built tool that filters out unnecessary ads from your system and gives you a comfortable browsing experience all the time. With the aid of this tool, you can be confident about your Android device being freed up from annoying adverts, spam ads, push notifications, malware and other kinds of online threats. Using AppBrain ad detector, you can also familiarize yourself with the apps, having an access to the private information stored on the device, and services which could ask for money; so that you can quickly remove them.

AppBrain Ad Detector

There is a ‘Concern’ tab, allowing you to see all sorts of threats, which are coming your way and need instant attention. AppBrain Ad Detector is the simplest adware protection program for beginners and experts alike.


  • Provides a 360-degree protection from multiple threat sources on the web; not only from ads, but also push-up notifications, spam, malware and phishing and more.
  • Helps you know about apps with ad networks and protects your privacy.
  • Detects if social media sites have SDKs.
  • Tracks libraries, such as that of Google Analytics, ACRA, Phonegap and more.

Download AppBrain from Google Play Store.

Free AdBlocker Browser

Free AdBlocker Browser is an open source program, well-designed to keep your system clean from the space-occupying, irrelevant ads, and offer you an excellent web surfing experience. Once installed, the program blocks popups, banners, ad-videos and more that propagates through the web pages you visit. At best, this tool also restrict advertisers to track your online movement and saves a lot on battery by reducing the data volumes.

Free AdBlocker Browser

Least wonder, Free AdBlocker Browser is a viable solution to stave off a breakpoint in your security envelope when online. It keeps your crucial data away from the prying eyes, and assures you a web experience where your safety isn’t compromised.

As mentioned before, it is a free utility, but you can always make in-app purchases to avail yourself of the bonus features.


  • Fast and reliable ad-blocker tool.
  • Blocks ads, viruses and other malware from your Android device.
  • Stops ad-cookies from the third parties.
  • Lets you browse safely while keeping your information secure.
  • Boost battery life and reduce data volumes while surfing websites.

Download Free AdBlocker Browser.

TrustGo Ad Detector

You might not be aware, but advertisements you’re seeing on your phone are a stealer of your personal information. This explains how your Android smartphone can cause a perennial damage to your safety. Install TrustGo Ad Detector to identify which apps are sneaking into your personal data and tossing it out to online dangers. It’s a complete solution to protect your device against adware, malware, viruses, and other privacy invaders.

TrustGo Ad Detector

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TrustGo Ad Detector performs a full-fledged test on your device to check for popups, ad plugins, and more, and blocks their access to your private information. You are well-armed against all sorts of privacy violations and identity leaks.


  • Safe, fast and highly efficient.
  • Identifies apps with embedded ad networks.
  • Protects against viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans and other potential threats.
  • Keeps a check on popups, ad plugins, social media buttons and more.

Download TrustGo Ad Detector.

Other Options You Can Consider

AdAway: AdAway has support for only root devices, but it’s nothing like a problem, considering how smartly it secures you on web, and keeps those bothering ads at bay. This program targets the host files to shoot down the banner ads, popups and other adverts, which don’t let you browse uninterruptedly. AdAway can be downloaded for free through F-Droid.


AdClear by Seven: An ad-blocker for non-rooted Android devices that works great and fast. It is best known for its self-explaining UI. It is perfectly equipped to block a range of adware, include what’s coming from YouTube even. You can download it for free HERE.

AdClear by Seven

NetGuard: With NetGuard, you can decide on the apps and websites that can access your Wi-Fi connection or cellular data. Since you can block the internet access, you save huge data volumes, and get ideally secured on web. NetGuard is very simple to use, and is compatible with non-root devices as well. You can download NetGuard HERE.


This is it!

These are the best ad blockers for Android device if you want a clean space to navigate the internet, and security is your topmost concern. If you know an ad-blocker that you feel deserves a mention, and have some thoughts on the kind of posts we do, let us know through your comments.

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