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Best AI Art Generator Tools for Designers

With AI technology gaining popularity among the working generation, more and more fields are now utilizing AI tools for better, improved results. And as a creative field, art has gone a notch up with the introduction of AI art generation tools.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 AI art generator tools that are a good choice for web designers and people in other creative fields and what are the key features, limitations, pricings of these fantastic tools.

What to Consider When Choosing an AI Art Generator

Before we get into the detailed discussion about the best AI art generator tools available today, here is a brief on what to consider when you choose an AI art generator tool for your work. 

           Quality of Generated Art

The first and foremost important thing is that the AI art generator you want offers high-quality results, or there is no point using it. If an AI tool cannot generate high-quality artwork, you could use an essential tool that requires you to put in all the effort.

           User Interface and Usability

The user interface of any software is very crucial, and it is helpful if the AI art-generating tool you want to use has an easy and user-friendly interface. Moreover, it is best if the features are simple enough to understand and use.


Some AI tools are free, while others only offer paid subscriptions. So, depending on your usage and the features available, choose the tool that fits your requirement and your pocket.

           User Reviews and Ratings

It is always a good idea to consider user ratings and reviews for a tool you will choose for creating AI-based artwork. It is beneficial if the tool you want to use has a paid subscription. 

The Top 10 AI Art Generators for 2023

Once you have understood the above pointers that will guide you to decide on an AI art generator tool, you should read through the listed best ten tools available online.

      Midjourney: Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, User Feedback

The first one on our list of top 10 AI art generator tools is Midjourney. The tool is best known for creating artwork for different styles and genres. You can instruct the Discord AI bot using a text prompt feature, generating a visual representation of the prompt.

Here are some key features of Midjourney to help you understand the tool better-

  • Midjourney is an easy-to-use tool with a fun user interface, making it accessible to everyone.
  • With clear and precise instructions, Midjourney offers the best artwork results. You can also then edit the artwork as per your requirement.
  • With a vast Discord community on Midjourney, you get access to artists, share new ideas and receive feedback for your work. 
  • You also get regular updates with improved graphics quality.

However, this tool has some limitations as well-

  • If you instruct the tool to upscale the image, it can change the results.
  • This tool and the broad community might need clarification if you are new to Discord.

Midjourney’s monthly packages start at $10 for the base package, $30 for the standard package and $60 for the premium package. The overall user rating for the tool is recorded at 4.5/5 on G2.

      Canva AI: Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, User Feedback

Canva is another fantastic tool for creative people. The platform recently launched a new feature that offers text-to-image generation options using AI. You can get three to four options based on the command, and you get to choose from those. 

Read on to find out more about the fantastic features of Canva here-

  • The AI image generation bit is an addition to the tool. Hence it is an excellent option for existing users, making the tool more desirable and fun.
  • While the tool offers thousands of templates and graphic options, you can use the AI feature to generate artwork without worrying about the templates or design.

However, there are also some drawbacks to this tool-

  • The AI art generation option is only accessible within the tool’s ecosystem.
  • It may seem too simple compared to other AI generation tools since the UI is simple.

Canva AI can be accessed as a part of its free plan and the premium version that costs $12.99 per month. Moreover, Canva’s AI feature has been rated 4.7/5 on G2 and Capterra.

      DALL-E 2: Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, User Feedback

From within the ChatGPT group of tools, DALL-E 2 is an AI image platform that supports other AI art generation tools. You can create life-like images and digital artwork using its text instructions feature. 

Here are some fantastic features of DALL-E 2-

  • The tool has a simple UI and can mix up styles, designs, etc. 
  • With DALL-E 2, you get 15 free credits and can use those to create high-resolution artworks that can be generated using random instructions. 
  • You can also save your artwork and use previously used prompts from the past to recreate similar art.
  • You can erase bits of the artwork or select specific areas within the image where you would like the AI to do the job. Moreover, you can then create collections of different artworks within the tool.

A few limitations of the DALL-E 2 are listed below-

  • The free credits provided on the tool can only generate 60 artworks.
  • There are very few customization options since the interface is user-friendly. 

DALL-3 2 is priced at $15 for 115 credits/artwork and has received a 4.2/5 rating on the G2 platform.

      Jasper Art: Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, User Feedback

Jasper Art is an exciting AI art generation tool developed by a popular AI writing platform, Jasper. The tool creates artwork and images using different styles, moods, and art forms to sync up with your content.

Below listed are the key features of Jasper Art and why it is a good choice-

  • Jasper Art offers different user modes (from Basic to Freeform) that you can choose from per your requirement and skillset.
  • An exciting branding feature, Jasper Art, offers a brand voice option to help you fit the AI-generated artwork for your branding strategy.

A few limitations of this tool are listed below-

  • Jasper Art only allows paid subscriptions. There is no option for a free plan or trial available.
  • Not an excellent choice for professional graphics work. The tool offers a few options as well.

The Jasper Art AI tool is available in three packages – 

  • Creator – $49 per month
  • Teams – $125 a month, and 
  • Business – You will have to check with Jasper’s team directly. 

Moreover, since the tool is originally a part of the Jasper AI platform, it has no separate reviews. However, the overall user ratings for Jasper are 4.7/5 on G2 and 4.8/5 on Capterra.

      Dream by WOMBO: Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, User Feedback

Dream by WOMBO is another excellent AI art generation tool for your smartphone. The tool allows you to convert images and text into high-quality AI artwork.

Below are some of the critical features of Dream by WOMBO to help you consider it for your future projects-

  • Dream by WOMBO has a simple UI and can quickly generate AI-based art.
  • It offers access to a community of artists you can contact for ideas, feedback or to learn how to create unique AI art.
  • This tool offers a variety of colourful design options and has a lot of fantasy-based templates.

Yet, the tool comes with a few limitations-

  • Dream by WOMBO is only available for Android and iOS platforms or Discord.
  • The tool offers excellent creative results but may be better for professional purposes.

Dream by WOMBO is a free Apple Store and Google Play Store app. However, you will require several in-app purchases to utilize the app entirely. It has been rated as 4.4/5 on Google Play Store.

      NightCafe: Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, User Feedback

NightCafe is specially designed to help a large group of artists, offering recurring art-based challenges and various AI options. It means that with NightCafe, you can also access Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, and similar tools in one place.

For those interested in using NightCafe, here are some crucial features of the tool-

  • NightCafe allows you to choose your art style, i.e., pixel art, oil painting, illustrations, etc.
  • With its daily art games and challenges, the platform offers a community-like feel instead of being considered just an AI art generation tool.

However, there are a few setbacks with NightCafe-

  • Customer support is not fast and easy and may lag compared to other AI tools.
  • Some filters in this tool are super sensitive and may cause difficulty generating the required AI artwork.

NightCafe has a free package that offers five credits per day. However, for regular users, the plans start at $5.99 to $49.99 per month, with varying credit counts. It is a friendly tool for those involved in regular art-related activities and has been rated 4.2/5 on Capterra.

      AutoDraw: Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, User Feedback

An AI initiative by Google, AutoDraw is a simple tool that can transform rough doodles into artwork. The tool is intuitive and can make suggestions on the go while you still draw and work on the doodle. It then allows you to convert your final w into an impressive artwork.

If you are interested in using AutoDraw, we have listed some of its exciting features below-

  • You can turn a simple doodle into a refined image.
  • AutoDfast web-based tool that is fast and can give results very quickly.
  • You can also add colours and text to the final art.

Even though this tool works pretty well, it has some limitations too-

  • It needs to offer more features to be used for professional work.
  • AutoDraw cannot be fully considered an AI art generator since it can only add shapes or draw on your behalf.

AutoDraw is free of cost and has been rated 4.3/5 by users. Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, User Feedback

A key platform for marketing agencies and graphic designers, offers a professional level of AI-generated artwork with unique amazing features. Read on to find out more about these features.

  • offers a logo maker, colour matching tool, and video maker, all within the AI art-generating platform.
  • The highlight of is the presence of text-to-video and text-to-speech options. These features are rarely available in any of the other AI art tools.
  • You also get access to an in-built social media calendar consisting of all holidays and important days.

Yet, has some limitations-

  • There is no mobile application available for this excellent tool.
  • The tool can be overwhelming and confusing with so many features. offers a free trial before asking you to purchase its subscription. You can get the Basic plan at $29 per month and the Pro plan at $69 per month. Also, it has been rated 4.5/5 by users.

      CF Spark Art: Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, User Feedback

The CF Spark Art is not a separate AI tool but a part of the AI toolkit by Creative Fabrica. However, it still offers all the features of an AI art generator tool and can help you to design and create exceptional artwork in varied styles.

Below are some compelling features of CF Spart Art-

  • CF Spark Art is a good choice for amateurs and beginner-level artists as it has an easy-to-understand UI.
  • With its text prompter, you can share detailed descriptions to design art with minute work. It is best for people in creative fields.
  • Paid subscribers for this tool can also sell their artwork online.

However, the tool also comes with a few drawbacks-

  • CF Spark Art offers free credits, but the design speed and overall time to develop the art could be faster.
  • The final artworks and related prompts are automatically shared online and can only be hidden with a paid subscription.

CF Spark Art is free and on a paid subscription called Spark, which costs $9 monthly. The tool has been rated 4.5/5 by users.

      OpenArt: Key Features, Limitations, Pricing, User Feedback

Last on our list is OpenArt, an AI art generation tool that utilizes Stable Diffusion and DALL-E 2 for creating unique designs. Below are some thrilling features of OpenArt and why you might want to try it-

  • You get access to an entire community and preexisting AI artwork.
  • OpenArt allows you to train and use AI to create a new art style and personalize the artwork per your requirement.

But the tool also has some limitations-

  • You can only get free credits every day through Discord.
  • Sometimes the resulting image may need higher quality or blurry details.

OpenArt offers multiple plans, including – free, basic ($1.99/month), starter ($9.99/month), hobbyist ($19.99/month), and pro ($39.99/month). And all these plans offer varying credits to be used within the month. The tool has been rated 4.9/5 by users.


All of the above AI art generator tools offer various features and can serve different kinds of users. While some of these tools are free, others are paid but with better features for professional usage. So, try these AI tools today to make your life easier and your artistic work better.