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Best AI-based Face Generators in 2023

The ever-growing AI technology has already introduced us to new tools and platforms that have made our lives easier. Now, everything is possible by just giving a prompt command on software, from writing content to creating art, and the best part is that the results are a perfect blend of quality and expectation.

One of the most recent and already-popular launches in AI has been AI face generator tools that can create fake avatars and human faces at a prompt. In this article, we will talk about AI face generator tools and how these AI-based software works. We will also look at some of the best online options in detail.

What is an AI Face Generator?

An AI-based tool, the AI face generator, helps create realistic human faces through photographs using advanced-level algorithms. These tools generally use machine learning to understand the human face better and create unique replicas with similar features. The AI face generator is known to create these replicas within minutes.

Moreover, you do not need technical knowledge of the tool to use it, and it has an easy interface for anyone to create images using the AI face generator.

How AI Face Generators Work

The AI face generator tool uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), a form of machine learning to generate human-like images. Within the GANs are two segments: the generator (for creating the images) and the discriminator (for evaluating the images). With these parts, the GANs can develop high-quality authentic human-like images.

While the AI face generator focuses on visual expression, the AI art generator takes it a step further, generating stunning visuals and illustrations that can be seamlessly integrated into multimedia projects. Pairing the AI voice generator with these AI-generated artworks could lead to captivating animated storytelling like never before.

Benefits of AI Face Generators

While the AI face generator platforms are still new, these modern tools offer several exciting benefits. Below listed are some crucial reasons why you should try it-

  • For designers, the AI face generator offers high-resolution images with no royalty cost and can be easily used for project work. It also means there are no copyright issues with such images, and the creator can fully own them without any liabilities.
  • The AI face generator offers such excellent results that it can be quite a task to tell the difference between an AI-generated image and a real person’s photograph. 
  • Moreover, the user can avoid the cost of getting a proper photoshoot done, hire a photographer and models, and can get studio-like images within minutes.

Ethical Considerations and Privacy Concerns

The presence of an AI tool that can replicate a human face and tell a unique new story in the form of an image does raise some concerns concerning ethics and an individual’s privacy. If used for illegal purposes or deceiving a person, these AI-based face generator tools can cause much harm. However, with ethical regulations in place and clear intentions towards positive change, this tool can be helpful in art and other related fields.

A lot of graphic designers and artists are now using these AI face generators to create a virtual reality, showing a parallel world with different possibilities on social media. Moreover, developing and creating a project or idea for a marketing campaign has become much more manageable without investing too much time or money in physical photoshoots or using real models. 

Popular AI Face Generators in 2023

Now that we have discussed AI face generators and how they can prove to be helpful for you, let us talk about the best AI face generator tools available in 2023.

   Face Generator

Face Generator is the first on our list of the most popular AI face-generating tools. The tool is a good choice for creating unique yet real-like human faces. You can choose from a library of human features such as gender, age, pose, emotion, skin colour, accessories, etc. 

Here are some exciting features of the Face Generator tool-

  • The tool lets you create over 11 lac+ variations using the same face structure, allowing you to experiment and create a face that suits your requirement.
  • You can also use the face generated using the tool anywhere, irrespective of whether it is for commercial usage or a college project.

Interestingly, there is a three-day trial available with Face Generator. However, not all features can be accessed during the trial period of this tool. You can only unlock all features for Face Generator by paying a monthly subscription fee of $19. is another compelling AI-based face generator tool that can create unique faces and the entire body for a person based on your prompt description. It allows you to develop realistic human figures and anime-based portraits. 

Below listed are some of the essential features of this tool-

  • SoulGen allows you to create and customize the design and is considered the best tool for creating the image of the perfect woman. 
  • The tool lets you download the final results; however, for free users, the images will have watermarks and cannot be upgraded in terms of the design.
  • The premium subscription for SoulGen is relatively cheap and is available at a monthly rental of $9.99 or an annual plan of $69.99. 


The next one is Anonymizer, a platform specifically designed for those who like to keep their virtual identity hidden. The tool allows you to design a photo replica of yourself that is similar to your face but still different. 

  • It is a good option for those looking to create AI-based images for personal use for free. However, if you want to use your creation for commercial purposes, you must buy a license for the app.
  • Interestingly, Anonymizer does not store personal data, making it a safe platform for creating photos.
  • Anonymizer uses your photo to create a different version of your face, even making an aged version of the same photo. The best use of this feature is for those who like to show the different stages of an aging person for a project or business presentation.


If you want to generate random face options based on your image, you should go for Fotor. The tool uses machine learning language and AI technology to develop human-like faces. 

To understand the tool better, here are some crucial features of Fotor-

  • Fotor generates images through image-to-image and text-to-image prompts.
  • With text prompts sharing detailed descriptions of the age, gender, and other specific facial features, you can quickly generate a unique human face image.
  • With Fotor, you can add accessories and other facial attributes like makeup, hairstyle, glasses, etc., to develop an AI-based face.
  • Fotor is not limited to developing an AI face but is also widely used for developing fake paintings, random artwork, backdrops, creating NFT, AI-based logos, etc.

Fotor is a free-of-cost tool and can be easily accessed to generate art in different forms.


NightCafe is a decent text-to-speech image generator tool that requires you to create a free account before it lets you access its features. Below listed are some key features of this fantastic tool-

  • NightCafe is integrated with Google, allowing you to set up a free account with a two-click signup process.
  • The tool has a lot of artistic styling options that allow you to experiment with different looks and unique faces.

This tool is best for users looking to create avatars for video games since the image quality could be more realistic, but it works well for virtual platforms.

   This Person Does Not Exist

One of the most talked about AI face generator tools, This Person Does Not Exist, is famous for offering lathe test technology and creating new random AI-based faces. Below are some essential features of the tool-

  • This Person Does Not Exist tool offers an attractive refresh button that allows you to amend the face generated by the tool.
  • It uses the StyleGAN algorithm but is best considered for users with no specific business or commercial requirements.
  • With this tool, you get a variety of options in terms of facial features that are more diverse and can generate faces that are more real.

This Person Does Not Exist is a little pricey compared to similar platforms discussed in this article, and requires users to pay a charge of $14.95 per photo.

BoredHumans is another free AI-based tool with an easy UI that quickly generates random faces. It uses machine learning and is based on a superior algorithm that generates high-quality results; here are the critical features of BoredHumans-

  • The tool consists of a database of over 70000+ images of people and uses it to create unique variations of real faces.
  • BoredHumans also offers add-on features such as an AI-based art generator, lyrics maker, vacation videography, etc.
  • The AI used in BoredHumans also lets you generate different types of content, such as jokes, drawings and quotes.


If you are an art enthusiast who loves mixing and editing artwork, this tool is just for you. With the platform, you can design and edit faces easily. The tool allows you to generate human-like faces and add facial features for an enhanced experience. 

  • The platform has a simple user interface. Hence it is an excellent tool for anyone.
  • There are 30+ facial features and attributes that can be picked to generate a new face. 
  • It also has a face morphing option that can be used for creating videos.

Even though this tool has a free version, all features can only be unlocked with a paid subscription starting at $10 per month.

   FY! Studio

Last on our list of amazing AI-based face generators is FY Studio, which can generate amazing and unique faces with just a text prompt. Below listed are the main features of FY! Studio that set it apart from other tools-

  • The tool offers you different AI styles when adding the description in the text prompt. It offers better control over what kind of face you want to generate. 
  • Moreover, you get four results from your prompt command, allowing you to choose the best fit for your requirement.

An excellent tool for those who love to experiment with styles. Since FY! Studio is completely free; it is an incredible platform to try and test an AI-based face generator platform and see how far you can go with this technology-based art.


The presence of artificial intelligence has made a lot of things simple. With these unique face generator tools, you can create fantastic artwork and commercial projects without using real humans or investing money in photoshoots.

While some of these tools have paid subscriptions, you should consider the usage before investing in any of the tools. Free AI-based face generators are a good option for those who like to try these tools for fun, but a paid subscription tool would be a much better choice for professionals and those looking to create commercial content using these. I hope this article was helpful and you can decide the best tool for yourself based on the descriptions shared here. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use these exquisite AI tools today!