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7 Best AI Voice Generators

For video editing experts, finding an apt voiceover artist for their videos can be quite a challenge. And it comes with the pain of finding the right voice for narration, not to mention that many people are shy about using their voice in videos, or if they are, it may not match the tone or accent requirement. However, one of the most popular technological innovations has been the introduction of AI-based voice generating tool for video editing.

Now, you can easily add instructions on an AI tool and get the desired voiceover output, tone, accent, and gender, without using an actual voiceover artist. In this article, we will discuss the best AI-based voice generators available on the internet.

What are AI Voice Generators?

AI-based voice generators are online tools that can generate digital vocal narratives that sound human-like and can be used for background or narration work in videos. It is replacing the job of a voiceover artist and making it more hassle-free and as per the video requirement.

1. Examining

The first one on the list of amazing AI voice generating tools  is, which is considered a powerful tool that offers text-to-speech generation. Below are some essentials about to help you understand the tool better.

   Notable Features of Play.HT

  • converts text into voices that are natural and realistic. You can also convert blog articles into audio files using this tool.
  • The tool allows you to choose the voice you want to create the audio in, add the text file or type in, and the audio will be generated instantly. You can then download it in mp3 or wav file format.
  • has around 570 types of voices and accents that you choose from.
  • You can also enhance the audio files using different speech styles, SSML tags, etc.

   Ideal Use Cases for Play.HT

  • This tool is best used if you want real-like voiceover for a podcast or e-learning program.
  • Those looking for a consistent voiceover and sound quality can also use

2. Inside Look at Murf.AI

Next, one up is another impressive tool that efficiently performs text-to-speech conversion and voiceovers and offers a dictation function. Murf.AI can easily create natural voices; it takes minimum time and effort to get the job done. To learn more about Murf.AI, read on-

    Highlighted Features of Murf.AI

  • Murf.AI has around 110 voice options available in 15 languages for you to choose from.
  • It also offers a variety of expression tones and emotions for the audio style, sets up the voice pitch and fine-tunes it.
  • Murf.AI supports text as well as audio input.

    Perfect Fit for:

  • Murf.AI is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to create content or has a business that requires voiceover work for videos, presentations, etc.
  • It is also a good option for those looking for an overall package tool with an easy-to-use user interface.

3. A Closer Look at Listnr

Listnr is a package deal when it comes to AI-based voice generators. It comes loaded with a huge library to record and create voiceover tracks for your videos. Read on to find out more about Listnr-

    Prominent Features of Listnr

  • You can record and edit podcasts directly on Listnr. Moreover, it also allows you to modify its embedded module within the tool.
  • It offers around 600 voice selections, five voice styles, and 75 languages to create AI voiceovers.
  • The text-to-speech editing tool available on Listnr is awe-inspiring.
  • The tool offers excellent editing options, and you can also quickly clone voices using this platform.

     Best Suited for:

Listnr is a good choice for users who are into podcasting, online teaching classes, create how-to guide videos or advertisements.

4. Deep Dive into Speechify

Speechify is an exciting AI-based voice generating tool that allows you to create natural human-like audio and lets us adjust the tone, voice speed, accents, and more. If you want to know more about this fantastic tool, read about its features below-

      Distinguishing Features of Speechify

  • Speechify not only offers excellent voiceover content but can also help with highlighted text that is being read.
  • With over 50 high-quality voices, a document import option, and PDF and email reader features, you can also use Speechify to upload an image consisting of text, which the tool will easily read from.
  • The tool has an exciting UI that allows it to run on a web browser. You can also use voice listening speed as well as the playback speed to get assured high productivity.

      Recommended for:

Speechify is highly recommended and is best used for educational purposes and is a good option for students and teachers that go through vast volumes of texts in books and e-books.

5. An Overview of LOVO (Genny) is yet another fantastic AI voice-generating platform that offers an easy user interface and can give accurate human-like voice outputs. It is favoured on a global platform and is a top tool some prominent brands use. If you want to try this tool, here are some crucial characteristics.

      Key Characteristics:

  • LOVO has a vast collection of around 500 system-generated voices and over 150 languages accessible to create relatable local content.
  • The tool offers a pronunciation correcting option, controlling vocal emphasis and pitch in the audio file.
  • You can also use LOVO to edit your videos while you work on creating apt voiceovers.
  • With LOVO, you also get various sound filters, accessible audio selections, non-verbal interjections and stock photos/videos.

      Ideally Used By:

  • LOVO is a good tool for specific industries, including banking, entertainment and news channels, gaming and education.
  • It is also an excellent choice for audio engineers looking to control the audio and allow them to fully use the AI-based voice generating tool to modify audio as per their preference.

6. Unveiling Synthesys

Synthesys is a powerful AI-based voice generating tool that uses new algorithms for creating voice overs. This tool is majorly used for professional voiceover work or creating AI-enabled video content. You can learn more about this fantastic AI-based voice generating tool below-

       Standout Features of Synthesis

  • Synthesys allows you to create natural voiceover files within minutes and transform a written script with text-to-speech and text-to-video features into presentable videos.
  • The tool offers over 34 female and 35 male voices to choose from and creates voice overs that sound natural.
  • With Synthesys, you also get a massive collection of words that help add emotions and expressions to the voiceover.

        Best Utilized By:

It is the best option for camera-shy people since Synthesys has lip-sync technology that creates a virtual avatar, and you can add your voiceover to that avatar.

7. Insight into Resemble.AI

Last on our list of the best AI-based voice generators is Resemble.AI, a web-based application that lets you use your voice to create the AI voiceover, along with choices of several preset voice options. Read the below prime features of Resemble to find out more about this excellent tool-

         Prime Features of Resemble.AI

  • Resemble also offers text-to-speech voice generation options and supports over 24 languages.
  • You can have unlimited audio and project downloads using this tool.
  • You can also add emotions and inflexions or convert the voices into a different language even, using the editing feature in Resemble. This allows you to create unique and customized audios that suit your audience or content best.
  • Resemble also lets you create customized AI audio by uploading audio files in the tool. Moreover, you can access the marketplace with celebrity voices to generate your own AI voiceover.

          Ideal for:

Resemble.AI is mainly used by those who want to clone or customize existing voices for high-quality video content.

Deciding on the Best AI Voice Generator

With so many great AI-based voice generators available now, deciding which tool is the best can be quite difficult. Every AI-based voice generator comes with a speciality that works well for a different type of user and has features that may be specifically useful for some. 

As stated in the text above, the best way to decide which one is the best AI-based voice generator for you is to go through their features and their best usage to find yourself the apt AI-based voice generating tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the best AI-based voice generators available online.

Which AI voice generator is the best?

As mentioned above, there are several great AI-based voice generator tools available online today. You can opt for, Synthesys, LOVO, or Listnr.

Which is the best free AI voice generator?,, Speechify, etc., are the most unique and free AI-based voice generation tools.

What is the typical cost of AI voice generators?

An AI-based voice generator costs between $11 and $39 per month.

Which AI voice tool has the most realistic output?

The AI-based voice generator tool LOVO has a text-to-speech tool called Genny that offers the most human-like voice output. 

What are the best AI voice generators for those uncomfortable on camera?

Synthesys is one of the best AI voiceover tools that can be used by people who are uncomfortable or shy on camera. The tool has lip-sync technology and can generate virtual avatars and patch them for a video.