Best Android Apps 2019 – The Latest & The Coolest

Google Play Store is always building up with apps that are life-enhancing. The store is perpetually on an expand, having notched up a ballpark figure of 3 million apps to get us covered, through and through.

Each year, a set of new apps debuts on this massive platform, only to be the next essentials we’ve been looking for.

And, this year is no different!

If you’re an Android user and wondering what apps happen to be the fresh entrants in the market, worry no more. Because, we’ve unveiled a list of newest app additions to Google Play Store, which you can bundle up with your Android device.

Take a look!

Best Android Apps of 2019


FastKey Launcher

FastKey Launcher

Use: Launch Apps Instantly.

About: What do you do with the apps you use very frequently? You stock them all up on the homescreen. And, each time you pin an app, your homescreen gets a point closer to becoming a mess. This is where FastKey Launcher comes into play. Designed as an always-on keyboard, the app helps launch your favorite apps in just a few taps. Just type the name of the app you wish to use, and FastKey Launcher will bring it forth in a response of 16ms. Also, the app doubles up as your contact manager. It gets synced with your contact list in a way that you can search any of your contacts and make calls – all inside the app; directly from the homescreen.

Your device is decluttered. You get quick access to all your apps. Your contacts pop up in a blink – That’s how FastKey Launcher promises to better your experience!

Get FastKey Launcher Here.


YouTube Go

YouTube Go

Use: Play and Share Videos Offline

About: YouTube Go wraps a great deal for those who love watching videos, but are often interrupted by poor internet connections. This app is YouTube’s first getaway into the offline world, ensuring video-binging for one and all with reduced data costs. You get easy previews of the videos with a number of thumbnails attached, so that you get an idea of videos, which are worth watching, and which aren’t. You get the specific details about the video sizes (in MB) as well, allowing you to decide as to how much you’re ready to spend your data on video downloads. The feature that will surely win you over is video sharing, letting you share videos with anyone having the YouTube Go app – all while you stay totally offline.

If love for videos lows in your veins, YouTube Go is a must-have.

Get YouTube Go Here

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Podcast Go

Podcast Go

Use: Discover, Listen and Download Podcasts Even When Offline

About: There’s nothing that cracks a double for PocketCasts’ quality and variety for Podcasts. Still, if you aren’t willing to pay for it, and looking for its free counterpart that offers much the same, Podcast Go is a great bet. The app has pretty much everything you enjoy on PocketCasts – simple interface, great choices, regular updates and more. With over 300,000 shows performed by a band of top-notch artistes, Podcast Go is the one of the most versatile free Podcast players you’ll ever get to use. You can simply search by selecting an artist’s name or a category to discover your favorite podcasts and create your own list. If you subscribe to updates, you will be constantly stay notified. What’s more? You can also save files to SD card as well.

Podcasts on a fly. Anytime. Anywhere – Podcast Go is simply awesome to have.

Download Podcast Go


Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

Use: Scan Documents

About: A document scanner by its merits, Adobe Scan is the handiest possible way to convert your printed text into that of a physical one. You might ask, how? By putting the technology of your smartphone’s rear camera and optical character recognition (OCR) to the best practices. You are just required to capture the desired image, and the rest will be managed by the imaging technology this app comes equipped with. Using Adobe Scan, you can scan a range of documents, including receipts, images, business cards, and more. Whatever you scan via this app gets saved on your device as Adobe PDFs, which are further accessible through emails. This is among the best android apps, and has certain enhancing tools as well, such as cropping and rotating, which serve as an added advantage.

A free, intuitive scanner for all your personal and professional needs – Adobe Scan readiness is something to love.

Download Adobe Scan




Use: Check Battery Levels of Your Bluetooth Devices

About: It’s possible to monitor the battery levels of bluetooth devices on iPhones, but Android devices lacks this basic doing. While working on Android ecosystem, there is no way you can keep tabs on battery levels of headsets and bluetooth speakers connected to your device. This when BatON matters. This app is an answer for all those times you failed at gauging battery levels for any bluetooth device plugged into your Android system. The app gives you all necessary information about a particular device via quick notifications. BatON is only designed to work on devices powered by Bluetooth 4 or later, and those with hands-free profile.

Have BatON if you are too regular with bluetoothing, and wish your wireless connections don’t break abruptly.

Download BatOn




Use: Find All Information on Movies, Watch Hand-Picked Collection.

About: CineTrak targets everyone who share deep love for movies; everyone with a keen sense of entertainment. The app aims to be a one-stop solution to find movies, create a personalized watchlist and get trusted reviews and ratings, procured from sources as big and famous as IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Trakt. With a collection spanning over a thousand movies, CineTrak happens to be well-armed with everything you need for a perfect entertainment hunt. You get the most successful, award-winning flicks to movie, divided across various genres, which in turn, makes it really easy for you to pick a favorite as per your prefered genre. There are hundreds of reviews and ratings to get you an idea about how good or bad a movie is. Also, you can customize your watchlist by adding as many movies as you want, and can also manage them with lots of simplicity.

CineTrak is ladled with gamification elements, taking your entertainment to a whole new level of fun and excitement. Offline access is also available.

Free Trial is available. The pro version, if chosen, will unlock more features.

Download CineTrak

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Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus

Use: Browse Internet With No Stress Over Privacy

About: Doesn’t matter how much these internet services do chest beating over privacy, the bottom-line stays unchanged – Privacy on web is always loose. However, it seems, Mozilla decided to take things to right and launched Firefox focus – a browser with a special emphasis on user privacy. This brand-new browser is as regular as every browser you’ve experienced so far. What’s different is its privacy setup that conceals your identity, erases your footprints on the web, and leaves no traces of your web history, passwords and cookies. Also, it blocks a variety of ads and online trackers that might hurt your anonymity. Since many of these online trackers and ads are well-handled, the pages load faster and you navigate the web better. It’s free to use, and very simple to understand. If paired with a VPN, Firefox Plus is one great app to have.

Stop sweating over privacy on web. Get Firefox Focus and stay safe.

Download Firefox Focus


Google Family Link

Google Family Link

Use: Keep An Eye on Your Child’s Internet Activities

About: First the caveat – Google Family Link lets you keep a close vigil on your kid’s internet activities only if h/she is under 13 years of age bar. The app, to keep gullible minds away from any harmful influence, lets parents to access the accounts of their children (<13) and know what the little ones are doing on the web. You, being a parent, can also set a daily screen time, so that your children don’t surf internet when they should be studying and sleeping. In brief, this app lets you create a digital rulebook for your little ones, and gives your parenting the much-needed edge in the times of unprecedented internet access and web mongering that’s easy and goes without any checks.

While Google Family Link will let you control app access and downloads for your child, it will have no control over updates to already downloaded apps. Even a certain of background activity, like music and messaging, might also fall off the radar.

The app is workable on any device with Android Nougat 7.0 or higher.

Download Google Family Link




Use: Update APK Files In A Few Taps

About: An APK, essentially, is just another way of accessing the best apps for android. But totally legit. The apps, which aren’t found on Google Play, has an APK way of reaching us. However, updating them is a bit of a headache, as you aren’t notified about the important updates through Play Store, and as a result, you miss out on all of them. This is why, you need APKUpdater. This app works by scanning the list of apps you’ve in your device quickly and showing you the available updates for the respective ones. The best part is that the app works exactly like the App Store and doesn’t contain any spyware.

Using APKUpdater, you can find and schedule updates very easily with notifications providing you the complete picture of all updates. The app has support for Android 2.3 to 8.

Download APKUpdater


Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder

Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder

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Use: Record Audio, Store It On Cloud, And Share.

About: As the name itself suggests, Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder is a voice recording application that lets you record voice, save it on the cloud and share it to many a platform. Not only can you save and record audio files, but also single out some parts of the audio and access them easily. Plus, you can add notes to highlight, or tag actions, so as to keep reminding yourself about the stuffs you need to do. There is also a search-through-speech facility. This gem among cool android apps is incredibly useful if you’ve some important meetings lined up, some board meetings round the corner, or some sales discussions nearing in.

Lest we forget, as the application is in its beta phase, it’s highly likely that you might find some bugs.

Download Wrappup Smart Voice Recorder


Face Swap

Face Swap

Use: Swap Your Face With Somebody Else.

About: Face swapping business has picked up a lot of steam lately, and has evolved to become the next voguish practice of fun and amusement. This app, by that logic, is already what this generation is going mad over. The app lets you to swap your face onto somebody else’s body, and gives you a new skin and attire you can have a field day in. With Face Swap, you get many categories to choose your new avatar from – you get new fashions, terrific hairstyles, trendsetting backdrops, funny props and lots more. There are also a dozen of fun stickers to get you tremendous fun and new ways to crack a laugh on.

Try Face Swap for instant transition to something you’ve never imagined yourself to be. It is among the best android apps.

Download Face Swap

While Google Play Store is already thick in its content, these are the best Android apps that have entered the market recently. How soon they catapult to popularity is something that will unravel over time.

If you’ve some other suggestions to include here, let us know in the comments section below. And, we promise to make edits in the post using the best app recommendations by you.