10 Best Camera Apps For Android

Fact: We always look for a great smartphone camera.

Also a fact: We never look for camera options, other than what our smartphones give us.

In case, you didn’t know….

There are several third-party camera apps that do the real trick with our pictures; yes, the apps which can capture and add effects to your pictures, making them beautiful way better than your expectations!

And, for an android user, luckily, there is a big treasure of such apps.

Top 10 Best Camera Apps For Android

Here, we’ve drawn the spotlight on the best Android camera apps, which are so good that you will junk the in-built camera of your device without a blink.

1. Retrica


Retrica needs no introduction if you love flirting around with the camera. An easy app in its working, Retrica lets you capture beautiful pictures and selfies while adding dozens of effects in the real-time capture mode.

The app has a terrific count of over 100 filters with customizable intensity, which is a major plus. Adding on, you can convert your multiple selfies into fun videos, and can go a step further to GIFs.

Effects, like Vignette and Blur, along with stickers and doodles, are all meant to give your pictures an inescapable feel.

Compatibility: Android 4.0.3 or later.

Price: FREE

Tap Here to download Retrica from Google Play Store.

2. Camera 360

Camera 360

Camera 360 ticks all the right boxes when it’s mobile photography in the dock, and that’s how it draws its popularity. The app is widely used across the world, for the way it brings the life out of your pictures.

You will instantly fall for its exclusive filters, camera modes, professional edit commands, social sharing buttons and lots more. Even the interface is one heck of a kind – simple and straight!

The Instagram-like filters provide you the glue to stick around this app. Another highlight is its widest range of funny stickers, which are sure to get you jollies you need.

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and later. Also, varies with the device.  

Price: FREE

Tap Here to download Camera 360 from Google Play Store.

3. ProShot


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ProShot is the real shot in the arm for clicking pictures with the compulsory wow quotient. The app captures on point, and has a cool kitty of features to give a new dimension to your pictures.

With customization options that offer full flexibility, ProShot is a keeper for that perfect shot you always hanker after. You can adjust aspect ratios, save RAW files, tweak compression levels and much more. Moreover, the app offers manual, semi-manual and automatic controls for settings, such as flash, focus, exposure, torch, shutter speed and white balance.

With ProShot, you can have a live histogram, mounted above the screen, and can also capture in various preset modes.

Compatibility: Android 5.1 and Later. Also, varies with the device.  

Price: $3.99

Tap Here to download Camera 360 from Google Play Store.

4. Manual Camera

Manual Camera

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Manual Camera is making huge fans owing to its feature pack that adds necessary punch to the images. It has everything the photo enthusiast in you will ever need – a whole selection of B/W themes, a EXIF viewer to see the edited pictures and a plain interface.

Manual Camera draws its potential from Lollipop’s Camera2 API, and provides a range of handy controls, such as Shutter Speed, Focus Distance, White Balance and much more, while taking pictures.

Compatibility: Android 5.0 and Later.  

Price: $2.99

Tap Here to download Manual Camera from Google Play Store.

5. Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX

With Camera Zoom FX, images go beautiful!

The app comes off well with its collection of capture modes that include Burst, Voice Activated, Time Lapse and Silent Camera. You can modify your image by setting up the right levels of HDR, ISO, Saturation, White Balance, Overlays, and much more.

Camera Zoom FX has top-end photo effects, such as Tilt-Shift, Color Transformation, and Bokeh FX, which enhance your pictures, either in real-time, or later.

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and Later.

Price: $3.99

Tap Here to download Camera Zoom FX from Google Play Store.

6. VSCO Cam


VSCO Cam is everything you’re missing out on other camera options.

Be it capturing the details of your day, or editing them to perfection,  VSCO Cam is simply a can-do app we need to keep ourselves at the top of the game.

The app offers an advanced range of manual controls, and several image presets to capture an image that notches sweet scores. The variety of filters build an interest around the app, and the option of saving pictures to HD is its best feature.  

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and Later.

Price: FREE With IAPs

Tap Here to download VSCO Cam from Google Play Store.

7. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5

The whole existence of Camera FV-5 centres around providing you DSLR-like manual keys at your disposal.

The app is loaded with customizable settings, such as ISO, white balance, and much more, on an user-friendly interface to boost the aesthetic value of your pictures.

The intervalometer is a big plus, letting you do some stunning time lapse photography and videography. You can also click clear, ideally-lit pictures in the low-light conditions.

And, lest we forget, the user interface supports more than 30 languages.

Compatibility: Android 4.1 and Later.

Price: $4

Tap Here to download Camera FV-5 from Google Play Store.

8. Cymera


Cymera, a popular Android-based applications, has prowess that’s broad in scope. If you haven’t tapped into its features already, you must, for sure!

The app has some of the most powerful camera and edit features from the bandwagon, which make it a standout. You can click pictures using a battery of great lenses, such as Anti-Shake, Time shooting, Timer and much more.

If you are a selfie lover, you are in for a major gung-ho moment with Cymera, as the app lets you click self clicks with over 130 different effects. You can tune your facial features as you want with instant face-recognition feature, letting you enlarge your eyes, broaden your smile and slim your bod.

Compatibility: Android 2.3 and Later.

Price: FREE with IAPs

Tap Here to download Cymera from Google Play Store.

9. ProCapture


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ProCapture, as the name itself suggests, pivots around the photo capture and aims at improving it by providing controls, like Focus, Exposure, White Balance and so on.

It’s a pure delight for anyone who is bitten by the photography bug. The app lets you capture views using modes like, Panorama, Burst, Wide Shot and Noise Reduction.

Compatibility: Android 2.2 and Later.

Price: $3.99

Tap Here to download ProCapture from Google Play Store.

10. Instagram


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So, we’ve have kept the best for the last.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Instagram is the holy grail of the camera apps. The application has been a significant gamechanger in the arena of mobile photography.

Packed with amazing features and creative tools, Instagram never fails or disappoints you when it comes to  enhance the looks of your pictures. The app also lets you combine multiple clips into videos.

Instagram may not be as feature-rich as other apps, but it’s indeed the best android camera app one can have. The density of the filters can be manually adjusted, and a couple of enhancers totally wins the day.

Compatibility: Android 2.2 and Later.

Price: FREE

Tap Here to download Instagram from Google Play Store.

So, these are the best camera apps for Android. Know something better than what’s mentioned here? Share with us. We will surely include it in our upcoming posts.