Best New Android Games in 2019 (Available on Play Store)

Look at our list for best Android games in 2019 for an immersive gaming experience. You’ll love them all.

2019 has got us some very interesting gamesMust say, it’s been one bang of an year for gaming industry and gamers alike.

Since each month opens up with many new games on the dock and knowing which ones are better has always been tedious and tiring…

…we, at Techiespad, have decided to get you the drill.

Presenting a list of 10 best new Android games you need to try right now.

Best Android Games of 2019





Turretz android game

Summary: The planet is your home. And, it has come under the attack of the space enemies. Give a heavy combat by hurling turrets at them and save your home.

Turretz is a new name for another incredible arcade experience in the space where you’re the protector. The game puts you in an amazing hustle-and-defeat scenario, where you use turrets to kill your enemies and save your planet, which has slipped into the depths of evilness. Basically, you move your planet all around to supplant the enemies.

If you upgrade the turrets, you get special powers to destroy more enemies. The controls are easy, so you will find yourself using the game as you enter it. In totality, it’s a wonderful strategy game you should definitely try.

Interested? Download Turretz Now


Flippy Hills


Source: Game Plan

Summary: Flippy Hills is perfect for anyone with an appetite for arcade gaming. Designed to give you a feel of physics, this game packs a pulsating thrill, as a chicken jumps and rolls over an inclined patch to notch up gold coins.

Flippy Hills is a test of your agility and how well you understand balance. There is a chicken, which needs to win gold coins while jumping and flip-flopping on an incline. If anything works out of balance, it will fall and break. Physics might have bored you in school. But with Flippy Hills, it’s one of the coolest things to explore.

However, this is easier said than done. A jump, if not made the right way and at right time, might result in the chicken being broken to smithereens. On the course, there will be many obstacles you need to be watch out for. If the chicken flounders and falls, it will break; thereby, ending your play, there and then.

The game takes you across levels – from easiest to the toughest. And, if you have a thing for difficult gaming, there are certain levels of hardcore gaming to choose from. You can also choose the best chicken from the variety available, depending upon how good it jumps and at what speed.

Interested? Download Flippy Hills Now

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Pokemon: Magikarp Jump


Source: Thinknoodles

Summary: Train your Magikarp to jump higher than the rest. Travel generations to make it stronger. Note that this is a very regular game; good enough to kill a few good hours.  

Pokemon, the gaming franchise, has taken the world by storm by giving some serious chases to the gamers worldwide. Magikarp Jump is a different ballgame, for being the most casual ever in the Pokemon league. If you don’t know what Magikarp is, it’s one of the weakest Pokemon characters, which knows nothing worthwhile, no special moves other than flop and splash. The game centres around training a Magikarp to jump higher than the rest, as other Pokemons keep popping out, time and again.

You want your Magikarp to be the best? Traverse through multiple generations of it. With each generation you raise, the next generation grows stronger and faster. However, that’s the only good this game has. Expect nothing much. You can play this game if you have some time to kill.

Interested? Download Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Now


Angry Birds Evolution


Source: Angry Birds

Summary: The bird island is on a ruin, as pigs in huge droves have plans to plunder. This has pricked the birds into deadly action and they’re out to give a neck-to-neck battle. Who will train them to do so? You. Collect birds, develop skills and make them save what’s dearest to them – their eggs.

Coming from the aegis of Angry Birds, this game is already scripted for success. The Evolution version is all Angry Birds’ games together – one in a scoop. The makers have pulled out all the tried and tested ingredients to cook a new dish, which makes up for a different take on the game’s premise. You’ll be doing the business as usual with Angry Birds Evolution, except that you’ll be collecting birds as cards.

The eggs have again fallen in the line of danger and it’s your onus to save them from the notorious pigs. Collect over a thousand birds, hone their attacking skills and prepare a new flock of evolved birds to knock the pigs out of the bird island. A storyline unfolds as you keep clearing stages and find multiplayer options, weekly events and much more.

Interested? Download Angry Birds Evolution Now


Action and Adventure


Battle Bay


Source: MasterOv

Summary: Board a ship, pack it with your arsenal and take your attack to the waters with the assistance of your teammates to win the five-on-five contests.

Experience intense fire amidst the splashy waves – That’s Battle Bay in a crux! Crush your opponents to name yourself the immense wealth of tides. All in real-time!

With Battle Bay, you are in for having a shot at best seafaring in all its might. The battle scene happens at such a phenomenal level that you will instantly fall for it. You can choose a ship from the wide variety available, customize it with whatever you might need to pull off a strong defense and offense – speed, defense and firepower, collect and modify weapons and armors, and offer a great clash. You can also invite your friends and create a guild to push through the roaring waves to kill your rivals and mark a win.

Interested? Download Battle Bay Now


Zombie Shooter 3D


Source: AndroidGameplay4You

Summary: If you take a fantasy in zombies and exploring their spooky world, Zombie Shooter 3D is a winner. You get to have frequent brush-ups with death, as there is a zombie at every move, ready to gulp you down. Your aim? Just survive.

Zombie Shooter 3D is essentially one of the best Android games for fans who are looking for fun, prepped up with a bit eeriness. You will particularly love the 3D graphics, exhibiting a world in mayhem in all realness. Survival is tough with shooting strategies that require careful thought. There is a full force of Zombie world against you – pick the best arsenal from options, like assault rifles, pistols, machine guns and shotguns and aim a headshot, straight!

The controls are easy and very intuitive, offering a strong grip on the action. As a standalone player, you might lose. So, build your troop of survivors and gang up against the Walking Dead.

Interested? Download Zombie Shooter 3D Now

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Iron Blade: Medieval RPG


Source: gocalibergaming

Summary: A prophecy says, Demon Lord will return to seize the world, and there are ominous signs. The great humanity sits in the pits of hell and needs a Hero. Will you be able to save from Lord Baal?  

The latest in the world of action gaming is Iron Blade: Medieval RPG, transporting you to the middle ages, where you join hands and raise an attacking force against the demon lord, Baal. You are entrusted with the role of guarding the humanity from the fatal blows of the lord, along with the Templars.

The undead horses in Scotland and vampires in Transylvania are all there to make it really tough for you to pull off your savior act. Use your iron blade and axe your way across the European landscapes to win for the humanity. Since the combat gameplay has all mobile-friendly elements, the thrill on small screens is unparalleled. You get to experience some of the most lethal moves that add more gist to the hack and slash action. Constantly upgrade and modify your weapon resources to put up an invincible fight.

Interested? Download Iron Blade Now


Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies


Source: Capcom Unity

Summary: You’re a lawyer. It’s a complicated court case. And, the other side is presented a contorted version of truth. And, arm-twisting witnesses. You’ve to expose facts and save your client from going down.

You already know what’s coming up if you’ve played or heard about the 3DS release of the game. Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies is the second instalment this year.

Your role: Phoenix Wright. Your job: Fight a battle in the court with no choice of losing it. If you fail to pack your case with coherent arguments, your client lands up in a huge legal debacle. Make arguments, uncover secrets, dismantle lies, resolve contradictions and do everything to save your client from the gallows. You find 3D crime scenes – pick evidence, make your case stronger and don’t let the other side get away with their shenanigans.

This is about its PC version. The mobile game has one extra episode with other add-ons, which are worth a try.

Interested? Download Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Now




Asphalt Street Storm Racing


Source: gocalibergaming

Summary: Feeling the pinch for ultra-dynamic racing that kicks the adrenaline pockets? Set your gears at Asphalt Street Storm Racing – an extension to the hugely popular gaming franchise by Gameloft.

Storm your way through the best city surrounds in your high-power race machine and chase the win. Be it rain, snow or sweltering heat, your only mission is to outpace your rivals on amazing, very realistic 3D setup. For perfect multiplayer action, you can opt for live play 1 vs 3 PvP races. With a fantastic fleet of wheels ready to turn the heat on the streets, you will be stepping into the most competitive gaming experience ever. You can also bet money if you wish to spur yourself for a real win.

Since the game is new, it has a few kinks in the making. However, we trust Gameloft to get them cleared soon.

Interested? Download Asphalt Street Storm Racing Now


Crazy for Speed


Crazy for Speed game

Summary: For those who can’t stop drooling over the real racing adventure, Crazy for Speed is up for grabs. You will crash, drift and overtake – all worth for the triumph coming your way.

Craze for Speed is the game, which has recently entered the business to test the waters, and is picking up a great deal of popularity lately. It’s all about heightened racing experience. Drive your super wheels across various geographies, including the terrains of Alps, the coastals of Venice, the icings of Himalayas and the twilight of London. Put up the toughest gauntlets to your rivals and rush you way to the victory line. You can select your car as per your preferences, paint it in whichever color you like, amass the Nitro packs, and blow away your opponents on the road. This is immense fun, truly!

Interested? Download Crazy for Speed Now

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That’s all folks!

So, these are the best Android games you need to try out! In case, we’ve missed out any new Android game for 2019, let us know in the comments below. Also, if you’ve any feedback on how we can improve ourselves and feed you better, tell us for sure.