Best Google Play Music Alternatives You Shouldn’t Miss

Google Play Music is a stock app for Android smartphones with a range of tabs, such as Playlist, Radio, Music Stations, Albums, Artists, Genres and more.

Despite this, the app doesn’t appeal much to the users, as it lacks the feel and ease of customizing the music player as per one’s likings. A rating of 3.8 goes on to prove that.

With a rating as flat as this, you feel the need of replacing the app with something better, if ever.

And, doing this, we aren’t discrediting Google for all the good things it introduced to us. Just that, there are several music players that have taken over Google Play Music and in this write-up we cover 5 best Android music players that you should try.

Try these Google Play Music alternatives that are worth listening to.

1. Pi Music Player

Pi Music Player


With a rating of 4.8, the Pi Music Player is currently the best Android music player on Android Play Store. What makes this app amazing is the simplicity and flexibility it has given to the users. It has a nice material design to its player and you can choose the theme in 4 different colors namely Dark, light, gloss and black theme.

Pi music player also comes with a built-in equalizer. The whole experience is unique, as the layouts and the interface of the app are both user friendly. You can choose from various types of views and the app automatically gets to know about the different types of audio notes on your phone. For example it will know that you are having a few call recordings and it will shift them to a folder called talk recordings.

You get to create your own playlist and there is even a feature for ringtone settings, allowing you to cut and merge audio notes. Also,you can choose any song as your next ringtone  in a single click.

The app is available for free on Android store and it also includes some in-app purchases like packs for buying background themes, ad-free version for INR 59 and the whole combo pack will cost you around 69 INR.

Rating on App Store: 4.8

Download Pi Music Player


2. GO Music Player Plus

GO Music Player Plus

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This is the second best music player for Android which has a rating of 4.7. Any app with a rating above 4.5 means it is making the audience drool over its features.

The description of the app reads – the best app that can help you find your music DNA. What makes it the best app is the amazing intelligence it portrays. It will create a personalized playlist for you and also give you recommendations of your favorite singers and songs based on what you hear regularly.

There are loads of interesting features like a powerful equalizer, sleep timer, fashion background skins and ringtone tools. It has a 5 band equalizer which is very powerful and allows you to customize it as per your taste of listening to songs. Many people get bored looking at the same theme again and again. Go music player plus has a variety of themes which are refreshed almost every week to ensure users are never bored.

Rating on App store: 4.7

Download Go Music Player Plus


3. Bass Booster & EQ Music Player

Bass Booster & EQ Music Player

A music player with a dedicated music equalizer is surely going to make people fall in love with it. Bass Booster is one such app which has a dedicated booster for bass and a great sound virtualizer. It is a 3-in-1 app that does it all. It will sync all your songs. You get 22+ pre-set music tone styles so there is a huge variety among the types of songs you can listen to. You can also do the usual stuffs like sleep time settings, re-edit the file name, add to the queue feature and customize your playlist.

To top it all, the app will also allow you to mix, edit and customize the sound of your tracks to ensure an optimal music listening experience. If you love listening to songs and wish to have control over your equalizer, you should definitely try this app.

Rating on App store: 4.6

Download Bass Booster & EQ Music Player

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4. Dub Music Player + Music equalizer

Dub Music Player + Music equalizer

Rated 5 star by over a 120,000 people, Dub music player is a simple and lightweight music app for Android. It gives crystal clear sound and has stunning graphics to go with it. Often dubbed as the best offline music player, it will surely enhance the quality of your music listening experience. The app has 5 band equalizer and gives 9 professional genres presets like Hip-hop, Rock, Dance, Pop, Latin, Metal and classical to name a few.

The app runs almost all the music formats and has a visually appealing user interface. There are equalizer bars, analog VU meter, circular sound bars and vinyl records turntable while you enjoy your songs. It has a material design interface and for Android versions 4.4 or higher, you get a loudness enhancer. For devices which run Android version 6.0+ or higher, you get speed and pitch controls. The app is perfect for users who like a hassle-free app that lets them enjoy their music with a lot of flexibility.

Rating on App store: 4.6

Download Dub Music player + music equalizer


5. Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player

PowerAMP app justifies its name because of the amazing features it has. It portrays the image of being powerful right from the variety of bold theme it has in the background of the music player. You get to try the whole paid version free to use for a period of 15 days. It is able to most of the mp3 formats and comes with a 10 band equalizer with separate powerful bass and treble adjustment. The app even allows sync of lyrics via the musiXmatch plugin. You get a lot of custom visual themes and over it you can choose from a lot of skins available.

Inside the app, you will have 4 widget types with loads of selectable styles and around 4 different widget types. The app also gives you a configurable lock screen and there is a high level of customization inside the app. Once you get accustomed with the app then it is hard to get away so if there is one app that you would want to buy then it’s better paying fot this app.  

Rating on App store: 4.4

Download Poweramp Music Player

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What should you look for in a music player app?

When looking into a music player people usually look for the

  • ease of access,
  • ease of setting their favorite song as their ringtone,
  • ease of customizing theme and ability to change the base.

Google play music despite coming from the hood of google doesn’t let you mess much with the app. It is just an orange theme based music player which has a material design that goes with every new android version. Even the equalizer settings don’t have much to offer. Ironically when you type best music players as a search term in android play store , you don’t see google play music come in any of top 5 options.

A good music player app is one which has a great variety of customization available, it should let you change the equalizer settings, it should be able to create a bespoke playlist as per our listening trends and be fast in processing.

In this post we have made sure that we discuss apps that revolve around a variety of personality, you make like features of some or not but all of them appeal to unique listeners.

Not just for a music player app, for any type of app you should always see for what are the different types of apps that are already available in the play store, try as many as possible before settling down on one final app. Many apps in music player genre try to give you free trial of 30 days before winning your heart which is indeed a great way to let users devour the app and make them fall in love but never think that you will be missing on anything if you don’t buy their version.

Our Take

The best part of android play store is that you always have some really fabulous alternatives available no matter what you genre you are looking for. It works in the hit and trial fashion. You use an app and keep trying until you find the right one.  Music being an integral part of everyone’s life you should always spend considerable amount of time in looking for the right fit.

Google Play music was the best android music player when it was launched but with time people disliked it after every new update. We are happy as some developers sensed an opportunity here and were able to come up with alternatives for the Google play music app which have more customization, more new features and most importantly many more choices for the users. With these 5 alternatives to Google Play music we are  sure you will have a great music listening experience.