Best Android TV Boxes That Will Make Cable TV Obsolete

There’s an entire generation of entertainment content consumers that are fed up with the direction Television has gone, with paying for channels not being enough to get rid of pesky ads and sub-par content being available to watch for most of the day, with little social media presence or shareability. This generation is fast getting rid of their TV connections and replacing the friendly neighborhood cable company with apps and websites that get you minimum ads for the maximum entertainment, and which essentially give you control over what runs on your TV. This is the cord-cutter generation, and their choice tools are Android TV Boxes.

These neat little boxes basically turn your TV into an Android device, which you can then load apps onto, or use to surf YouTube or Netflix. There are even a few free apps and complimentary subscriptions which come together neatly with budget-friendly TV Boxes to make entertainment truly accessible. From this huge variety of devices, we have sampled and brought you 8 best Android TV Boxes that can really help you ditch the cable company and embrace your kind of entertainment at your whim.

ProductSupported ResolutionWiFi ConnectivityStorage CapacityBuy
Amazon Fire TV Stick4K Ultra HD up to 60 fps, HDRDual-Band, Dual-Antenna, 802.11ac (MIMO)8 GBBuy Now
NVIDIA SHIELD TV4K HDR PowerhouseDual-Band 802.11ac (MIMO)16 GBBuy Now
Q-Box 4K4K Ultra HD and 1000M LAN EthernetWifi 2.4GHz 5.0GHz16 GBBuy Now
Abox Android TV4K Ultra HD up to 60 fps, HDRWifi 802.11 a/b/g/n at 2.4GHz16 GBBuy Now
Zidoo x74K HDR USB 3.0IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11ac and 2.4GHz/5GHz16 GBBuy Now
Roku Premiere4K Ultra HD at 60fps802.11ac dual-band MIMO-Buy Now
MINIX NEO U1 4K Ultra HD at 60 fpsDual-Band 802.11ac (MIMO)16 GBBuy Now
TX3 PROHD 2.0 up to 4k2k Output2.4GHz WiFi and Ethernet:10/100M, standard RJ-458 GBBuy Now


Top Android TV Box Review Sheet 2018


1. Amazon Fire TV StickAmazon Fire TV Stick

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There is no Android Box as versatile and capable as Amazon Fire TV Stick. It even comes in a cool pendant shape that you can allow to hang from your TV’s USB port as you use it to watch 4k ultra HD content. The device can be connected to the internet via the WiFi, or through an Ethernet adapter you can plug in to get debatably better speeds. The biggest advantage of an Amazon device is the ability to employ Alexa, the virtual voice-guided assistant to arrange entertainment for you whenever you demand it. The box can be used to natively access services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and others, without having to install apps through complicated methods. Plus, Alexa can order you a Pizza from your couch! Isn’t that amazing?


2. NVIDIA SHIELD TV  (Best Recommended Android TV Box)


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Perhaps the toughest competition to Amazon Fire TV is NVIDIA SHIELD TV. The design is attractive and breaks the mould, which is always welcome. Only SHIELD TV’s 4k and HDR capabilities seem competent enough to be compared to that of Amazon’s Fire TV. Plus, the product packed us a 3 month free subscription to YouTube Red, which meant 3 months on YouTube’s prime content without ads. The device is also compatible with Android powered smart homes, being Google Assistant ready. The interface is better than what most other Android TV boxes come with as well. This especially helps in making the movie streaming interface more vibrant, which is a boon if you’re turned off by stock-ish interface in the staple movie streaming apps built for Android smartphones.

We highly recommend NVIDIA SHIELD TV among all, because of the credibility of NVIDIA brand and as a leading brand and provider of best gaming monitors, pcs, gaming cards, CPU and many more gaming components in the market.


3. Q-Box 4KQ-Box 4K

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Q-Box comes with impressive 4k capabilities, but what places the box this early in the list is the snazzy design it has. Sure, NVIDIA SHIELD TV had a pretty neat design, but given how few living-room friendly devices there are masquerading as Android TV Boxes, Q Box certainly gives its owner less of a hard time figuring out where to place it or how to arrange it so as to not be an eyesore. There are packs of the box that come with a keyboard. The remote isn’t as savvy and given the lack of an Alexa-like dedicated voice control (you can probably get Google Assistant if you try, but I’m not really a fan), the keyboard can come much in handy when trying to surf the web on your Android TV to get a good movie to watch.


4. Abox Android TV (Android 7.1, 2018 version)Abox Android TV (Android 7.1, 2018 version)

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Abox decided to go a little bold when designing the ABOX A1 MAX TV for the 2018 version. The previous version had a very Q Box TV vibe, while this one is a lot more like a football, with a rough matte surface cut into by channels joined in kite shapes that are smoother, the overall effect being interesting and even sporty. The device is also said to be more energy efficient and capable of better browsing and processing speeds, though the real test of an Android streaming Box in our experience is how well it performs 4-6 months into purchase. Regardless, ABOX fares well in matters of the inbuilt browser, the unrestricted play store and the superior navigation design. The boot time is okay. It is to be noted that the ABOX might be a little awkward to properly place unless you have a cabinet under the TV, since the placement of the ports and the clock is a little peculiar. It is good to get a rough idea of the size and cable lengths before committing to buy this one. That said, Amazon might help you get a refund in case the device doesn’t fit your particular living room.


5. Zidoo x7Zidoo x7

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Another amazing Android TV Box is the Zidoo x7. Don’t be fooled by the version number; even though there is a Zidoo x10 in the market, it doesn’t support media streaming. The Zidoo x7 is the perfect Android Box if you’re not picky about big brands. The interface is simple and straightforward, and the RAM is enough to make games and movies run and stream without any hassle or restrictions in speed. The high speed is also attributed to the quad-core processor which also gives it considerable multitasking capability. Also, points for the very modern chic design of the layout of the home screen.


6. Roku Premiere

Roku Premiere

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Roku is held to be a separate device, falling outside the ragtag label on Android TV Box. But despite being ambiguous in the classification it belongs to, Roku is among the most popular devices to use to stream movies and TV shows along with other content. 4k compatibility is sweet, and the HDR display is quite an achievement that the makers should be proud of. Regarding features, the compact size (of course not as compact as Fire TV Stick) helps store the device neatly. There are a lot of apps you can side load into the device easily as well, and the internet browsing interface makes sure Netflix and YouTube are always accessible. Roku is also easy to customise and you can find a lot of software and tips and tricks online to get the most out of your purchase, making it a purchase that gives a good amount on bang for your buck.




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MINIX NEO U1 is still running Android lollipop, which is a bit of a let-down. But whatever be the Android format, this device has a lot of possibilities it comes with. The port panel is neat and simple to go through, which is rare to find these days. It is arranged a lot more intelligently than Abox. The remote controller is a lot simpler than its competitors too, which is always a good thing since it improves user-friendliness. A good audio control would have made this device a winning deal; at the current price, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to pay enough money to buy two Fire TV Sticks, despite the neat interface and clean remote controller that Amazon is yet to incorporate in its product. Keeping the price aside, there is a lot of value in this device, and so it deserves a place in this list, though nowhere at the top.


8. TX3 PRO


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If you’re looking for a budget Android TV Box to buy, Kekilo’s TX3 Pro could be a good purchase. It is pretty standard in design, with a matte surface and the various ports arranged in a pretty standard way. Everything is pretty standard about the TX3 Pro, actually. It is the hardware specifications that make it worthy of being on this list. The combination of 1GB RAM and 8 GB ROM running 4k content at 60 fps smoothly is pretty impressive. Getting Android Marshmallow isn’t half bad either given how little the device costs. In fact, this is the only Android TV Box under $40 that we found good enough to spend money on.


Things to keep in mind while choosing the best Android TV Box
1. The price matters, especially when seen with the benefits it gets you.

2. The brand matters, because like with any electronic device, you will at some time or another require help from a customer care representative, if you’re a novice.

3. Not all Android Boxes are compatible with all the apps and devices you want to run with them. It is best to avoid buying a less-known TV Box if you have a very peculiar app or device to run with it. Consult internet forums before making a purchase.


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