Best Android Wear Apps For Moto 360 in 2021

Smartwatches have become a standard. And, the world has jumped to the ‘wear’ fashion with both feet. Amongst all the smartwatches we’ve seen so far, Moto 360 is the handiest, and the comfiest Android Wear watch.

It isn’t another tech act done to satisfy the ego. But, an extravaganza to serve a purpose. And, its round design, contrary to the square-shaped Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch, is enough proof of its cord-cutting style. But, that’s not where all the good talks stop. Moto 360 stands out for its integration with best android wear apps that makes it a great product to own.

Through this post, we’ve got you the top Moto 360 apps that will help you do every imaginable stuff you want your smartwatch to do.

Check them out!

1. Task Manager

Task Manager

Use: Shows all running processes and stops tasks which you choose. Easily.

Since multitasking on Android wear has always been a mess, you can install Task Manager to streamline your tasks and manage them well. The app shows all the running apps on your wearable and gives you the options to either close them one by one, or all at once, saving you a lot of time. But remember, you can’t close certain apps, because they’re programmed to run continuously.


2. Evernote for Android Wear

Evernote for Android Wear

Use: Syncs your notes with the smartwatch and creates to-dos.

Evernote has a special wearable edition. Create a note using voice commands on your phone, lock the screen and just blink. You will see your note displaying on the smartwatch as your phone lies in the custody of your pockets. Looking for a note? You can simply ‘say’ the text and your smartwatch will show it up. The app syncs your smartwatch to your smartphone, which means, you can simply start a note task on your watch and end up having it on your phone.


3. Wear Mini Launcher

Wear Mini Launcher

Use: Revamps the smartwatch’s interface and makes it streamlined.

Complexities have no place in life. It’s the simplicity that works. Wear Mini Launcher works by giving a streamlined look to your 360 smartwatch, so as to ensure ease and flexibility while using it. The app does a lot of this and that to enhance the frontal look of the watch, app drawer, icons and much more. Basically, it overhauls the way in which you interact with your wrist gadget.

4. FlickKey Keyboard

FlickKey Keyboard

Use: Gives you a cute keyboard to type on.

Keyboard on the tiny screen of a smartwatch is a suffocating thought, we know. But, FlickKey Keyboard is a cut above. It doesn’t smother your screen, but gives a lot of breathing space by bringing six well-defined keys for letters and symbols. Just tap or flick these keys in 8 directions and soon the app will give you word predictions which you intend to write. Understandably, it’s an effective and speedy way to write.


5. Coffee SMS

Coffee SMS

Use: Helps you interact with SMSes.

Messaging is doable on your Android Wear. You just need a right app to get you through. Coffee SMS is one such Android wear app. The app has plenty of preset messages and comes with the support of FlickKey keyboard, so that you don’t feel handicapped while conveying your thoughts or moods. Additionally, there are various gestures and actions to quickly launch the app, and set a distinct vibration for important contacts and the messages coming through them. The messages are displayed in conversation view, which is great to look at.


Bonus: Skeleton Watches

smartwatch-screen-digital-device (1)

A skeleton watch is a mechanical timepiece where you can see movement of the internal mechanism of a watch. It’s an excellent watch for anyone who like seeing technical side of watch often called open-worked watch. Skeleton watch were developed by Frenchman André-Charles in 1760. It’s fascinating to see the clear view of the machinery. If you like skeleton watches – see a review on superwatches.

6. Video for Android Wear

Video for Android Wear

Source: Android Authority

Use: Lets you watch videos on your smartwatch.

No gifts for guessing that the app lets you watch videos on your Android watch while giving you a fuller screen view. Discover and play YouTube videos using voice commands. And, you also get support for speakers and BT headphones. What’s more? You can use this app to play a video through your Chromecast device.




Use: Create applets – merging actions of two apps together for new experience.

This is one of our favorite Android wear apps, for the attractive app combos it brings along. Using IF for IFTTT, you can combine the actions of two apps, establish a connection, which is known as a ‘recipe’, and develop new controls to get a certain action done. For instance, by creating a recipe, you can program your smartwatch to open music or send a text to someone just when you tap on the screen. Interesting, right?


8. Calendar for Android Wear

Calendar for Android Wear

Source: Android Central

Use: Offers month grids to view dates and days.

Calendar is one of the best Android Wear apps that offers a typical calendar view (month-wise) on your smartwatch’s screen. And, helps you view date and day. You can use it to bookmark your important events by syncing your smartphone with your smartwatch. To view an appointment/event, simply tap the specific date. Such appointments with other important pins are represented in red, while the date of today with a square. You can see the important details for a saved appointment by going to Day Agenda and Appointment Details. Swipe right and left to go a month forward and back respectively.

To open the app, say – Ok Google, Open Calendar. It’s important to note that you need to sync your phone with the smartwatch to add or remove appointments/events.


9. Calculator


Use: Helps in calculations.

Say ‘Ok Google, Start Calculator’ to activate Calculator app on your smartwatch and you’re all set to make quick calculations on your Android wear. You don’t need your cell phone to get your calculations done. They happen in a breeze as you tap one key after another. There are two functions – basic and scientific – and you can switch between them as per your needs.


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10. Sleep

Sleep for android wear

Use: Tracks your hours of sleep and your behavior patterns throughout.

If snoring or waking up at an optimal time in the mornings has ever been a problem, Sleep for Android Wear is the app you need. Once your Moto 360 is fastened to your wrist, you can have this app to track your sleeping hours, keep a check on habits like sleep talk or snoring, set the smart alarm to wake up at right time and much more. You get statistics for accurate results. It’s a wonderful way to prevent sleep loss and nip the issue of daytime fatigue in bud. What’s more? The app is integrated with Philips Smart Bulbs, which switch on the moment you wish to wake up. Social sharing is also available.

Install (Free, Paid)

11. Wear Photos

Wear Photos

Use: Lets you view your pictures straight on your Android Wear from your smartphone.

Android Wear is ‘handy’ for a reason. By simply installing Wear Photos app on your smartwatch, you can easily sync your picture folders or Google photos with your smartphone. There is no setup required. The app automatically pairs your smartphone with your watch, so that you can view and browse your pictures through folders, and can also share and delete them on your watch when the need strikes. Image stream, zoom in/out and high-resolution view are some features available on the app.


12. Wear Camera Remote

Wear Camera Remote

Use: Offers access to your smartphone camera via your Moto 360

Mount your smartphone anywhere you want and capture pictures using your Moto 360. The app, Wear Camera Remote, makes it possible. Using this app, you can easily access the camera controls of your smartphone that include change of modes from rear to front and vice-versa, flash control and self-timer. Those, eager to make their own contributions to better the app, can access the source code and tinker with it to improve features.


13. Mini Dialer

Mini Dialer

Use: Lets you dial numbers and end calls

As the name itself suggests, Mini Dialer is an app to dial numbers, make and end calls. Not just this, you can view your contacts and review your call history as well. Mini Dialer has simple 1-2-3 tappable interface for ease of access and also supports speed dial. Instead of populating the tiny screen of your smartwatch, Mini Dialer is designed to offer enough breathing space and looks clean.

14. Strava


Use: Record important details of your running and cycling activities

If you take fitness seriously, you must be looking this checklist to find an app for your interest. Gladly, Strava is one of the best fitness Android wear apps, using which, you can record your running and cyclists activities, measure statistics to compare performance and compete with others in your community. Strava lets you showcase moments of your activities and share insights on social platforms. You can easily add flags and mark your progress using the app.


15. Wear Audio Recorder

Wear Audio Recorder

Use: Records your audio and lets you sync recorded audios to other platforms

You can expand your Moto 360 as an audio recorder using Wear Mini Launcher. The app lets you record audios using a very simple interface and further, allows you to share externally to platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive. Invisible recording is also available, using which, you can successfully hide the notification indicating that the audio is being recorded.


You can download best Android wear apps for your Moto 360 and improve how your smartphone works. Since this smartwatch is hugely popular, there are many such apps available for use, so as to give a whole new dimension to your smartwatch experience. Though, we have enlisted just 15. If you’ve tried any app other than what we’ve mentioned above, let us know in the comment section below. You can also send in your feedback and help us know how we can improve your experience with TechiesPad.

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