Best Apps to Watch Movies & TV Shows Online (Free & Premium)

When we are talking streaming, we are talking high-quality videos and content and with these apps, you are getting exactly what you are looking for. With the increasing availability of internet access, there has been a surge in the consumption of online content. Therefore the race between competitors to create new and exciting content is only increasing the reservoir of TV shows and Movies.

Top 4 Free Streaming Apps

There is a continuous innovation in mobile devices, which is enhancing the screen technology. It is getting sharper and bigger. The video watching experience is increasing. Hence, there is more and more demand for free content to watch on the move. There are many apps that provide you with free content. Either there are limits to the content in it or they are outdated. If you are looking for apps to watch movies and shows and listen to music for free, then these are the apps for you.

1. Stremio

It is a free video streaming app, that aggregates streams for movies, tv shows, YouTube channels and more.

The product is sourced by a powerful add-on system. The content you have access to depends on the add-ons you  have installed.Installing add-ons is easy. All you need to do is to open the add-on catalog and install the add-ons you want to watch from.

2. Kodi:

Kodi is available on almost all the devices as it’s compatible with Linux, OS X, Windows, and Android. It’s even accessible to Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Though installing it in iPhone may be a little  troublesome as it requires the phone to be jailbroken before download.

XBMC Foundation manages Kodi which is a nonprofit organization. Therefore, it’s upgraded by countless numbers of coders and developers from all over the world. Which means all the updates and add-ons are free.

3. Plex:

It is a client-server media player which lets you play audio and visual content from your personal libraries. It also provides a premium service called Plex Pass.

You can use this feature to synchronize Mobil phones, cloud storage integration, multiple user support, and others.

4. Showbox:

Showbox is a free streaming app for movies, shows, and music in all the platforms like Android, Mac and PC. If you are looking for content for free, this is the app for you. The developers optimize the app to get you the best high-quality content, so you can easily watch it on the go. It provides a huge library of movies, shows, and music to keep you entertained.

The growing demand for free content pushes these apps to continuously innovate and develop new functions to increase the viewer experience. Not everyone wants to pay for the content as they are skeptical if they will like or appreciate the content. Mostly the content we watch may be less because of less availability of free time. This is why paying enormous monthly subscription fees does not seem reasonable. Therefore, these apps give you the option to watch your favorite films and shows for free. Now with no reservation, you can watch whatever you prefer and enjoy the vast content library on the go.

Top 4 Paid streaming apps

Cable Television is no more the go-to medium for watching content. Everyone wants flexibility and to watch content according to their convenience and interest. The availability of so much content makes people look out for unique and engaging content. They design the streaming apps especially to cater to all those needs.

They certainly keep innovating to provide the best experiences possible. They continuously keep updating their content and also create their own content exclusive to their streaming app so that the consumer always have something new to watch.

There are many streaming apps in the market but these are the top apps that provide you with the best and updated content

1. Netflix:

The media service which had an introductory business strategy of DVD sales and rental by mail now is the world’s best online content provider. With projects like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, it has continued to produce high-standard content.

Though competing streaming services are being established, the demand for better content has risen. Thus the requirement for continuous innovation and risk with new and diverse TV Shows and Movies. Netflix has improved and expanded its content library with Netflix exclusive shows “Netflix Originals”.

2. Amazon Prime Videos:

It has a paid subscription option which provides movies and TV shows. It includes Prime exclusive contents as Prime originals which are exclusive TV shows. They continuously increase media library regarding the increasing subscription base. It has content competitors like Netflix and Hulu, Prime videos. Hence, it has differentiated itself as a reasonably costly online media provider.

Amazon Prime Videos is moving at a steady pace towards being the best content provider. Amazon Prime Videos invests a lot to create unique and engaging content. It has the sole purpose to pick up a bigger viewer base. Amazon has its own Prime exclusive original content to rival Netflix and Hulu.

3. Hulu:

Hulu is a video streaming service which provides both TV shows and Movie content online. The benefit of Hulu is that it has a wide range of partnership from Sony Pictures Television, Warner Brothers, MGM, and others. Hence it has an advantage over many other streaming channels.

Therefore, making it the perfect place to consume content from different sources. Hulu has its own original TV shows like The Handmaiden’s Tale, therefore if you are looking for a single package for all type of content then Hulu will do it for you.

4. Sling TV:

It’s one of the most affordable monthly subscription options for online video content providers.Even with the affordable pricing it still provides with a wide range of channel selection. The basic plan itself provides most of the good channels including CNN, Comedy Central, Disney and others. Apart from the normal plans it also provides customized plans which make it one of the best video content providers.


All the above streaming services provide free trials; therefore there is no reason for you to not take advantage of this. Though you may have to divulge some of your information like credit card information. Therefore if you are comfortable with that then go ahead and enjoy the free content. Hence its never to soon to move from traditional cable-based television viewing to streaming-based viewing as the experience may actually be better and more affordable.

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