Best Ceiling Speakers of 2022

When you’re looking to spice up your living room, putting in a painting or a plant is passe. Chances are there are already a ton of curious on display that one more really won’t add much to space. Apart from sight and touch, interior revamps are slowly bringing in the elements of smell and sound. And while it is easy to spray a little essential oil around and have your room smell like a garden in no time, not everyone knows what implements to use to enhance the sound factor.

Ceiling fans are ideal to make your space sound nice. They’re fixed in the walls so they don’t get in your way. They don’t collect dust, nor are they at risk of spoiling because a kid spills their drink near them. Additionally, they can be used in the most isolated corners and having them play any kind of music ensures you get a new feel for the room every time. What more could anyone ask for?

Which speaker to pick? I’m glad you asked. Here are 5 best Ceiling Speakers to consider installing in your home, whether it be to make the TV sound better or play light music in the bedroom to destress after a long day

1. Bose Virtually Invisible 742898-0200: Best in Ceiling Speaker System

Bose Virtually Invisible 742898-0200

Bose has a lot of best rated ceiling speakers you can try out, but arguably the Virtually Invisible 742898-0200 is the best the company has to offer. In fact, it just might be the best buy in the market. The 5-inch woofer and the ¾ inch tweeters make sure it fits most sockets and can be arranged to aim sound at the proper angle, wherever that may be in your room. It takes barely a minute or two to install and the results are more than just being worth the effort.

Perhaps the best thing about the Bose ceiling speakers i.e. Virtually Invisible 742898-0200  is that there is no cloth scrim to sit on top of the speaker, between the membrane and your ears. This makes the sound a lot more powerful, and it is easier to paint over and clean with a simple brush. The design blends into the room making good on the promise of being virtually invisible. The device can also be used as in in-wall speaker too, so there’s that advantage to consider as well.

2. Klipsch CDT 5800 C: Top Ceiling Speakers for Surround Sound

Klipsch CDT 5800 C

Klipsch CDT 5800 C is powerful. The device is loud, bass-friendly and really has no problem taking your music to the very corners of the room in a display of its superior surround sound technology. Even the Bose Virtually Invisible doesn’t make your music as prominent and enjoyable as these. The Cerametallic design makes them suitable to place outside of air with high moisture, in saunas or over jacuzzis. The device performs well in terms of in ceiling surround sound speaker placement, the frequencies it can cover, and the directionality you can afford to the sound using the 5800 C make it a better option not just when compared to other products the company offers, but also when compared to the market in general. The downsides? The price stings a little, especially considering there are cheaper options that give most of the features and capabilities the Klipsch 5800C offers, even if not of the kind of quality Klipsch does.

3. Polk Audio 70 RT: Best Installation

Polk Audio 70 RT

Polk Audio 70 RT stands out in terms of its superior design and fashionable looks. The Polk ceiling speakers can fit easily in a standard lighting fixture, and while it does protrude a little, the 7mm protrusion isn’t much to quib about. I prefer using the device without the grille because the bare panel is just so interesting. The black colored panel may be a little too much for fair walls (use it with the grille if you want things to look white), but if you have a more leather interior, it’ll fit just fine and might even compliment the look of the room. The matte finish of the panel is punctuated with smooth radial button-like designs, the central one of which is the speaker membrane itself, meaning you can have your sound delivered without filters or interruptions. This might be the secret of the panel’s superior surround sound.

The grille is magnetic which means you don’t have to worry about snapping it into place, which can be tough when you’re fixing it at a height. The device is moderately easy to install and so much worth the pain.

4. Polk Audio RC80i: Best Outdoor Ceiling Speakers

Polk Audio RC80i

If you want something in your budget than I like the Polk Audio RC80i home ceiling speakers for the value for money it brings. The speakers come with a standard 8-inch size fit for most fixtures and are moisture resistant so you can easily put them of the top of the aquarium or near your hot tub or shower. The speakers themselves are adjustable in placement and angle which allows them to be suitably aimed. The speaker suitably sounds low, mid-range as well as high frequencies, which is something not many speakers can claim.

There is also a 6.5-inch version available which is good too, but you’ll find the 8-inch speakers to produce better bass and fill more sound in the room as compared to the former.

5. Klipsch CDT 5650-C: Wireless Ceiling Speakers

Klipsch CDT 5650-C

The only brand Klipsch ceiling speakers we tried that truly looked bezel-less, the Klipsch CDT 5650-C  could have been a winner had it not be so expensive. That, and we’ve already covered a higher variant, the 5800-C in the list below. This speaker still deserves its own spot though. The product shows considerable resistance to moisture; the cerametallic design should help keep it working despite moisture in the air. The speaker works for people who’re looking for a speaker that doesn’t have a rim to it that makes it stand out from the ceiling. The scrim is another problem area since it does have a reputation for being paintable but won’t take well to paint lopped over it; you’ll end up with a clogged scrim if you try. If you’re going to paint the covering, I recommend you detach it and use spray paint or other light colors that don’t make it hard for the cloth to move, or you’ll have jagged notes or even buzzing sounds.

You can watch this tutorial before installing ceiling mount speakers

Tips on selecting the ceiling mount speakers for yourself:

  • Look for maintenance requirements and warranties. It is going to be tough to get your ceiling mount speaker down to give it a clean or replace batteries or attend to something else. The minimal maintenance it requires, the better.
  • Try playing all sorts of sounds you can. Play bass, and then try listening to music that uses high pitches, low pitches, and mid pitches. You’ll get a fair idea standing a couple of feet away from the speaker about whether or not your speaker can handle various kinds of sounds and do justice to them.
  • A good speaker lasts really long. Getting along warranty can make you feel a lot more satisfied and peaceful.
  • You’ll need to install wires and plugs and sockets. Try to get a complimentary installation if you’re not very handy with wires and tools.

It isn’t very hard to pick the right product from so many best ceiling speakers if you know what you’re looking for. What do you think?