The Best Google Chrome Extensions 2021

The web is a flattering thing. And, browser extensions just make it more complimentary. Let’s just put it this way – working on the web is like driving a car, where browser extensions are the gears, providing the right kind of force behind. You need focus and control to do a task in the best way, and extensions provide you just that. They offer a deal of features to leverage your tasks and make you more efficient at work. And, when it comes to the best extensions, Google Chrome takes the cake!

Below, we’ve provided a list of 37 best Google Chrome extensions to assist you in doing your specifics like a pro. We’ve included the best ones here, including AdBlock Plus, LastPass, and StayFocusd. Take a look, for who knows which one will come to your aid the next time you sit to conquer the internet!  

1. Data Saver

Data Saver

This free Chrome add-on works by saving chunks of data and preventing system stalls. It cuts down the website’s data before it actually displays, and thereby, making your system work to a nicer consistency. Plus, users can also get details as to how much data they are consuming and saving at the same time. While the data compression utility comes in-built with browsers like Opera, the easiest way of saving bandwidth when on Chrome is using the Data Saver chrome extension. Contrary to open browsing, the pages you open in incognito mode or access via HTTPS aren’t compressed and displayed using the same disk space.

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2. Boomerang For Gmail

Boomerang For Gmail

Chances are, we all have experienced the clumsiness of forgetting an email when it’s urgent to send. If you’ve been there for quite an awkward number of time, Boomerang is the savior. This is an email scheduling utility for Gmail, allowing you to schedule and track email messages. It even has a scheduler that lets you send drafted mails even in the offline mode. And in case you aren’t available for reply, there’s an option to postpone the mails, so that your important mails don’t lie unattended for a longer period, or keep cluttering in the inbox. Choose the reply when you’re free or think it’s the right time.

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3. Blur


Blur by Abine is your cloak of privacy; the handiest Chrome extension for data protection and encryption. Be it managing your passwords, or anonymizing your email ID, Blur ensures that your private information is wrapped safely at one place, away from the prying eyes. Users can create strong, smart passwords, store their debit and credit cards info, do online payments, and a lot more without any fear of spamming or eavesdropping. There is also a tracker blocking service, using which you can block web trackers eyeing your information. A premium subscription also lets you mask your banking information and online purchases. Simply put, Blur has all the tricks up its sleeve to help you stay strong and safe in the times of web intrusions.

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4. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus

Intrusive ads can dent your browser’s speed and make it sluggish. They aren’t even healthy for your web privacy, since a certain type of adware can track and steal your private data. Adblock Plus, as the name itself suggests, restricts a variety of ads, such as Facebook ads and pop-ups, on the websites you visit; thus offering a flush of browsing experience just like you need. Not just ads, Adblock Plus also blocks malware and potentially improves your system.

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5. Taco


Taco aggregates all your tasks and to-dos from 40+ services at one place. Say, it’s an index, listing all your existing tasks in an elegant setup and letting you focus on what’s important. Simply drag and drop your tasks and to-dos from services like Gmail, Zendesk, Trello, OmniFocus and more, and multitask efficiently. Taco loads faster than a new Chrome tab and also ensures privacy. Your browsing history, except Taco’s site, doesn’t stick around and isn’t accessible.

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6. LastPass


Your passwords could be a whole confusing jumble if your memory doesn’t take you too far. All you need is LastPass, a Chrome extension that keeps your many passwords safe and manageable at one place. This is quite encouraging for those who face troubles in remembering their passwords. LastPass keeps all your passwords in a safe vault, which is further protected by a master password for the cause of no-nonsense privacy. This makes your browsing experience a lot more easier and snappier. You can also import and export passwords from other password management services, like RoboForm and KeePass, and also from Chrome and Firefox.

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7. Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader makes your webpages clean and consistent to read. It banishes ads and other distractions to make a page look decluttered and more readable. The entire content appears in a neat, apple-pie order, making all the preferable stuff showing up well on the screen. There are quick keyboard shortcuts to open the comfortable reader view and a Send to Kindle functionality to keep your favorites. With all the surrounding chunk and noise being sorted and snipped, you enjoy an easy-on-the-eye view and a fuss-free reading experience. Options for social media sharing are also available.

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8. Pablo


What better fodder for social media than beautiful, attention-grabbing images? Pablo is the simplest way to create engaging, right-sized images for the social media channels. Though it has a library stack-full of striking images and quotes, yet it’s the ‘styling’ part that give it a lot of brownie scores. You can measure out the use of texts, sharpen or blur a photo, toggle things, and add a deal of graphical glam to get an image just the way you want. Once done, you can push these images out to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram in a single hit of a button. New updates to Pablo also allow you to share and schedule posts directly to Twitter and Facebook.

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9. Nimbus


Get yourself the smarter solution to screenshots and everything around them with Nimbus. Not only does this extension allow you to capture the screen, either in whole or a part of it, but also provides for basic edits, like resizing, cropping, highlighting text and adding stickers and footnotes. There are 3 ways to capture a screenshot using Nimbus – (1) via button in the address bar; (2) via context menu; (3) via a hot key assigned by you in the program settings. To speak further, Nimbus also helps by saving and recording screencasts – video recording of the screen with the accompanying audio.

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10. Click&Clean


Click&Clean is the ‘laundry’ extension to your browser activities, which also works by keeping the snooping attempts at bay. It works in a lot of ways – like clearing browsing data automatically, deleting all tracks of online activities and emptying caches – so that you’re not left exposed to the harmful elements of the web. Click&Clean also monitors your web browsing patterns to help you know if your data is susceptible to surveillance or any sort of privacy intrusion.

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11. StayFocusd


If you’re procrastinating a lot, you aren’t alone. There are many dealing with it, and finding ways to get the pain out. With so much of stuff on the web, it’s easier to get sucked in by sites, which help us in no way and are clear thieves of time. But, not anymore! StayFocusd has been whipped out to make your days more productive and disciplined. It works by limiting your time you spend on the least productive sites, so that you can devote yourself better to work. Once the limit is reached, you get a reminder of getting back to work, and the site, you’re accessing before the reminder, will get automatically blocked. It might seem rude, but that’s a redemption, because don’t forget, you’ve been procrastinating a lot.

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12. Pocket



Found something interesting to read on Chrome, but poor internet signals are playing a spoiler? Pocket can help. It’s pretty handy of an extension, allowing you to save articles, news and other web content to read later, even in the offline mode. Whatever you put in the pocket gets automatically synced to other devices you use, be it an iPhone or an Android. Saving content is very easy with the toolbar button or keyboard shortcut. You aren’t even required to load the page first. Just right click on the link and save it in the pocket. Simple and quick.

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13. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary


Nobody likes to lose a game to a far superior English side. Silly grammar errors and abysmal spellings can really dent your reputation, especially in a world that’s all spiffed up to create an impression on social media. This is why, Google Dictionary, an intuitive way to find word meanings, even when you’re offline. It supports multiple languages, and also tells you the right pronunciation of the words in question. With this extension, you can find the definition of a word by merely double-clicking on it. Plus, you can also save all the words you’ve used, so as to practice them later.

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14. SearchPreview

SearchPreview helps you by adding instant previews to your Google search results. To break it down simply, this extension provides you a top-hand view of the websites you’ve surfed lately by displaying the thumbnails in the search results. Thus, saving loads of time in carrying out similar searches again. It shows related links as well, and is workable on all leading browsers, like Google Search, Yahoo Search and Bing. Easily the best time-saving extension of all!

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15. Magic Actions

Magic Actions

If YouTube is your fave rave, meet Magic Actions – one of the top Chrome extensions that works by enhancing the YouTube experience for you and give to a whole new meaning. It perks up your experience by adding a fair amount of interesting features. To mention a few, there’s a Cinema mode, which changes the whole page to look shaded and makes you feel as if you’re in a theatre. Then, you’re given the ease of controlling the volume by simply scrolling the mouse up and down. Other smart playback options and enhancements are hidden extra content, an auto apply HD resolution, autoplay stop, snapshots from playing video, day/night toggle and lots more.

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16. MightyText


There is no ergonomic luxury than having your conversations being synced between two devices. Mighty Text makes a swipe at what you need to make your SMSes more manageable and allows you to do texting on a PC or a laptop. You can type faster and bring some relief to your fingers, which could be aching while doing constant messaging on a smartphone. Using this Chrome extension, you can see your phone notifications on the PC every time someone sends you a text and you can reply from the PC itself. If you work for a company that doesn’t allow you to take your smartphone on the floor, this extension comes in really handy to help you access your messages from the PC straight instead of waiting for hours to check your phone. You can also sync your MMS picture messages with your PC and get low battery alerts. Set up this extension on your Android smartphone, which will take a little less than a minute, and then you’re good to go.

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17. I’m a Gentleman

You could be a writer or a blogger, always in search of good images to support your stories. Also, you might be creating an image bank to use them any time later. For those downloading images on a spree, I’m a Gentleman is an extension coming in quite handy. You get an ‘extension’ button (a green icon with every image) to download images in a single tap. The keyboard shortcut is the ‘Alt’ button. Just hold and click the selected image for download. Alternatively, you can also drag the images to any of the side and release the mouse. It will get instantly downloaded.

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18. Hiver


Everybody would concur that Gmail is the simplest solution to emails and there’s nothing so good in comparison. Hiver is your favorite for how it customizes Gmail to next level and allows you to share and manage company mailboxes – like – right inside of Gmail. You can send work-related emails to your team from Gmail and check the progress. You can add labels too, which will appear on the email to your teammates’ inboxes in a few seconds. It’s an amazingly convenient way to interact with your team, send important mails across, assign tasks and track status reports on Sales and Support in a go. Email Notifier and Send Later are other star features to keep your workflow nicely focused.

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19. SpeakIt


Image Credit-

Text to Speech has its own share of perks. It makes easier for users to access online content and improves reading and recognition skills. For anybody who’s on a patchy field with his pronunciation, Text to Speech is a godsend and SpeakIt is a full-value service. When in use, SpeakIt will read the content for you while you can utilize the same time doing something else. Just select text and you’ll soon hear a voice reading out the same. Just listen.

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20. Highly

Remember how we would highlight the important sections in a book using a colored pen while reading before an exam. That, in a way, helped us skim through the important parts of a chapter and save time. Highly is to web content is what blue highlighter is to the science book. Using this extension, you can highlight the most juicy bits of an article or a blog online right as you read and make important sections look prominent. You can also follow your friends on Highly and share the highlights with them really fast.

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21. Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom

Thumbnails can be pretty inconvenient to look at and difficult to understand. They are of such small a size. This is why Hover Zoom – a Chrome extension that works by expanding small images and makes it perceptible for you to understand what it contains. All you need to do is hovering your mouse on an image. The extension will create a larger print of it for you.  Besides this, it will automatically re-adjust the size of the image if it doesn’t spread out as per the size of the window. Hover Zoom is of great use when you need to browse the image galleries. It works with websites, like Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Bing, DeviantArt, MySpace, Reddit, Outlook, Pinterest, Picasa, WordPress, YouTube and more.

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22. Momentum


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Inspiration never stops, and can come from anywhere. Even from your desktop if you’re using Momentum. This extension spiffs up your regular Chrome tab with beautiful wallpapers, inspiring you to be more productive and do better. There’s a personal dashboard featuring a dozen of widgets, including a clock, to-dos, weather and inspirational quotes. See a beautiful photo, set a daily goal, track your progress, and plan your day as constructively as possible. If you’re feeling dull at work, try Momentum, feel good and shoot things off with a spark.

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23. Reading Time

A Chrome extension that helps you evaluate the average reading time for a page. In other words, it facilitates you to calculate the average time you might take to complete reading a document. It’s pretty useful when you’re short on time and lets you decide if you should or should not invest your time in reading the page in question. Reading Time doesn’t block the rendering of the page, as everything is calculated really fast before the page opens. Also important to note that this extension works well with web content, but not with other types of content. It’s open-source and invites developers if they’re willing to contribute and make some cool improvements to the extension.

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24. Pixlr Editor

Pixlr Editor

You’ve heard it if you’re fond of creating images the way you like. Pixlr Editor is a popular Chrome extension, a polished tool with an array of tools, filters and layers for image editing. The is a pretty intuitive app, simple yet powerful, letting you create nice images in a few taps. It has almost every feature you’d expect a regular editor to have, and requires no registration or account. Just jump in straight and start using it right in the moment.

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25. Lazarus


Ever got peeved at unexpected page crashes when you’re filling in an online form? If yes, we feel you. It usually takes a lot of time and focus to fill in an online form, and just about when you’re going to submit it, a network crash can drive you bonkers. Return back and you see a blank page. One of those ‘Oh! Freak’ moments! Try Lazarus, an extension that helps you recover details of your online forms if you lose them to form-killing timeouts, crashes and network errors. It autosaves everything you type, so you don’t have to start filling it all over again. Wondering how safe you are. Well, all your data is well-encrypted and saved on your machine, so you know that you’re perfectly safe.

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26. Discoverly


The bottomline is that you don’t need to open multiple tabs to access your multiple social accounts. Your PC hates it and works slower. Why not just combine information from all social networks at one place and do regular business much conveniently? Discoverly can help you do so. This extension gives you a common handle to access your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn together. You can see your Twitter and Facebook information on Facebook, or your Facebook information on Gmail; thereby, cancelling the need of checking various social media profiles separately. Besides this, Discoverly works well along side Rapportive, Boomerang and HubSpot.

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27. The Camelizer

A sure thing for online shoppers who are always digging for a perfect deal. The Camelizer lets you know the price history information of the products listed on Amazon, Newegg and BestBuy. You get to know how pricing trends are going and which way. You see the lowest the prices have tumbled and the highest the prices have touched in a clear, graphical illustration. For discounts or price drop alerts, communicable via Twitter or Email, sign-up on Camelizer and shop wisely.

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28. Hola Better Internet

Hola Better Internet

The world is in awe of VPNs for what they do. You go anonymous across the wide web expanse and get power to dodge geo-based restrictions or censorships to access websites of your choice. In a world where everything is trackable and hackable, VPNs are the go-to services to conceal one’s identity and slip under the nose of surveillance. Hola Better Internet, an open-source, ad-free service, gives us the benefits of VPNs. Using this extension, you can easily surf the websites not available in your region due to restrictions and can navigate the web without leaving footprints behind. Plus, you get better speed and browsing experience.

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29. Drag


Organize your Gmail into neat task lists via Drag. It allows an amazingly simple way to use Gmail and how. An average person working in The United States spends over 6 hours checking his email. By all standards, it’s an eye-boggling excess. Isn’t it? Half the time, the emails you click to open aren’t worth 2 minutes of your time. They are pretty much useless. Drag makes it easier to sort your inbox and makes sure that you invest your time in doing what’s important and productive. It’s like Trello, but for Gmail.

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30. RescueTime


You’re at work and have a goddam task to do, but you end up staring at the ceiling all day and are completely zoned out. No doubting that you hate yourself being a lazy sack, but despite efforts, procrastination is only thing you can do. Relax, RescueTime can help you zone in. This extension lends you a clearer picture of what you’re doing all day on the system and tells you how productive you’re after tracking your movements. In short, it helps you know where your time goes and how can you make changes to get a better digital life. It’s intelligent for how it realizes that you’ve left your system and are away. Having sensed that, it automatically stops tracking. You’re graded as how ‘productive’ and how ‘distracted’ you’ve been throughout the day. Now, you’ll never berate yourself for where your day goes. RescueTime will give you a timetable of your day-long activities on Chrome.

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31. The Great Suspender

Kill the unused tabs of an internet session using The Great Suspender. You might open a number of tabs during an internet session and don’t return back to them after the first visit. You forget closing them down, choking your system’s speed and resources. That’s when the Great Suspender matters. It suspends the tabs you haven’t been using for a long time and saves a lot of RAM. You can configure a particular time and schedule auto-killing of the unused tabs once the time limit is reached. Of course, you can retain these tabs with a single click as and when needed. And if there are any tabs you don’t want getting suspended, just ‘whitelist’ them. All doable in a clean, intuitive interface.

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32. Google Translate

Google Translate

Translations on the go – that’s Google Translate in the gist. Almost everybody has used Google Translate once in his life for understanding an ‘alien’ language. This extension automatically finds out whether the site you’re using requires a translation or not. If yes, you’ll find a translate icon on the browser toolbar to translate the content entirely. If not the whole page, you can simply highlight or right-click on a word to translate it into your language. Quick and easy!

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33. Google URL Shortener

Google URL Shortener

Let’s be honest. URLs look ugly and messy both at the same time. And if you’re serious about how your article should look, you’ll never be in favor of attaching links as they are. This is why you need Google URL Shortener for simplifying the URL links – a must-have tool for Facebooking and Tweeting. It converts long, difficult URLs into short, straight links in just a click. It’s highly customizable and also works in incognito mode.

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34. Auto Text Expander

Auto Text Expander

Nobody is a fan of writing long email addresses and phrases, which are used frequently. Get Auto Text Expander – an extension that help you get quick abbreviations whenever you need one. This means, you can save good time and avoid typos. With Auto Text Expander, you get a list of customizable shortcuts to expand, synced across Chrome browser you sign into. And, the keystroke checking for the phrases you often is completely secure. Nothing is being sent off for tracking in any way whatsoever.

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35. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Add event and schedule reminders with Google Calendar, one of the best extensions for chrome. You get a button on the top of your browser, clicking which, you get to see all your upcoming events without leaving the browser. And if you’re surfing sites with events encoded, you can add them with a single click to Google Calendar. Whenever you’ll be on a site with events bookmarked, the Google Calendar button will turn orange to indicate that you’ve an event. This is how you’ll never miss anything that requires your participation.

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36. Google Input Tools

Google Input Tools

Not everyone is a polyglot, and this is why, we’ve Google Input Tools that lets you type the content in the language you prefer. Its use is pretty simple – switch to the language of your choice in a single click and switch back just as easily. This extension has support for over 90 languages, and has different typing modes, such as transliteration and handwriting, for you to use as per your convenience.

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37. Google Keep

Google Keep

While on internet, you find a godly number of interesting stuff, maybe a webpage or an image, which you might want to save for later. With Keep, it’s possible. This is an intuitive, plain and a fast extension, allowing you to add nuggets of your interest, easily and automatically. Once you save something, you can have it synced across all your devices – like PC, smartphone or Wears – for better accessibility. Plus, you can also add notes and labels to your saved content much to your convenience.

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So, that’s it! These are the best chrome extensions you can use. Tell us about your favorite extensions in the comments section below.