20 Most Amazing Mods For Your CIV 5 Adventure

Civilization V is phenomenally addictive. One of the best turn-based strategy games to ever hit the markets, Civ V, as is the abbreviation, will make you replay it endlessly while shoving your clock under the carpet. The premise is pretty simple – you choose a nationality, jump in the game to create a world (read civilization) and take it from an ancient age to that of a futuristic one. Of course, you get a bevy of supplies and boosts to help you do the job. You develop a government as you like, create policies as you favor, and birth a religion as you believe. So, there is heavy customization out there!

But oops…

Over the time, the challenges go repetitive, AI turns stodgy and dull, combats become predictable, and the entire excitement of playing the game whittles down. In short, Civ V feels crashingly bore and you hanker for something that invigorates the game’s mechanics.

So, here we are with a list of best Civ 5 mods in 2021. If you’ve done Civ 5 to death and looking for some fresh fun, download these best Civilization 5 mods on steam and greet yourself to an interesting gameplay on a number of fronts.

Let’s explore!

1. Berserker Mode

 Berserker Mode

This mod aims at activating the warrior tribe. It amps up the strength of the Berserkers who usually favour the offensive line rather than that of defensive. With the help of this mod, the tribe gains 25 percent more combat strength, where they can be relied on to strike hard and fast. Such skills come in handy to help win battles during invasion, irrespective of the terrain (land or sea).


2. I Play Wide

I Play Wide

I Play Wide mod is how you move the settlers. When in service, this mod helps you displace the settlers by 3 points, which is an improvement over the basic version of the game that provides you with only 2. This extra point or chance, so to say, helps you gain some head start for a strategic planning and of course, increase the distance between you and your enemies and safeguard yourself and your assets.


3. Trading Post

The Trading Post

Build your trading posts more lively and conquest more of land with this help of this mod. You will find a noticeable increase in your empire growth and the size of the buildings that you own. However, trading posts do not share the same characteristics. This shortcoming can be mitigated by the Trading Post Mod that will help trading posts grow into small offices and ultimately, trading villages as you progress further.


4. Map Start Rotate Position

Map Start Rotate Position

An ideal mod for those who’re having a bad time figuring out the perfect position to play from, and eventually losing hours by repeatedly switching off the game to zero in on the right location. It allows you to visit several locations without pausing your game, and give you a strategic point of view for your next move. Since you’re clear about strategizing your moves, this mod saves you a plenty of time and efforts.


5. Improved City Banner

Improved City Banner

A city banner is akin to receiving a bird’s eye view over the cultural map of the nations. The city banner mod adds a cultural matter to the entire map and shows what a particular nation is up to and where its focus lies at the given moment. Moreover, it shows an icon for each nation that displays its ally, something that you might need if you end up making collaborations with either of those.


6. Wonder Race

Wonder Race

This mod can be defined as a bit sneaky fella, since it tells you if someone else is building a wonder suspiciously similar to yours. You’re also given notifications whenever you engage in a fight with an AI, or another player, and lets you know the winning or losing status. Plus, you can also keep an eye on the bidding activity and its participants, but without the exact rate. The good thing is that this animosity doesn’t provide any room for gambling.


7. InfoAddict


This mod is more like a Civilization V Wikipedia, storing copious data for any aspect of the game and providing it in the simplest of style. With the help of the graphs provided by this mod, you can easily check if there are certain CIVs planning on declaring a war on you, or how they are faring in their cultural development, tourism and many more gigs. There is a Global Relations tab, acting as a virtual advisor that helps you decide the appropriate time to forge friendships and wage wars respectively.


8. Smart AI

Smart AI

The AI of Civilization V has often been considered..well..not as winning as expected out of a turn-based strategy game. The Smart AI banishes these complaints, as it amps up the creativity and maneuver on the opposition side. This makes the enemies more cunning, and invariably adds a bit of fun when it’s about strategizing battles and obliterating them. A mod that makes enemies stronger might seem a little illogical, but the long journey does need something exciting to keep up the pace.


9. Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital brings several conceptual additions, flipping the game over like totally. The civilizations build wonders, and once complete, the culture paves in to build them further. Simultaneously, everyone gets into getting their cultural points, even stronger. All civilizations compete at winning these points, and the one with most number of points wins the elections and becomes the Cultural Capital.


10. Gandhi Mod

Gandhi Mod

This mode activates the new ability, ‘The Virtue of Truth’ and removes 20 percent of the unhappiness from the population. Post using this mod, Indian civilization and its ally gain a 10 percent boost while enhancing its expansion flavor for further conquests. Moreover, Gandhi’s willingness to gel further with other civilizations increases with this mod which is otherwise a tough task thanks to his original character build of a cautious and firm leader.


11. PerfectWorld3


The map-based creative content on Civilization V is more than plain fulfilling, but sometimes, it doesn’t look as natural though. PerfectWorld3 is one mod filling those creative voids and beautifully at that. Simply put, this mod chips in map options that look more organic than those pre-loaded in the game’s styling. That being so, there will be more naturalistic geographies to scale around inside. However, these maps don’t really emphasize on the gaming balance, and only works to glamorize the ambience.


12. R.E.D WWII Edition

R.E.D WWII Edition

Experience the war frontline and its mercurial conditions with R.E.D WWII Edition mod, which transforms Civilization 5’s gaming economy into an explosive battlefield the world has ever faced in the history. You’re put in a fickle state with maps, people, city-states, artillery and pictures suggestive of an impending destruction. Fight the war that’s more grueling than ever, and either hug a victory, or get demolished by a defeat.


13. Faster Aircraft Animations

Faster Aircraft Animations

This is extremely tempting mod for those seeking to bolster the aircraft combat animation in Civilization 5. When active, your flight maneuver will go aggressive, and the combats pick more gravitas than usual. This isn’t a major tweak, but very interesting in the long run.    


14. Ethnic Units

Ethnic Units

Combat units are immensely customizable in Civilization V, courtesy the mod Ethnic Units, which swaps the stale-looking swordsmen and weaponry with something invigorating and pleasing to look at. There is a variety of skins, turning the cavalry into more of classic ones and the gears to their modish versions. This mod is constantly on update, and that makes it relatively exceptional to watch out for.


15. Really Advanced Setup

Really Advanced Setup

There is an advanced panel in Civilization V that lets you fiddle around certain settings and change the gaming protocols in a certain way. Really Advanced Setup is a mod, giving a greater leeway to mess with these settings and roll the dice in your favor. You can have your starting city gain access to a pack of luxurious resources, or can avail your city of the financial buffer at the beginning. Also, this mod allows you to identify which civilizations are active, and to set a level of bonuses each player will have to start the game with. If you’re looking out for a tweak that significantly changes the scenario and accentuate your gaming, Really Advanced Setup is your calling.


16. Free Buildings for Research

Free Buildings for Research

Civilization V can really miff you when it’s about raising the ancient buildings, over and over again, to create a brand new city. However, with Free Buildings for Research mod, not anymore. When in use, this mod raises those building itself if you’re already them researching them in your previous adventures. That being so, the pain of going through the irksome repetitive tasks is well-remedied.


17. Civilization Nights

Civilization Nights

A Civ 5 total conversion mod, Civilization Nights spiffs up the typical gaming scenario into something completely novel and presents it with a refreshing twist. In a full-scale overhaul, you see new buildings, wonders, technologies, policies, artwork, revolutions, diplomacies, management and a lot more. The game undergoes a stellar change with lot of detailing and well-crafted interface elements. And not to forget, this mod isn’t user-friendly, so you’ll be required to invest a lot of time and effort, and has to put up trials and errors to be at comfort with it.


18. New Cities Penalties Halved

New Cities Penalties Halved

Fond of building new cities on Civilization V? You’ve got this mod up your sleeves. Using this mod, your Science, Policy and Happiness penalties for creating new cities will be cut by a half for all map sizes. This means, double benefits!


19. Anno Domini

Anno Domini

Anno Domini is a full conversion mod for an extra spillover of ancientness. When applied, you play as one of over 80 civilizations that look immensely gorgeous with an old world charm. This mod has its own versions of modcomps, which include Events and Decisions, Health and Plague, Mercenaries and more. Notably, this mod doesn’t work with other mods, so it’s essential for you to have only Anno Domini mods. Also, you should have the complete DLCs and other expansions, albeit without the map packs.


20. City Limits

City Limits

The conquests of land grabs become way too overwhelming with the mod City Limits. You’re given insights into the potential borders and their stretches of every new settlement, so that you can map out a decisive strategy for more powerful takeovers and takedowns. Select a city or a settler and view the city limits to figure out what needs to be done to seize power of the land in question. This is extremely handy a feature if you want to play in a certain way.


Here we end our list of best Civ 5 mods to try out. What we’ve mentioned here is just a taste of what Civilization V can actually be transformed into. There is still a lot to be covered, and we’ll be updating this list with time, so as to offer you the best picks of the bunch. If you’ve or are trying any other Civilization V mod and wish to have it added to the list, write to us below.