Best Crypto Coins to Buy This Month (January 2019) for Savage profits

Crypto coins are all the rage these days. In the last month alone, the coinbase app has been downloaded more number of times than apps like youtube and facebook on the google play store. This alone can be an accurate estimate of the craze cryptos have these days. The craze has just started, and it will only grow.

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile; at one point you may see a coin at 100 satoshis and the very next moment, you might see a sudden pump taking the count to 500 satoshis. Before buying any coin, make sure to check the project of a coin, the team behind the coin and also their roadmap. Only if everything falls as per your goal of holding the coin, then get hold of that coin. All the coins which we have listed here have a strong team and they are working on some really big projects.


1. Electroneum



Electroneum had the biggest and the most successful ICO this year. Their initial token price was just 0.01 USD. The moment any ICO is successful, the next thing always is to get the token listed on as many exchanges as possible. With the hype ETN created, people expected it to be available on many different exchanges but it was available on cryptopia which further boosted the price. The coin aims to build its very own bitcoin derived blockchain. It is based on the concept of getting hold of the gaming industry and the whole gambling industry. The team has designed the whole framework on the basis of mobile friendliness, fast transactions, and very easy micropayments. They have recently launched their offline wallet and it seems the prices have dipped momentarily. This can be a great chance if you are looking to get hold of the coins.


2. Wabi



Wabi is a coin which was fastest to appear on any exchange after the ICO. Usually, after an ICO is over, the coins take time to hit any exchange as a lot of things have to be done like an audit of tokens, KYC of investors and much more. Wabi is a commercial coin developed by the walimai team. They have long been in the business of getting efficient solutions to tackle counterfeiting. Wabi aims to solve China’s fake products market using the blockchain RFID technology. The coin first came to ether delta and then Binance. The coin is currently at 1$ and has found a good resistance zone. Very soon you may find the price surging so make sure you accumulate a bagful of Wabi coins.  


3. Lisk



The blockchain is an amazing technology, there are a lot of applications being built over it. It is a forked currency from Crypti and Olivier which happened in early 2016. At the ICO, Lisk was able to raise $5.8 million which made it the second most successful ICO after Waves. Their aim is to be a cryptocurrency based on the sidechain and a totally modular currency. The side chain here is totally secure and made up of 101 master nodes. It operates using the DPoS(Delegated Proof-of-Stake) mechanism. They have many interesting projects coming up and all of it is only going to push the prices even more as we approach the end of 2019.


4. Zcash



After Monero, there was a sudden surge in the privacy coins. These privacy coins have created a crypto revolution 2.0. Zcash is a coin that came out of the Zerocoin project. Their only aim was to provide anonymity to the users who use bitcoins. Founded by Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, the team includes many great engineers and cryptographers. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, in “Zcash payments are published on a public blockchain, but users are able to use an optional privacy feature to conceal the sender, recipient, and amount being transacted“. Zcash has strong partnerships and their roadmap looks promising. Exciting times are ahead for Zcash. It is already in top 20 coins on coinmarketcap. Who knows… You might see a rally for Zcash by the end of this year.


5. Power Ledger


Power Ledger

POWR recently had a week-long surge on different coin exchanges. It is an Australian company and Australia’s very first ICO. They have their eyes set on hacking the renewable energy market. All those who own a POWR token will be able to buy and sell unused renewable energy resources. The project is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Key applications of POWR projects include wholesale market settlement, autonomous asset management, distributed market management and electric vehicles. All these applications make this project a very promising one. They are soon partnering with big names and it will surely pump the price.  

It is always advisable to DYOR(Do Your Own Research) before diving in and buying any coin. The crypto world is very volatile. The graph activity in any coin keeps fluctuating so make sure you are backing a project with an excellent team and a promising roadmap. Go ahead and earn some early Christmas gifts.