6 Best Wallets for Dash Coins

There are hardly any coins as amazing as Dash. It has seen a climb ever since it started that would be envied by most ICOs. Apart from that, the coin has been among the easiest to carry monetary transfers in, though it still has miles to go before it reaches the kind of popularity and acceptability in the wider market that Bitcoin and Ether enjoy.

Anyway, there are a lot of people who are curious to know more about it, including what wallets one should use for the crypto currency. Let’s get straight to it then


Fun Facts about Dash:

6 Best Wallets for Dash Coins

  • Dash is short for Digital Cash. There’s a lot of hope for the cryptocoin being used as agreeably as fiat currency, which is what drives the popularity of the altcoin.
  • Dash is among the fastest growing coins, having previously shot to almost twice its value in USD in half a month, which is a testimony to the trust the community has towards it.

So which wallets should you consider using for Dash? Here’s a lowdown.


1. Dash Paper Wallet (best for cold storage)

dash paper wallet

Given how steady Dash has been in the market, it is not exactly a bad strategy to let your coins sit in cold storage in a paper wallet (again, we don’t recommend you do so without putting your own research and opinion ahead of whatever you read on the internet). This is exactly what Dash Paper Wallet does. The wallet contains both your private and public key that prevents theft and misplacement from causing you financial losses. There is the obvious lack of instant transactability since your cash exists in paper and not on electronic media. Which is why these other wallet options are good to consider as well, along with a cold storage option.

2. Exodus (Best desktop wallet)

exodus for Dash

Exodus has been on a lot of our lists of cryptocurrency wallets, and there is no reason we shouldn’t recommend it again; it’s just that amazing. The pie-chart format of displaying shares of various cryptocurrencies in your wallet lets you keep track of your finances in a much more comprehensive way, and it also saves you a lot of time trying to figure out how to move your money among the various coins you have to maximise profit. The interface is customisable, the applet is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and there’s so much more that’s amazing about it, we couldn’t write it all if we tried. Exodus is undeniably the best desktop Dash Wallet.


3. DASH Core iOS (best iOS wallet. Period)


The official Dash mobile application is the best any wallet has been able to do so far, in terms of storing this cryptocurrency. The wallet is easy to operate since it is touch optimised, allows QR code scanning to pay, and true to the project’s promises, the transfer of money is virtually instantaneous. Additionally, being on iOS lends the app an additional layer of security thanks to the security infrastructure that Apple builds into its products.


4. DASH Wallet (Best Android Wallet)

DASH Wallet

Android has thus far received poor applications in the name of wallets; things aren’t as impressive as they are for Apple users who buy and trade in DASH. DASH Wallet is the best Android can do thus far. But it is still not as bad as it appears when you launch it. The Open Source App allows the user to make transactions using Bluetooth, sends coins instantly and it is widely regarded as among the safest options to transact in DASH on an Android using. What isn’t as great is the shoddy finish and the lack of private sending.

5. DASH Core Good desktop option

DASH Core Good desktop

Another official DASH option that ends up on our list. When you’re looking specifically from the point of view of transacting or storing DASH, there’s really no competition that other developers have as yet posed to the official offerings. Despite being heavy and taxing on PCs, both in terms of size and resource consumption, DASH Core is still decent enough to have a shoutout on the list, if not the title on the best desktop wallet option that goes to Exodus. The wallet works on all devices that support Exodus. There aren’t any extra special options the wallet brings, being the official offering. Moving on…


6. Trezor (best hardware wallet)


Like Exodus, Trezor regularly makes it to our top wallet recommendations, and it is purely out of merit. The small device fits in virtually any tiny space, it can be connected to virtually any device using a USB cable, and it will readily hold multiple coins for you. Plus, the screen is a convenient way to keep up with the processes and transactions. The Ledger Nano S has similar functionalities and is believed to be more secure, but the Trezor is much more convenient and versatile.

There are so many wallets you can use. Multi-coin wallets are usually preferred since they need less effort to manage and shift investments in. Which Dash Wallets do you find amazing? I’d love to know in the comments below.