10 Best Discord Bots To Level Up Your Gaming

Discord is a great platform for gamers to communicate with each other. Not only does it allow you to voice chat with people, but you can also use Discord bots to enhance your gaming experience. Here are 10 of the best Discord bots for gamers.

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What is Discord?

Know that Discord is a chat service for gamers. It allows them to exchange voice and text messages to discuss and get help on whichever game they’re playing. The platform has highly configurable and friendly servers – laid out in a simple interface. You can share images, links and videos to share your experience directly into a chat, keeping all security-related worries aside.

Discord is available for use both on desktop and phone. This chat service has been a heavy hitter after Skype failed to fit the user requirements and the servers on TeamSpeak required you to cough up money.

What are chatbots and why do we really need them?

Best Discord Bots

Just in case you need a refresher course on bots, these are virtual entities on the web designed to perform automated tasks like how humans do, albeit more efficiently. And, Discord wires around chatbots – the algorithms used to simulate conversations with humans. Simply put, they are being fed with auto replies for general queries by the users. You ask them a question and they respond accordingly. How accurately and with what clarity? That’s something the AI is yet to settle on.

One thing, however, is inarguable – Chatbots are incredibly stylish in the way the information is tossed out. They constantly reinvent themselves, get more intelligent over time, to stay fresh with information, and be in sync with human inputs.

The excellence of bots lies in the fact that users don’t even feel if they are really speaking to a virtual wiry stuff resting in a machine.

Discord has an array of bots to help you push the action and grow into a game. And, if you’re someone who is crazy about gaming and reading this, believe us, your gaming escapades are going to improve in spades.

What are the best discord bots to try out?

Here, we’ve mentioned best discord bots for 2022 you should try.

1. Aethex

Aethex Bot

Aethex has been enjoying a huge popularity lately as a multipurpose bot. It stacks up simple yet important features to customize experience and adapts itself to multiple needs while keeping it all really basic.

Having tools for everything you’d ever need to do – from moderating, setting up automated systems to doing fun stuffs, this bot is packed with efficiency. There are game integration features as well, allowing you to tap into Steam, ROBLOX and making it easy to join other games, call friends to play and keep a track of who’s playing what. Aethex has superior social system that boosts user management.


You just set up a Discord bot on a game server I use 1GServerHost, which allows players to access information and features directly from the Discord app while they’re playing.

2. Mee6

Mee6 Bot

Unlocking different abilities and leveling up in a game is always great. For a gamer, this is no satisfaction like other. Mee 6 is a popular bot that helps server members win XP points by participating in a chat. The more you engage in a chat, the more XPs you bank. This is a kind of advantage given to a server member who is a constant on chats and encourages discussions.

Twitch/Reddit notifications, anime search and add/manage commands for custom moderations are its key features. Also, you can keep a detailed log of what’s shared and communicated on a chat.

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3. Rh1-N0

Rh1-N0 Bot

If you’re trying to fully automate the moderation process, RH1-N0 needs to be your instant pick. Taking the drudgery out, the bot lets you add moderating tools in a short time and personalize the chat experience just the way you like.

Using RH1-N0, you get an easy way to manage tasks like chat commands, rate limiting, word filtering among lots more. Even the basic moderation tasks, like that of user kicking, warnings and banning, get simpler to do, much like the back of your hand. Since it can block spam, your discussions will not be locked down to hurdles.

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4. DabBot


Interested in music? If yes, DabBot is a gold mine of utility for you. Adding this bot to your server, you can listen to high quality music from source channels, like YouTube, SoundCloud, UK Radio Stations and Discord.FM.

To get started, join a voice channel that DabBot is also compatible with. Select ‘Play’ and then ‘Choose’ to select a song you wish to listen to. This completes the process. Time to savor in the beats that follow!

For further assistance, check this.

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5. Dyno

Dyno Bot

Dyno is a customization specialist. Using this, you can take control of what features your dashboard shall comprise of. Another notable aspect is custom announcements, using which, you can give a shout out to any member who joins, leaves or laid off.

With a class of management features, you can call the shots as to which member shall be muted or banned, and till how long. Custom commands have also been made easy. This bot is smart enough to detect and crack down on spam, so that no discussions are stymied at any given time – the reason being its integration with Cleverbot. You can also stream music from YouTube, but SoundCloud is out of choice here.

6. Serum

Serum Bot

Get all the action flowing with your voice – that’s Serum at its crux! Not your fault if you’ve Siri at the back of your mind while reading this. When using Serum, you have the power to launch commands via your voice. Just mention ‘hey serum’ and then ‘ok serum’ at the completion of the assigned task.

If not voice, you can simply mention Serum and add text later. For instance: @Serum, what is 5*6? You should get an answer.

7. Vexera

Vexera Bot

Vexera is all bots wrapped into one. This is why, this discord bot is cruising ahead with the most number of servers, pecked at 22k. You get music, moderation and some miscellaneous commands for excellent customization, and that itself speaks volumes about its utility.

Access to music is its highly appreciated giveaway. The commands provided for the playback and other functions work really well.

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8. Discord Dungeons

Discord Dungeons Bot

Discord Dungeons is a bot, specific to users who play Discord Dungeons. This bot is simple and comprehensive in its making, used for combating enemies, unlocking achievements and more. With Discord Dungeons, things happen at an exciting pitch with adventures like crafting and mining. For multiplayer support, you’ve got guilds to join hands in. Since a new content is added daily, this bot is unique and refreshing each day in its every bit. You can play from any given device from anywhere.

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9. Couchbot


Are you regular with streaming? Have you said ‘yes’? Well, in such a case, Couchbot turns out to be an attractive affair for you. The bot works by sending notifications to each of the server member whenever you go live on Twitch, Beam, Picarto, YouTube or other streaming channels. You can create record and edit content for and YouTube. Also, you can send instant messages to your server family whenever you make new uploads on your respective channels.

Doing so, you can ensure a consistent viewership of your video works. Couchbot lets you assume full control of what announcements shall be shared and at what time.

Couchbot may often the best for moderation, but what it does for livestreaming makes it our favorite.

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Know ‘Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot’ – YAGPDB. Well, that happens to be its full form as well. This bot boils down to basic but necessary tasks with accessible control panel as its top USP. With YAGPDB, you can manage moderation, analyze server stats, assess information in a go and much more. With every configurable to its whole extent, YAGPDB is definitely a bot to have it on your server.


How to add bots to Discord Servers?

As apparent from the kinds of Discord bots above, there is a huge variety out there, which you shouldn’t miss at all if you wear love for gaming on your sleeves. Not only do they customize server for better controls, but also simplify how you connect with the fellow gamers across the globe.

You can read our step-to-step installation guide for how to go about adding bots to your respective discord servers.

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We believe, we’ve dispersed all your doubts about best Discord bots. You can send in your suggestions and feedback in the comments section below. Your thoughts are important to us. Stay glued to us for more such posts on technology, trends and apps.