7 Best Drone Cameras Reviews and Buying Guide For 2018

The craze for drones has come really far and we’re loving it. The way they’re changing the nuances of doing a job, especially photography, is pretty exciting and makes for an amazing watch. Take them to the sky for dropping a parcel or hover them around for a godly shot, drone cameras are everywhere and have finally found a level playing field. They appear as perfect sci-fi installations and look too cool to give a skip. Professionals, who’ve had enough of lame-duck ways of clicking pictures, have turned swashbuckling to make ‘impossible’ shots ‘possible’ with drone cameras. And the fact, that these (or at least a few) are available for a small amount of cash, is making them honeypots drawing users in huge numbers.

That’s not to say that the markets of drone cameras have exploded and so is the variety. There is a wide array of best drone cameras available, so much so, that choosing one could leave you scratching your head. And if you’re a neophyte with no proper knowledge or a handy guide, the struggle gets more real. Every product might tempt you to loosen up some cash only to face a tough-luck later.

Since we’re always for the cause of smart shopping, we’ve decided to curate a list of best drones with cameras you can consider for buying in 2018. We’ve included many options in the list for everyone with a discerning taste. Whether you need a drone for the fun of playing or for professional, high-grade photography; whether you’re on a tight budget or are okay about shelling out money, this list has a recommendation catering to all needs. So, let’s check out.


ProductTransmission RangeSpeedVideo resolutionBattery LifeBuy
DJI Mavic Pro
4.2 Miles40 mph4K/12.35 mp27 MinutesBuy Now
DJI Inspire 2.04.3 Miles58 mph4K/16 to 20 mp27 MinutesBuy Now
DJI Phantom 4 3.1 Miles45 mph4K/12.76 mp28 MinutesBuy Now
GoPro Karma1.8 Miles35 mph 4K/12 mp20 MinutesBuy Now
Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon0.50 Miles18 mph4K/12.4 mp25 MinutesBuy Now
Halo Drone-45 mph 4K/12 mp25 MinutesBuy Now
Parrot Bebop 21.2 Miles58 mph1080p/14 mp25 MinutesBuy Now



1. DJI Mavic Pro: Best Drone with Camera

DJI Mavic Pro

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Topping our list is DJI Mavic Pro – a highly efficient, portable and compact quadcopter drone camera you’d ever use. We can only imagine the engineering behind its crazy ‘foldable’ frame that lets you carry it like a bag or a bottle. That’s where the manageability woes are sorted. However, its pint-size shouldn’t be confused with utility because Mavic Pro has the mettle to compete with some of the top-notch drone cameras you’ve ever had the chance of flying. OcuSync Transmission System is a highlight, allowing you to fly it up to 4.3 miles range at 40mph. The battery is no poor game either. With a flight time of around 27 minutes, your needs of long-stay tidings in the air are ideally taken care of.

Features like ActiveTrack and TapFly make DJI Mavic Pro a sure buy. You can activate the drone to follow the object and film it at the same time using the ActiveTrack feature. That being so, you can capture yourself while playing football or driving a car, provided that you’re not doing that too fast. Another well-noted feature is TapFly, which lets you access the remote controls and manage the drone’s fly straight from your smartphone’s screen. Structure-wise, DJI Drones Mavic Pro has been designed for good performance. Since the 4K camera is mounted on the gimbal, you get impressive, clear images in good lighting. Having said that, we experienced a drop in the quality of pictures when the light was dim. This is usual for drone cameras of such compactness.

Sensor Redundancy makes up for safe and steady flight. The drone looks at the objects coming its way and dodges them intelligently for avoiding collisions. That speaks volumes about how reliable and well-supported this little machine is. Overall, DJI Mavic Pro is the classiest camera drone with a dedicated remote control, flight accuracy, and unmatched flight feature. Low-light image quality is quite disappointing, though.


2. DJI Inspire 2.0: Proffessional’s Choice

DJI Inspire 2.0

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If you can’t get the amazing flight experiences of Inspire 1, DJI Inspire 2.0  can help you beat the joys. Perhaps the most well-suited professional drone, and also the most expensive drone in the market, Inspire 2.0 is built to impress. It’s top-of-the-thought pick for many aerial photographers and videographers for the kind of camera configuration and battery setup it provides. To speak of the camera, you can swap camera lenses with a single push of a key and capture great things at just great angles. Not to miss, the 5K video format is supported and done well. There is a dual-battery setup, powering cameras, sensors, and stabilizers for a total flight time of 27 minutes.

Inspire 2.0 can cruise mid-air at the speed of 58 mph under normal conditions. Just if you’re flying the drone in the direction of the wind, it flies a bit quicker at 60 mph, which is pretty good. There are sensors to detect obstacles and command the drone to avoid them. That being so, your drone can safely glide through the air with no danger of getting brushed off. Even while the obstacle-avoidance mode, the top speed is a decent 45mph.

There is a dedicated remote access that connects the drone with your smartphone and lets you deal with your flights with a hat of a pro. In totality, there’s no accomplished a drone like Inspire 2.0 with every feature you’d ever ask for. We don’t doubt why professionals are picking this one out of the humongous variety.


3. DJI Phantom 4: Best LightWeight Drone

DJI Phantom 4

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One might rue the hefty price tag of DJI drone Phantom 4, but the expansive scope it offers only goes on to justify it. It’s arguably the speediest out there with an HD streaming quality working way better than any other drone you know. DJI Phantom 4 is a bit heavy reason being its 5,350mAh battery, but still, the kind of stability it offers is on par with those having lightweight battery chops. It detects obstacles and circumvents them for a bump-free ride, thereby offering ease of navigation to both novice and seasoned fliers. With such a safety system at hand, you’re indeed meant for heights.

DJI Phantom 4 has a sturdy build and an excellent remote access that connects it to an intuitive smartphone app. The gimbal design is equally brilliant, leveling the camera for nice, clear footage even if the drone is moving at a high speed and changing directions. You can take it up to 4 miles at a speed up to 45 mph. However, the low battery issues raise eyebrows and are one major undoing of the drone. Phantom 4 can last for only 15-20 minutes in the air, which is a common drawback with most of the commercial drones. Some have argued that they have used this drone for more time than the time bracket we’ve mentioned. This could differ depending on the kind of usage and how far you’ve pushed the drone’s capabilities. The 75 recharge time can test your patience.

Keeping a few caveats to the side, DJI Drone Phantom 4 worked great for us at this price range, and we’re sure, would work for you too.


4. GoPro Karma: Best Portable Drone


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GoPro is a brand of immense prestige for its line of compact cameras and trusted by millions. The company, after gaining a good leverage in the market of active cameras, made a foray into the drone industry with its GoPro Karma and the results are as compelling as they have always been. GoPro Karma is a drone of great prowess and is easily the most impressive and quickest of its kind. It scoops nice scores for being a portable drone and giving you the ease of carrying it wherever you like. The wings can be folded in line with the frame, making it easier for you to stow around with minimal fuss. Controls are pretty intuitive, setup is a snap and the UI is easily navigable – all making a strong case for Karma as being a drone for both novice and seasoned fliers.

The good thing about Karma is its detachable gimbal, which also turns into a handheld stabilizer. It lets you stabilize the camera and control the in-flight vibration for just the kind of clarity you seek. Like other drones, GoPro Karma has a dedicated mobile app too, known as GoPro Passenger. The app turns your smartphone into a drone controller and manages the flight intelligently.

The bad stuff is the lack of obstacle-avoidance technology. This drone can’t sense and avoid the obstacles coming across its way, which makes it prone to damage. Even the battery life is a bit of slouch, offering just 18-20 minutes of run. With these cons aside, GoPro Karma serves you enough good and is a great bang for your buck if you already own a GoPro camera.


5. Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon: Best Drone For Fliers

Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon

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DJI drones hold dominance in the market, but there are other brands as well proving up to the task. One prominent example is Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon, a perfect drone for fliers who don’t want an overkill, but better than the basic. Qualifying as a competitive equal to the top rated drones, Yuneec Q500 4K Tycoon has the bells and whistles of a superlative drone at an accommodating price point. Dig this if you’ve a liking to black color and want a regal-looking drone over the snazzier whites. If we’re to decide on looks, there’s no reason for us to not put this camera drone at the hot top spot. However, it has its shortcomings too, which we’ll be discussing in a few minutes.

First, the positives. The components fitted into Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon are a class by all in themselves. The 12-megapixel camera provides stunning picture detail and 4K video recording is for nice, judder-free capturing with no moments of quality loss. Adding more to the list is the distortion-free camera lens, which is more than adequate. The camera is detachable from the gimbal, providing you the ease of carrying it separately on capturing footage and images on the ground. The controller isn’t a usual scramble. The screen offers the first-person view of the drone while flying and all the camera controls are tappable straight from the screen.

On the downside, Yuneec Q500 4K Typhoon is packed in a larger case when shipped and has 2 spare batteries provided with it. If you choose to buy it without opting for batteries, the cost can be dragged down to an even friendlier pay price. Also, this drone isn’t foldable and can only be carried in the same large box when it’s shipped to you. This speaks of a major manageability crisis, making it less portable. The charging time is also larger than those of other camera drones. We would have liked it be done in a good measure.  


6. Halo Drone: The Most Recommended Drone

Halo Drone

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Halo Drone is quite an excellent mash-up of all the features you expect out of a drone; an ideal all-rounder. Halo Board, the company behind, has tried to tick all the right boxes with its first-ever drone but missed the mark by an inch. Having said that, we cannot disregard the fact that it’s still the most approachable drone within this price segment. It comes loaded with intelligent follow modes, a versatile and interchangeable camera gimbal compatible with GoPro cameras and Yi 4k, and a secondary wrist remote for better stabilization and navigation during flights.

A simplified automated system is a key attraction and designed to suit the novice flyers and typical hands alike. Using this, you’ll be able to manage the drone very seamlessly while also stretching your hands to access the most advanced flying capabilities. All in all, it’s super accessible and quite self-explanatory. The 10’’ propellers are large enough to give it a momentum of flying at a speed of 45+ mph, which is great. The design is neat and foldable, making it quite a thing for your travels and expeditions. Even the carrying bag is fit to carry along.

Halo Drone’s Flight App is a shot at customizing things to a whole new experience. It allows you to have your way with a host of things, including flight paths on the maps, the drone’s direction for automated flight and video capture and adjustments based on velocity and height. Overall, the app comes in really hand to make your experience highly personalised and just the way you want. The Halo drone has a line of amazing features, like GPS Tracking, Return-to-Home and Auto Take-Off among many. What impressed us significantly is the Follow Module GPS track that lets your drone to find you with 7 unique follow modes.

Lack of the obstacle-avoidance feature is one drawback, so your drone might get entangled with a tree’s branch or hit by a bird. Also, the battery time is okay-ish, standing at 20 minutes and not really making a crack.


7. Parrot Bebop 2: Best Drones for Beginners



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Parrot drone is a great bargain for the pack of features it offers and is ideal for anyone who has graduated to high-end drones and doesn’t have deep pockets to afford the premium price that most have. Performance wise, this drone impresses with a 14-megapixel camera using a fisheye lens and a stabilization technology doing away with the need for a gimbal. The chassis uses rubber dampeners, which help minimize shimmy during the flight and capture brilliantly detailed footages and pictures.

Parrot Bebop 2 comes with an optional flight controller and FPV headset, making this drone cut a real deal at such a likable price. While the flight controller allows you to connect the drone to your smartphone and betters the execution of flight controls, the FPV headset provides a first-person view of the drone and makes navigation simpler. This could be pretty too much for the rookies but will be loved by those who’ve been there, doing that for a long time now. However, the catch is that the FPV headset isn’t combined with the cost, and you need to cough up some extra cash to have the pack. This means the cost will eventually escalate to a point where your money will be exhausted. You get an average 20-minute of flying time in a single charge, but what’s really prickish is how the video gets glitchy when you use a smartphone to control the drone.

To snip the story, Parrot Bebop 2 is a mid-range reasonable drone capable of the good-quality image and video captures. But still becomes expensive if you decide to own the FPV headset pack and enhance your experience. If you’re okay with forking out some extra money, this is the best drone for the money that you can consider.


Here are Some Pointers You Should Consider To Know What The is Best Drone for You



Everybody is talking about best drones 2018, but no one really gives a damn to dos and don’ts about flying them up in the air. We’ve done a separate section to give you a brush-up to all the things you must keep in mind while buying a drone. Since there are some legalities involved, we advise you to take note of all the important things we’re telling you in the points mentioned below. Better yet, take a copy of this section and keep it handy.  

  1. Get well-versed with the jargon. Because without having known them, you’re highly likely to make a messy choice for yourself. Learn what’s an RTF (Ready-to-Fly) drone, a BNF (Bind-to-Fly) drone and an ARF (Almost-Ready-to-Fly) drone. Read about the components you’ll be getting with the type of drone you choose. This is important to get the right drone for yourself.
  2. A smartphone with an old OS version might not be compatible to control a drone via remote access. This is why you need a savvy smartphone with the latest OS, finest processor and long battery life, making it an ideal drone controller.
  3. Manufacturers might try to push a drone straight to your room by claiming that it’s the easiest to fly, but believe us, it isn’t the case always. Every drone has its own USP. While some are designed to cruise at an eagle pace, others are more for the stability of fight and better leveling of the camera for Drones. Camera Drones with higher price tags might come with extra features, offer the great scope of service and not be as easy to fly as you’d expect. So, make your choice decisively.
  4. Flying a drone under challenging and poor conditions isn’t a good thing to do. It isn’t just about rains and storms, but also about flying it against the tailwind or during the night.
  5. It’s important to note that there are certain regulations of flying a drone as per the guidelines by The Federal Aviation Administration. For instance, you got to keep the drone 5 miles away from the airport. You can’t fly a drone over people without permission. You can’t take a drone to national parks, government facilities, and crime scenes. You need to keep all these important things in mind.
  6. Your drone must be registered and must pass the flying criteria by the FAA.  

These are the best drone cameras to buy in 2018. If you’ve your preferences and some thoughts you’d like us to get enlightened to, tell us in the comments section below.