10 Best Emoji Apps for Android & iPhone (Free Downloads 2021)

Shigetaka Kurita the guy behind using emoji would have been proud today when people are expressing more with emoji than ever before. With origins in Japan, Emojis were initially called as Emotion icons and now with the fast paced millennials we know them as Emojis.

In this article we help you know 10 of the best emoji apps on the play store which will help you level up your game when you converse with friends.

Expressing emotions was never so much fun!

1. Typhany Keyboard

Typany Keyboard

Do you like things customized as per your taste? Well typhany keyboard app is here to please you. Typhany keyboard lets you create you own custom emoji keyboard. Choose a picture, pick up a color and get rolling with your customized keyboard, Simple as that. You have a plethora of options to stand out from the rest.

The app also lets you share your custom made emojis so you could stun your friends. Here is a video to help you understand how to get going. With the advent of AI, typhany keyboard learns about you so with time you do less and get more.

Want freedom to use more languages? Typhany keyboard has got you covered and now supports more than 10+ languages including Hindi, french and Spanish.

Who is it for: Custom mannered & youthful people

Who’s behind it: Typhany Keyboard Team

Availability & Rating: Android and rated 4.5

2. Kika Emoji Keyboard

Kika Emoji Keyboard

Typing is fun with sliding feature as it saves time but what if we could experience the same speed while using emojis. Kika Emoji keyboard does exactly that. With 20 million users the app keeps improving with every new update. The app will also       

let you use kaomoji which is a emoji used by the japanese. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), ( ˘ ³˘)

Kika Emoji also lets you customize the layout of the app so that you can choose your favorite pictures and wallpapers. You can control the app with single hand like you do while typing, further boosting the speed of the app.

If you are someone who likes speed and a variety of typing effects like glide typing, gesture typing and voice input typing then you should use this app which is added with a bunch of cool exotic emojis.

Who is it for: People who love speed and modern emojis

Who’s behind it: Kika Keyboard Team

Availability & Rating:Android and rated 4.4

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3. Stickyme free selfie emoji

Stickyme free selfie emoji

Want to please your bae or a closed one with your emoji crafted out of your own face. Stickyme emoji app lets you create emojis by taking your selfie from the in-app camera. The app has been downloaded by 2.7 million users and was ranking No.1 in 7 countries.

How awesome is it for an app to transform your picture into a prince, student or any cute kawaii figure? Well the Stickyme app lets you create your own stickers. You just have to capture your photo and then add as many effects as you like to make the emoji stand out. You have the freedom to choose any out of 60 unique emoji faces.

Stickyme also has a unique collection of kawaii figures which are adorable japanese figures signifying cuteness. On the technology front the app uses photo animation technology of MotionPortrait so you get a very refined and high quality emoji.

Who is it for: People who love to make emojis of their face

Who’s behind it: MotionPortrait INC

Availability & Rating:: Android and rated 4.0

4. Swiftkey Emoji keyboard

Swiftkey Emoji keyboard

Everyone remembers how swiftkey revolutionized keyboards and now here is their second attempt to impress the world. Catching up with the pace swiftkey emoji keyboard app is a very intelligent emoji based app that lets you express more with an emoji by predicting what figure or symbol will be better instead of a pale text.

The app is very fast and is among the most accurate to understand the context of a situation. All thanks to the data, swiftkey has from their popular first app that has allowed the app to hone in understanding a particular context.

Swiftkey is also amongst the few apps that have built updates for the latest version of Android. With every new update the emojis are updated allowing you to slowly hone the art of saying what words generally do.

Who is it for: People who like fast and the most up to date emoji faces

Who’s behind it: Swiftkey

Availability & Rating:: Android(4.3) and iOS (4.5)

5. Emoji keyboard app

 Emoji keyboard app

How about an app that predicts your next word in a context, comes up with new emojis every week and also lets you choose a skin tone for your emojis? Wouldn’t you be delighted? Well Emoji keyboard does exactly that.

Emoji keyboard app lets you send emojis in lots of messaging apps and supports all the latest emojis like t-Rex, taco, nerd face and shrug emoji. You even get to use GIFs like cat GIF, reaction GIFs and emotion GIFs which make the conversation even more interesting.

In a completely new take the app also has a keyboard that plays sound every time you strike a key. Emoji keyboard will allow you to set a music keyboard with sounds of instruments like violin and guitar. To top it all, the app supports 60+ languages and is among the first to have have the bashkir language layout.

Who is it for: People who like using massive emojis and lots of customization in keyboard

Who’s behind it: Kika Keyboard tech

Availability & Rating:: Android and rated 4.4

6. Emoji coolsymbols keyboard

Emoji coolsymbols keyboard

Emoji coolsymbols keyboard app has a repository of over 3000+ emojis. Get spoiled with a ton of choices for different expressions and moments. You name any app inside your android phone, Emoji coolsymbols app will let you use the emojis whether it is your mailbox, SMS, or chat within a messaging app. The app works everywhere.

Emoji coolsymbols app is colorful and very smart in terms of predicting what you wish to express. The input is very quick and most importantly the app supports over 60 different languages making it easy and accessible for a lot of people.

The emojis will appear colorful only if you are using android version above 4.4 so do make sure to update your android else all your emojis will start appearing in black and white.

Who is it for: People who like simple colorful emojis and get to choose from a huge collection

Who’s behind it: [email protected]

Available for: Android(4.2)

7. Emojiary


Isn’t it great to use one single emoji instead of several words as it saves time and is very expressive. Emojiary is an app that lets you express yourself not to any friend or inside a messaging app but only to yourself. Surprised!, well It is basically like a personal diary where you can pen down all that strikes you.

Whatever mood you are in, there is always an emoji to express it and you can use them without any shame as it will all rest peacefully in your personal diary to be read only by you.

The app has an inbuilt bot which asks you question about your day to which you can answer by emojis. In the beginning the bot also teaches you different features of the app which make it a entirely new approach of using emojis.

Who is it for: People who are very expressive and like the fun of conversing via emojis

Who’s behind it: All tomorrows

Availability & Rating: iOS


8. Emojiyo


A word is a combination of letters, ever thought the same would go with emojis. Well Emojiyo is an app that allows you to use and save emojis in combo much like creating words. They let you express a phrase or a small sentence. You can save that combo further saving your time.

Emojiyo app lets you change the color of your keyboard, you can change as per your mood. It also lets you wrap your keyboard in a variety of themes like Camo, Bubble gum, Purp or cantaloupe. If you ever wanted a particular emoji you can search it by name.

Emojiyo is entirely focused on harnessing the potential of emojis which is why there are several emoji packs which you can download and use them via a drag and drop interface. It will work on almost all the apps where some input can be fed via a keyboard.

Who is it for: People who wish to maximise their use of emojis in a smartphone

Who’s behind it: Chappy

Availability & Rating: iOS and rated 4.5

9. Emoji Keyboard by Line

Emoji Keyboard by Line

Made by same developers who made the LINE app, Emoji keyboard by Line is an app entirely focused towards the use of emojis in messaging apps. Since the app runs on iOS platform, you will have to turn ON the option of “Allow full access”. It has a stock of over 3000 unique emojis and stickers.

The app has a very rich and unique collection of stickers so you could add some spice to the boring text based conversations. Most of the characters are based on the ones that were very frequent on the original Line app so if you were in past a Line user then you will by familiar with all those stickers.

There is an emoji to suit every situation and apps like these focus on more such emojis without compromising on the quality and perception of each and every emoji. It is like icing on cake for Line users.

Who is it for: People who already use Line or want wide variety in emojis

Who’s behind it: Line Corporation

Availability & Rating:: iOS and rated 4

10. Emojidom Emoticons

Emojidom Emoticons

Emojidoms emoticons is an app focused towards using emojis on facebook messenger, smileys on whatsapp and on many more apps like snapchat, kik and LINE. It holds a stock of 4000 unique emojis which you can use and explore. They were made specially so you can have fun while chatting.

Emojidom emoticons lets you to deck your keyboard with over 130 different themes. There is a new theme for every occasion like christmas, sports and some even based on celebrities. The best part is all the emojis on this app are unique and you won’t find them elsewhere.

Users are given free coin every hour which one can spend in buying different emoji pictures. If you require an app that produces their own emojis which are unique and in high definition quality then you need to download emojidom emoticons.   

Who is it for: People who love unique emojis and theme based keyboards.

Who’s behind it: PlantPurple

Availability & Rating:Android and rated 4.2

Extra Brownie for you!

At any moment when you feel bored by the usual emojis or are fed up constantly by changing your keyboard wallpaper then you can go this epic website called getemoji that lets you choose any emoji, which you can later copy and paste to be used inside any app.

We hope you have a great time expressing yourself via emojis instead of the boring text based conversation. Some may like the customized emojis, some like the traditional ones while some love the very modern emojis like T-Rex. It all boils down to which keyboard suits your taste of conversing via emojis. With the above options we have tried our best to cover 10 best emoji apps for android & iphone. We are sure with time you will hone the art of expressing yourself more with less work.   

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