Best ePub Readers for eReading Enthusiasts 2021

The bug of eReading has bitten an entire generation. We’re people who read online, flick pages by taps, not fingers and have a flush of portable devices to help us do the same. That being said, it’s definitely a good time to discuss apps you can download on your Windows devices to read ebooks.

These apps are perfectly equipped with everything it takes to run ebooks on Windows desktops, tablets and mobile phones. As reading needs leisure the most, these apps have a clear, tappable interface, allow highlighting and bookmarking, and sync ebooks across multiple devices for anytime access on any device you’re holding at that given moment.

Through this post, we’ve tried explaining the 6 best epub reader for Windows you need to have if you are an ardent reader. Let’s check them out.

1. Calibre

Calibre is perhaps the handiest way to keeping all your books, epubs and PDFs at one place. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. And, has an extra portable version for Windows PCs. This means, you can take Calibre and your book collections on a USB or any other removable device wherever you go and plug in on any PC. With support to RSS feeds, Calibre is your go-to platform for all important news around the world. You can read our favorite picks and stories without opening the browser at all. All in all, Calibre has a definite layout and is quite manageable.



  1. Calibre is neat with 4 sections – Booklist (where book title, author, size and user ratings can be seen), Sort Menu (where collections can be stored and browsed by various categories, such as authors, formats, publishers and more), the Detailed View (where you can find book cover, available formats, editorial review and comments) and a Search Bar (where you can enter words or phrases to quick-search your preference).
  2. All these menus can be resized (made larger or smaller) by a simple drag and drop.
  3. There is a world of customization inside. You can add/subtract columns, readjust them inside, remember and save searches, sort collections by multiple categories and a lot more.
  4. Format the ebook just the way you like – change fonts, highlight text and annotate.
  5. By right tapping on a specific title and clicking on ‘Similar Books’, you can search similar books by same author, in the same series and more.

Online Library: Booklist is where you can view your collections. You can search books in all of your favorite e-stores, like Amazon, Smashwords, Diesel Books and Sony. Simply add the title and it will give you different options from different book stores. Calibre can open Amazon AWZ files and restricts those with DRM protection (copyright content).

Calibre is the best epub reader if you’re a voracious reader of classic literature. There are plenty of free (and paid) ebooks available from several resources on Calibre, making it a reader’s paradise. It’s of major utility with easy interface and controls. But, if you’ve a Kindle collection, it is of no help.

Key Features: Cross-Platform Compatibility, Portable Version Available (Windows), RSS Feeds, Multilingual Support.

Compatibility: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

Price: Free

Download Calibre

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2. Icecream eBook Reader

Icecream eBook Reader is minimalistic and lightweight (only 14.2 MB), which means, it is too feathery to exhaust your device resources. It supports EPUB, FB2, Mobi, PDF, CBR and CBZ formats, making it an ideal ePub reader across all devices. Owing to its well-designed interface, Icecream eBook reader looks neat and streamlined. The customization options are great too. The only thing that bitters experience is the non-versatility of its free version. It’s disappointingly limited and many options are exclusive to its paid version only.

 Icecream eBook Reader


  1. Turn pages just the real way. Simply tap on the right side to move a page forward, and tap on the left to reach the previous one you were reading. Another way of navigating through the pages is to click anywhere on the text and use mouse scroll to move back and forth. Alternatively, you’ve arrow keys, along with ‘backward’ and ‘space’ option to turn the pages.
  2. To get the full-screen view, tap on the screen twice. You can also click F11 or type the panic button (on upper right corner of the screen) to read in full view.
  3. There is a navigation scrollbar at the bottom to fast-scroll the pages and track how far you’ve come.
  4. Click the ‘Back to Page” link at the left side of the toolbar or just add bookmarks to wherever you wish to return to.
  5. A lot of customization can be done. Fonts can be enlarged and reduced. You can also change the text layout and choose effect for your profile (Sepia, Day, Night)
  6. Options for adding notes (annotate), copying and highlighting text and editing metadata are also available.

Online Library: There is an online library where you can see all the books you’ve added to  your collection, including other information, such as author name, tracking process and file format. The bookshelf system is well-defined and easy to navigate. You can search by entering a word, a phrase or number of the page.

Icecream ebook reader is commendable with all the features it gets to the table. It’s one ebook manager that fits the bill, but only when you’re ready to do some money spilling. It’s free version actually fails to live to the expectations.

Key Features: Night Mode, Import/Export of the Library, Multilingual Interface, Book Mode (transform your device into a whole book), Translate Text.

Compatibility: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10

Price: Freemium version available. And, pro version for $19.95 (one-time fee)

Download Icecream Reader

3. Bookviser

Bookwiser is very simplistic with a clean interface. It supports formats, like EPUB, FB2 and TXT, making it the most comprehensive of them all. Animated page turning, both back and forth, is one highlight of this reader. As you turn the pages, you see pretty good animation effect that’s really endearing to look at.



  1. Tap on the screen to see the menus. You get the slide bar to quickly adjust to any page and navigate through the book easily.
  2. There is also an option to add bookmarks for quick access.
  3. At the bottom, you have icons to personalize the settings. You can select the font size and color of the reading material to your liking.
  4. The Contents tab takes you to the chapters the book has.

Online Library: Bookviser has a book library – Online Catalogs. Bookviser has no store of its own, but gets you recommendations from best-in-class ebook sources, like Feedbooks, Smashwords, All Romance and Project Gutenberg, to get more ebook options. Each of these sources are further categorized into free books, recommended, best releases and more. Just select the books you wish, either one by one or in a bunch, and click download to add to your library. Your download books will show up in My Bookshelf option.

Overall, Bookviser is pretty neat, just the way an average user would expect. It is highly customizable and available for free, which makes it a go-to option for readers who desire to read stellar literary work, but at no expense. However, sometimes Bookviser might go sluggish, resulting in a choppier experience.

Key Features: Multi-Color Highlighter, Text to Speech (Audio Books), Vintage Paper, Custom Textures, Genre-Based Themes, like Sci-Fi or Detective.

Compatibility: Windows 10 / 8 / 8.1

Price: Free

Download Bookviser

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4. Freda

Freda is a complete solution, a Windows Universal App, great for desktop PCs, Windows tablets as well as Windows phone. It is the most compatible epub reader for the reason that it supports various file formats, including EPUB (DRM-free), HTML, TXT and FB2. Its interface is one of its winning features that’s smooth for navigation.



  1. Two screens – Chooser (Bookshelf) and Reader. You select a book you wish to read on Chooser and then move to Reader screen.
  2. To turn the page back and forth, you just need to tap on the edge. Tap right to go ahead and vice versa.
  3. Options for adding bookmarks, annotations and highlighting text are available.
  4. Customized settings for fonts and layout.
  5. Auto-scroll and Speed-read capabilities that let you read text without moving your eyes. This means, the words will display on the screen in a consistent speed and you just have to rest your eyes at a point to read them.
  6. Import your collections with zero hassle. Connect Freda with Dropbox or Onedrive accounts to save your ebooks to Cloud and access them from multiple devices – anytime, anywhere.

Online Library: Freda has integration with some of the top-notch online catalogs, including Project Gutenberg, Smashwords, and Feedbooks, allowing you to discover thousands of ebooks. You click on the book to get a review and tap download option at the bottom. Freda is ads-based, but they will not pop-up to interrupt your reading experience. You will only see them on the bookshelf.

Looking at Freda, we can say that it’s basic, yet beautiful. It offers premium features free. And, goes on to prove why Amazon has some serious competition under its belly.

Key Features: Text to Speech (Audio Books), Dyslexic-friendly Settings (OpenDyslexic Font)

Compatibility: Windows 8 / 8.1

Price: Free

Download Freda

5. Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is one very decluttered epub reader with a few extras that make a strong case for it. It’s designed keeping utility in mind. These little extras we’ve talked about just better your experience while viewing, reading and organizing PDFs and ebooks. The best part is its portable edition that lets you take your PDFs and eBooks on a USB or any other removable device, which you can plug in on any PC and continue to reading. That being so, there is no stress about syncing your collection across devices.

While all readers go sluggish at some aspects, Sumatra PDF is impressively fast. It’s lightweight, comparatively faster and provides a fuss-free experience. Sumatra PDF supports many formats, including EPUB, DjVu, CHM, XPS, MOBI and CBR. Seems, the whole focus while designing Sumatra was maximized utility and rich user experience.

Sumatra PDF


  1. Customizable controls to adjust font size and page color. However, when it comes to advanced options, they are only editable when new values are entered in a document.
  2. No options to add or highlight the text. A drawback indeed!
  3. Open a book and you’ll see a toolbar with all necessary options – zoom in/out, search, skip pages and print.
  4. An option to send files or add attachments to the mails/messages without leaving the program.

Sumatra passes the muster if you’re looking for a lighter and faster epub reader that’s packed with all the convenience you need. It comes with no riders and provides the best of features, the essential ones you need, at no cost whatsoever.

Key Features: Lightweight and Fast, Multilingual Support.

Compatibility: Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 (Portable Version Available)

Price: Free

Download Sumatra

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6. Kindle for PC

We’ve kept the best for the last. Kindle is Amazon’s hugely popular epub reader for Windows. It’s clean, brisk and no-frills software for those who are passionate readers. Amazon has prioritised utility and took no shortcuts in creating a reading app that appeals to far and wide. The interface is very minimalistic with no unnecessary menus and tap buttons to populate the view. If you’ve an Amazon account, there is no setup required to install Kindle for PC.

Kindle for PC


  1. Customizable, one-tap controls for changing font and color schemes (white, black and sepia).
  2. Notes (Annotations) and Bookmarks created on one device are automatically synced with all other devices, and are called Flashcards.
  3. Kindle has a default dictionary tool – New Oxford American Dictionary. But, there are 13 other dictionary tools inside the menus for serving to other language-specific needs.
  4. Kindle app for PC bucks the trend by not barging the store links straight to your face. You get the ebook recommendation in rather a modest way.
  5. A great layout with menu bar, side bar and help resources.

Online Library: Kindle for PC has its own storefront with ebooks galore. The app gives you access to a staggering count of over 670,000 books. You can find ebooks by word or phrase search. Whatever picks you make are added straight to the shopping cart given at the top right of the screen. And, once you’re done reading the book, you will receive similar suggestions.

Key Features: Text to Speech, 100MB of Disk Space Available, Dyslexic Fonts Available, Cross-Platform Integration, Improved reading experience for Manga (Japanese comics)

Compatibility: Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Price: Free Trial Available.

Download Kindle for PC

Have you picked up your tablet already? Great! Download the best ePub reader for Windows from the list and experience reading like never. For feedback and queries, reach out to us in the comments section below.

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