7 Best Evernote Alternatives For Better Productivity [2022]

Everything becomes super easy when things are organized. It pumps your productivity and help plan things very much in advance. Evernote is an app that plays the role of a note making app where you type down everything that you feel is worthy. You can term it as an extension of your brain. Whatever idea hits your head, you can freely just hop in the app and store all of it there.

It is like your safe vault so you never forget anything with myriad thoughts hitting your head every minute. With all good things, even evernote has many flaws, in this article we look forward to some of the alternatives that will give you more options and also a lot more freedom when doing stuff.

Few reasons as to why you may want to switch:

  • People who use Ubuntu can’t access Evernote as it is released only for windows and Mac platforms as of now.
  • The application may have way more features than what you may actually need.  
  • If you regularly deal with apps or content which is very heavy, then you should look for alternatives to evernote.
  • There should always be a healthy competition in the market.

Here we discuss some of the best evernote alternatives:

1. Simplenote


If there is anything the simplenote is known for, it’s speed and efficiency of the app. Just open the app and start storing all the worthy ideas into the app. The app works super fast making everything very efficient. It does its work very eloquently. They have kept the whole interface very smooth and easy to use.

The app syncs across multiple devices so you can begin where you had left. It runs on a variety of platforms. The best part is the user experience of simplenote is very clean and helps you declutter better. Just visit the official website of simplenote and download the version as suited for your device.

Price: Free

Availability: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

2. Thinkery


Their tagline is: Get your brain together. It does full justice to the title. Thinkery is for those who love spending and working hard on making their ideas happen. It will handle content and tasks which are heavy. It is all about replicating thoughts in an app that can help you working on them.

There are many other features of the thinkery app such as whenever you bookmark a page or a link, thinkery will sync it with all other devices where you shall open that app.

For people who wish to draft long piece of content or do heavy work, they can use the web version of this app, it will all be synced so you won’t have any problem. Go for it if you require an app to jot down ideas at frequent intervals.

Price: Free

Availability: Web, Android, iOS

3. Google Keep

Google Keep

Google keep is Google’s very own declutter app. Everything that google makes has a certain unique touch to it. Since it’s a google product which means the app syncs with every other device you use. There is a lot of flexibility in the app. It has an elegant user interface based on blocks. You open anything and the app adapts itself as a reminder, to-do list or a simple recipe page.

You have options to add bullets too. To make things even more simple, you get the freedom to add colors to the blocks such that it is easier for you to understand and label the blocks as per their purpose. It is a must have app if you love simplicity and the block based interface.

Price: Free

Availability: Android and chrome

4. Microsoft Onenote

Microsoft Onenote

The onenote is a microsoft product that aims to keep all your notes,links and important documents at one place. You can add tons of things to the onenote app like web clippings and even convert your mails to the app, add picture, add links and lots more. For the people who love taking notes for work or recipe, they can even add the bullets in the app which will be synced everywhere the app opens.

The best part is that the app supports 3rd party apps such as Chegg &  Zapier. The app itself is free and if you are someone who uses the microsoft services very often, Onenote will be your new favorite evernote alternative.

Price: Free

Availability: Windows, Mac Devices

5. Turtl


Turtl is one such note taking app that has given special attention to the security of the app, right from when you sign up to the time you open the app, the app will always ask you for the password. With the web and internet penetration happening at an accelerating pace, the threat to cyber security is also increasing. That being said, every app should take care of the security settings, so even if the phone goes in wrong hands, your information is secure.

It uses a cryptographic key for authenticity. With such high level security, you are free to stuff the app with the most personal information of yours. It could be anything, your bank details, passwords, or your own hidden talent bits like poems and what not. The app will be your safe vault.

Price: Free

Availability : Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

6. Tagspaces Lite

Tagspaces Lite

Instead of being an ideal alternative, tagspace is an app that compliments what Evernote already does. It lets you organize all your stuff, so the next time you open the app, it gets very easy for your to search those folders and files that have some or the other information important to you. It is an app that declutters the trash and only lets you know the most relevant information.

The app has a great file and directory management, there is also an integrated pdf viewer allowing you to immediately open any pdf file. There are many things integrated in the app like MHTML, MHT, MD and integrated viewer. All of these make it a very interesting evernote alternative.

Price: Free

Availability: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS

7. Yojimbo


Yojimbo is an app exclusive for Mac and iOS devices. It is an app that can store almost anything. You name it and the app will store it for you. It syncs across multiple devices at a time so you can begin where you had left it. The variety of data which can be stored varies from password, web bookmarks, product serial numbers, PDFs and web archives.

The app is updated very frequently so you won’t have much problem with bug fixes as all of it will be taken care of with every new update. One of the USPs of yojimbo is the tab based structure that allows you to select any particular category to sort things out. It is a must try if you are a MAC user.

Price : $2.99

Availability: MAC & iOS devices


A human brain is a very powerful device, but we get billions of thoughts every day, it is not easy for us to keep a track of the important thoughts and ideas. Gone are the days when we would pen down everything in a diary, with technology everything has to become easy.

Evernote is a great app to sort things out and plan everything at one place. It compliments your mind for the way it is. But there are few shortcomings that have given opportunity to other apps which we have talked about here. We hope you get elucidated by the 7 top-rated Evernote alternatives which are sure to ease the process of decluttering your mind. Most of these are open-source!