10 Best Flight Simulator Games to Explore the Skies in 2021

Simulation games are dime a dozen on the internet, so you’d think there’d be a lot of good options when it comes to flight sim games. You also try to find what is the best flight simulator, Turns out good ones are hard to come across, and you certainly don’t want to be left trying ten games to find one good one. Don’t worry, we tested a bunch of them for you. Here are the top flight simulation games.

How we chose the best:

Choosing best Simulation games is always fairly straightforward. You pick games that fare well in fields like animation, storyline/gameplay, and games that are most recommended among fans of the genre, and then you compare them. However, we faced a few problems here since not all flight sims are available for all devices. So we decided to break up this list into PC sims, Android sims, and iOS simulators. We evaluated games that fit in multiple categories in all of them, so you can be certain no competition was left out. Here’s the only list you need to consult to choose a Great Flight Simulator Games for yourself.

Top Flight Simulators for PC Reviews 2021

1. Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Most Realistic Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Type: Single Player / Multiplayer

Microsoft Flight Simulator X came out in 2006, so it’s been over a decade for which this multiplayer game has ruled the charts when it comes to best flight sim games for PC. The game is a notch above its predecessor Microsoft Flight Simu 2004: A Century of Flight; there are great sceneries to explore flying a variety of aircraft. The roar of the engines is realistic (comparing by 2006 standards, it is almost phenomenal). The weather effects are realistic when played with a good graphics card. The game requires you to complete missions which then yield rewards such as better aircraft, interesting new features and more. The shortcoming? You need to manage your Windows Updates with this one; the game has a reputation of being sensitive to new versions and updates.

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2. X Plane Flight Simulator: Best For Windows 10

X-Plane 11

Type: Single Player / Multiplayer

X-Plane 11 stands out in its attention to detail. The smallest features of the plane’s controls have been rendered beautifully and believably. The physical realism is just perfect. The sounds and graphics all take things to a new level. XPlane 11 is a relatively recent entry to the scene, but this newness comes off as freshness in a genre of PC gaming that is dominated by a game from over a decade ago. The graphics and effects are a thing of beauty. The on-board instruments have been rendered in the most amazing detail, as have airports and sceneries.

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3. Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator: Best Plane Simulator Games

Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator

Type: Single Player only

Another very recent entry to the scene is Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulating. Given the breathtaking physical realism and the cityscapes you can explore, it deserves to be among the top options for PC Flight Simulator 2021 games. The planes are amazing, the controls and toggles are very realistic, and the game is approachable for beginners too. Those with a keen eye will observe just how realistically different planes have been configured in the game, how they react to air resistance at different speeds and how easy it is to maneuver them. The menu allows a lot of customisation too, though you certainly feel the presentation in the menus is a bit lacking versus a lot of other great options we’ve listed.

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4. Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

Falcon 4.0: Allied Force

Type: Single Player

If you’re looking for an experience that is more militarily imagined, Falcon 4.0: Allied Force is a great option for PC and Mac users. Despite being a game from 2005, it has graphics and gameplay that are breathtaking and exciting. You don’t need a lot of big features to fill up the screen when you’re playing a game that’s as fast-paced as Falcon 4.0. The control board is almost the same as a standard military aircraft. The dogfights are pretty intense and thrilling. There is really no shortcoming to this game, which is why we’re certain this is an flight simulator game for PC and Mac users.

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5. Flight Simulator Game to watch out for in 2021: Flight Sim World (Yet to be launched)

 Flight Sim World

Type: Single Player / Multiplayer

Flight Sim World is expected to come out big and more refined by mid-2021. The best flight games are available on a few platforms as part of Early Access. People weren’t big fans of how the game came out, but things have certainly bettered, with better optimisation, refined scenery and aircraft development picking up the pace. If things keep going at this pace, you can surely expect Flight Sim World to overtake present computer flight simulator giants. It might fare inferior to other games at present, but having tracked the game’s progress and observing its zeal for refinement, I have no doubt that the game will soon be the most sought-after option in the foreseeable future.

Watch trailer here

6. Airplane Simulator 2021: Top Android Flight Simulator

Airplane Simulator 2018

If you’re looking Flight simulator game for Android, Airplane Simulator 2021 is our top pick. The game is posed less as an arcade-like RPG and more as a real-life simulator where you must listen closely to Air Traffic Control, maneuver your aircraft properly, and manage take-offs, flying, and landings in a myriad of situations and mission conditions. The graphics are poor at higher heights where you inevitably end up in your first few tries of the game. The advantage of an Android device is, of course, the gyrometer and other sensors which make your phone almost into a flight steer. Different planes also change sensitivities and responses, giving a nice, believable physical realism.

Download Here

7. Fly Plane 3D:

Flight Simulator: Fly Plane 3D

The controls and animation are a little tacky in Flight Simulation: Fly Plane 3D. Don’t expect your phone screen to an Avatar-like 3D realism in animation; it’s more like the Jurassic Park cartoons, quite honestly. That said, don’t let these Road-Rash kinds of graphics dissuade you if you’re looking for a free flight gear that captures the essence of the aircraft; its sound, its responsiveness and more. The throttle and the steering are better displayed than a lot of PC based free flight simulator games, which is quite something. The map and the radar are good as well, though they come underdressed.

Download Here

8. US Army Transport Plane: Heavy Duty Transport

US Army Transport Plane: Heavy Duty Transport:

US Army Transport Plane: Heavy Duty Transport is one of the great flight sim games for pc free download, though it is more concerned with big airplanes that are usually used by the army to transport soldiers and materials, with an equal involvement of road-based simulations like truck driving and more. The animation is a bit rough around the edges, but that’s all you can expect from a game this tiny in size.Also, you can be sure the missions you undertake are challenging; the flight game for pc does truly live up to the association the name puts with the US Army. A little bit of refinement in the animation is all this game needs to be the unchallengeable boss of the arena. You can said this 

Download Here

iOS Flight Simulators 2021

9. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

Sky Gamblers Rise of Glory is an excellent amalgamation of the flight sim genre and the regular arcade fun that makes anyone born in the 80s and 90s nostalgic. There are intense aerial fights complete with bullets and bombs. The planes are all WWI style too, for a neat bit of personality in the game. Aside from all that, the shooting, the speed dial, and the altitude dial are all well arranged, and yes, designed like a dial on a WWI plane. The animation is beautiful and the action carries a lot of thrill. And for a change, the game developers didn’t make crazy storylines to fit missions into something of a plot. Things are realistic, you can make your own mission or just play the 100 preloaded missions. Also, I highly recommend checking out the Ilya Bomber because of how fun it is.

Download Here

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10. X-Plane 10: Best Combat Flight Simulator

X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator

If you’re a cockpit fan, X-Plane 10 is a combat flight simulator that won’t disappoint you. If you cannot do without good graphics, X-Plane 10 is great. Along with all of that, X-Plane’s tutorials are objectively better than its competitors. Playing the game, one is certainly impressed by the sceneries and the animation the game carries, and the 24 challenges are certainly addictive. The combat missions are fast paced, and the emergency missions are harder than you expect them to be. The down sides? You need to purchase advanced aircraft using real money. The scenery regions are fewer too, restricted to Oahu, Grand Canyon, Seattle, Alaska, and Austria. There are many other flying games that offer many more regions to explore in simulations. Nevertheless, it’s a great game to play to kill time as well as have a realistic idea of cockpits and aircrafts. While the X Plane 11 fares well for PC games, X Plane 10 is the flight simulator for Mac.

An important parting note:

It is important to remember that not all games are meant to train or practice flying aircrafts. Most apps and games in the genre are meant for entertainment. Nothing beats a flight school if you’re looking to learn how to fly an aircraft in real time since they’re better equipped to teach you how to react to different situations both in terms of material resources as well as expert human trainers. Nevertheless, almost all these flying simulator games can be convenient ways to familiarise oneself with the broad basics, and they’re certainly entertaining. Give them a try and tell us what you think the best Flight Simulator games 2021 is.

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