Best Free Photo Editing Software in 2019

Clearly, the app we visit the most on our desktops and smartphones is the photo editor app. That’s how we give a new dimension to our pictures and organize them better. And, if you’re more on the professional side, your schedule runs a drum – click-edit-save-repeat.

We all care about how good our photos are. This is why, we are always on a lookout for a good photo editing software. And, if we get one for free, there’s no better icing on the cake.

Whether you’re looking for a decent photo editor for your smartphone that helps make your Instagram game better, or a perfect Photoshop-like editor to get the pro jobs done, this list has a good deal for you. We have picked up 6 best free photo editing software in 2019 that will exact your requirements and make your pictures really gorgeous to be the real eye-magnets. These photo editors are ideal fits for professionals and beginners alike.

Without further ado, let’s dive in straight!


Photo Editors for Desktop


GIMP (the GNU Image Manipulation Program)



No editor rivals Photoshop like that of GIMP when it comes to its photo editing properties. If you’re coming from Photoshop, you will find GIMP very similar to it. More so, when you’re working on single-window mode that adjusts the set of toolbars and the overall layout in the Adobe signature style. Switching to two-window displays will open a neat workstation look with an amazing toolkit nicely placed to try out various effects.

From basic to advanced, you’ll find a complete range of tune-up tools to do your kind of creative thing with the pictures. On top of it, GIMP is an open source (read free) tool, which is constantly developed and made better, bug-free by a battery of developers. So, it’s as capable as Photoshop, packed with all the punch you need, but requires no coughing up of money.

The toolkit is ever-expanding and functionally rich. Besides basics options for crop, resize and adjust, there are kinds of layers, masks and gradients to add depth in pictures. There are a number of enhancement tools and support for a plenty of plugins, including the Photoshop ones as well, to boost its capabilities.

Download here

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PhotoScape is the nicest of all photo editing software with simplicity being its most saleable feature. It is exceptionally versatile and fun-filled, to say the least. There is a complete array of crop, resize, color adjustment and other enhancement tools, which are efficient in helping you out with your usual tasks. Batch edit is another plus, using which, you can edit multiple photos in a go. Not just this, PhotoScape outgrows its counterparts when it comes to handle multiple photos with a difference. While the Page feature lets you merge photos on a single page frame, the Combine option allows you to attach photos vertically or horizontally to create one picture.

Using PhotoScape, you can create animated GIFs by combining multiple images. This is also useful in printing portrait shots, capturing screenshot and converting RAW to JPG. By its merits, PhotoScape clearly holds its own and tries to attempt something refreshing out of Photoshop’s configurations.  

Download here


Photo Editors for Web

Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint

The breezier version of Photoshop, Sumo Paint offers you a superb set of image edits, accessible on the browser itself. This means, you aren’t required to download it on your device. You can save images from your hard drive or save them to the cloud. Easy. Also, you can keep track of all the images you’re saving to the cloud.

Sumo Paint has a smarter interface with over 50 different editing filters and effects. The whole array of tools, including masks, brushes, gradients among many, are arranged in a consistent way. Collage maker and custom overlays are other fun chops to tweak your picture out in an unique way. So, as a first timer, you’ll be navigating it like you’re navigating it for years.

Also, it’s very lightweight. That being so, if your device isn’t packed with enough RAM, Sumo Paint is the most probable choice you see.

Download here




PicMonkey is another exceptional photo editor available for free that lets you pamper your pictures with loads of styling and effects. The primary wing of tune-up tools are simple as that of other editors, inclusive of resize, crop, correction and kinds of enhancements to make your pictures appealing than normal. Also, you get to lay your hands on a variety of templates, fonts, overlays and storage space without any exchange of money.

With PicMonkey, you also get meme fonts to create the most viral stuff on the internet today. And, social sharing tabs are also available to share your masterpieces to the world around.


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Photo Editors for Mobile


Pixlr Editor

With effects and features that are near replicas to that of Photoshop, Pixlr is a sure thing for your smartphone. It is available as an app for both iOS and Android platforms. Pixlr is impressive to its every bit, enabling you to unleash your creativity with over 2 million combinations of overlays, filters and effects. Pixlr’s mobile applications are lacking in no means. However, layer composition is its most distinguished feature. This means, you can add, edit and organize multiple layers of content simultaneously to create a single frame.

Pixlr is huge in terms of effects and filters. You can choose several beautifying elements (those removing flaws like blemishes and red-eyes), styling picks (masks, gradients, filters, poster look, fonts , borders and more) and enhancements (resize, crop and correction) to make your pictures shine out of the heap. You can also share your creations on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Also, there is a weekly photo competition for you to keep your excitement rolling.

Download iOS, Android


Photo Editor by Aviary

Aviary Photo Editor

Photo Editor by Aviary has a lot of positive word of mouth in the market, for being a robust photo editor of a kind. It’s fast, feature-rich and provides for sophisticated editing. Aviary editor has a suite of quick-fix tools, along with the advanced ones, to spruce up your pictures. It has support for layer-based composition and lets you save the images to the cloud. A selection of tools for cropping, resizing, sharpening, blurring and rotating, lets you tweak the minor fractions of the pictures. You get a number of effects and filters to beautify the images with fun stickers and memes tools in addition.

The best part about Aviary is that it never goes stagnant. It keeps evolving and getting better all the time.

Download iOS, Android

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Photographs are what our social identity hugely relies on these days. They are one of the most acknowledged forms of determining who and what a person is. Make sure they look good on people’s timelines and feeds. With over 300 million and 95 million photographs shared per day on Facebook and Instagram respectively, you need a truckload of pictures to earn yourself a reputation. And, a photo editor as well to make them look stunning.

These are the best free photo editing software that are making huge ripples in the industry. And, are a must-try. Use these editors if you don’t like the original versions of the images or need them to look more elaborate than ever. Since the options mentioned above are free, budget isn’t a fuss. You can quickly download them and get started. If you’ve tried any other free image editing software other than what we’ve mentioned above, feel free to share the insights with us. For any feedback or suggestions, go to the comments section below and reach us.