10 Best Free Steam Games for Hours of Addictive Experience!

Being broke is no reason at all to hold yourself back from playing your favorite games and breaking into that virtual arcade. We’ve curated this list of best Steam games in 2019 to salvage your gaming spirit and make you sit at the greatest haven of online free gaming. This list includes the top-scaling free steam games for PC, Mac, PlayStation and Xbox One that help you achieve a gratifying experience without spending a penny.

Since we would hate you spending your hard-earned money into the tyranny of exorbitantly expensive gaming, this list of the best free steam games will go a long way securing a fab experience and lots of moolahs in your pockets.

Much excited? Continue to read which games on Steam in 2019 that are worth your time.


1. Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution

  • Breakthrough Momentum Gaming
  • Responsive Controls
  • Good-Looking Visuals
  • Extreme Customization

If there’s any game sticking out of the hyper-competitive FPS genre, it’s Blacklight: Retribution. Being one eclectic mix of class, ranging from gunplay, arsenal and environments, this game is incredibly built for gratifying experience, through and through. You get mechanized hardsuits, beautiful, open-to-customization guns, and unmatched shooter thrills in the gaming modes. The best part? As you tote your weapon, pans, rotates and shoots, you’ll find movement glitches next to no. You get rewarded with seamless transitions and switches via highly responsive controls. So, if it’s anything but standard shooting experience to go by, Blacklight: Retribution takes the cake.

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4

Free Download


2. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

  • Relatively Old, But Relevant in the Competition
  • Interesting Playable Characters
  • Amazing, Versatile Weaponry  

Team Fortress 2 has entered the elite class, for being the oldest and classiest game ever. It’s the earliest first-person shooting game, and has managed to keep itself relevant by introducing constant upgrades, right through its seventh year. And indeed, it’s doing unexpectedly well. The two teams (red & blue) are locked up in a gun battle, where the missions are – stealing briefcases and collecting points. There are 9 playable characters – the speedy scout, the diligent engineer, the pesky sniper and so on – engaged in an interplay, taking fun to a whole new level. Each character has distinguished style of launching offense and defence, which is very interesting to say the least.

Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux

Free Download


3. Eve Online

Eve Online

  • Space Sandbox Gaming Pegged to Perfection
  • Dazzling Space Ambience and Its Exhilarating Vastness
    Complex, Chaotic Combats
  • Rewarding, but Punishing As Well

First, let’s hear it for having a full free downloadable version of the biggest MMO of our times, Eve Online. *Claps*. Eve Online is one monster of a game, immersive and huge, capable of giving you a goose bumpy experience with its scintillating space ambience, robust and beautiful spaceships and lofty missions to accomplish. You aren’t a savior, fighter or a warrior here. You’re either a provider (supplying essentials to your teammates to survive the space quagmire, or the Chief, who’s hatched out a sabotage against the opposition in the player-controlled universe. It’s nothing like ordinary. You’re introduced to the ever-evolving universe, where combats are messy and put you to a grind. There is a whole band of player tools to customize your spatial corner, which is really interesting to explore. The reward points are huge, but you really can’t escape the penalties for a wrong, uncoordinated move.

Platforms: PC, Xbox One

Free Download


4. Fractured Space

Fractured Space

  • MOBA-based 5v5 gameplay
  • Sci-fi Battles For Cut-Through Experience
  • Laudable Range of Warships; 40 at Present

Space; check, war; check, airships; check, a dozen of mind-boggling adrenaline rushing elements; double check! As the name itself suggests, Fractured Space is the MOBA-style, sci-fi warship gaming zone where you will be tested on the basis of your presence of mind, wit and basic common sense. If you channelize them better, you can save your team against the savage attacks of the opposition and inflict cuts and blows through state-of-the-art warships. A team-based space combat, Fractured Space is all about outmaneuvering your opponents and capturing territories to claim the ultimate victory.

Platforms: PC

Free Download


5. Warface: Blackout


  • Exciting FPS Gunplay
  • Four Classes to Customize – Weapons, Gear, Attachments and Skills
  • Requires Teamwork in Battlefield
  • Rentals for Testing Armour and Gears

Set along the battalion line, Warface Blackout is conceptualized based on the war, team spirit and leadership. Though the entire outlook of the game might create the ‘Been There, Done That’ vibe in you, yet it doesn’t negate the fact that you need to be on your toes and quick-think on your feet if you want to survive the war. Take down the bad guys, save the hostages and you are the hero of the day. Think that it’s pretty easy? Think twice. The gameplay is laced with complexities, which add advantage to the group of opponents and gun your butt down if you aren’t ready and not really playing in perfect coordination of your team. Engaging in Warface gives you major feels about what really goes down in an undercover operation and embrace the euphoria that follows your victory.

Platform: Linux, PC

Free Download


6. Star Conflict

Star Conflict

  • Absorbing Star-and-Space Gameplay
  • 4 Modes – PvP, Sector Conquest, Open Space and Missions
  • A Variety of Ship Designs and More to Earn for Absolutely Nothing.

Yet another space adventure, Star Conflict is created to engage the player in high-speed and rumbling chase that’s basically marked by taking down the opponents amidst the vastness of the space. A co-op PvE mode, where players fight against enemy NPCs and bosses, the missions involve teams of 4 players. Each mission provides combats at several stages, and each stage may have its own unique conditions. Pilots can customize battles. They can choose NPCs or other players, invited by the host, to fight against. Battles with custom settings are mostly used for training, holding tournaments or other events.

Platforms: PC, Linux

Free Download


7. Smite


  • A Refreshing Change in the Bullet-Laced Genre.
  • Exceptional Variety of Match of the Day Modes
  • Innovative, Robust FPS Gameplay
  • Finished Maps, Great Characters

So, you thought that mythology is a bit far-fetched for your too realistic demeanor? Well, think again! Smite revamps the old ideas with its new age designs, making it a fresh and exhilarating experience. With the back-facing camera, the game gives you an overall view of the entire proceedings, making it more engaging and insightful. And, with an array of Greek gods and goddesses to choose from, the game walks away from the well-beaten path. Smite makes it real hard for gamers to give up on their missions, since it’s very simplistic and entertaining. Every attack is a well-timed shot, thanks for the excellent skill shot techniques. Save for a few leaks and the entire game is a worthy experience. Best, unleash the power within!

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac

Free Download


8. Gigantic


  • FPS and MOBAs Fusion Perfectly Wised-Up
  • Incredible Art Style, Powerful Roster of Characters
  • Brilliant Sound Effects

Coming along the huge wave of MOBA games, Gigantic is a special, free to play, hero shooter video game that has been built upon the team based concept. Here, teams of five unite along with a magical behemoth known as a Guardian with the ultimate goal to destroy the opposing team and their Guardian. There are 20 playable Heroes for players to choose from, all with a wide variety of abilities. With features like upgraded towers, creatures, and the hero skill set, the game, unlike its contemporaries allows the gamer to refine his/her decision-making skills. With the ability to summon monsters who can heal and attack command, the game provides its character with an entirely different skill set altogether. If you are looking for a mix of fantasy, smooth functionality and amazing character skill set, Gigantic is your game.

Platforms: PC

Free Download


9. Dota 2

Dota 2

  • Highly Competitive, Hair-Raising Battles
  • Beautifully Varied and Versatile
  • Hugely Rewarding

Recreating the success of the Defence of the Ancient, DOTA 2 is one of the most demanding and ruthless online gaming platforms you will ever come across. Thanks to the competitive online gaming community and hard initial hours, DOTA2 might be a bit of an intimidating experience for the first-timers. However, perseverance is the key, my friend where the uncompromising depth of the features and amazing street fight modeled maneuver the cast of almost 100 characters. With no single paid leveling up, the game is all fair in its aspects and believes in personal ranking that doesn’t display the players and make them vulnerable to poaching. The classic art and direction mechanism combined with the opportunity to participate in the tournaments puts the game in distinct

Platforms: PC

Free Download


10. Neverwinter Nights 2

Neverwinter Nights 2

  • Interesting RPG Combats Requiring Tactical Depth
  • Amazing Soundtracks and Lots of Voice Styles
  • Dull Environs, but Great Spell Effects
  • Incredible Longevity

Neverwinter Nights 2 is for the most robust and absorbing single-player gaming affair, that not only lives up to the lineage of its predecessor, touted as the best RPG ever, but also better its mechanics for the world of Dungeons & Dragons gaming. Neverwinter Nights 2 is pure gold. The story is captivating, so much so, that you wouldn’t mind glueing to it for around 50 hours to actually see what’s in the offing. The process of character selection requires a bit of time investment, since it’s very complicated to explore the entire options. Once through, you’re required to pick a race, subrace, appearance, gears and a voice for yourself. Unlike the predecessor, you don’t really begin in the city, but make your way to it. You can pick-up some side quests if you want, and once you’re in the city, you gradually come to terms with the challenges and recognize your stronghold.

You’re the protagonist (the character created by you in the initial levels), but you’re not on your own, as there is supporting characters to beef up your skills for the mission. With the liberty of adding three supporting characters, you’re well assured of improved skills and augmented abilities in the game. Even the multiplayer component is very enjoyable. A bit of a downside is its graphics, which look pale and insipid at times. Also, there are a certain characters that look really bad. Having said that, we’d like to complement the spell effects, which are satisfyingly shiny to look at.

Platforms: PC, Mac

Free Download

Here concludes our list of best free Steam games in 2019. These ‘free’ games are the cream of the crop editions, which you can play hours without any stress of losing your money over them. Download them now and fill your soul with the unconditional fun it desperately needs. If you’ve any query, suggestion or feedback to share with us, keep us posted below.

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