Best Games Like Roblox You Shouldn’t Really Miss

A curious gamer is always on the hunt for more. And, why not?

With so many games, offering the game plays that make you lose the track of time, more is better. In fact, the best!

Consider Roblox. It is a widely popular gaming site that powers imaginations to make virtual worlds and create adventures – all in an immersive, 3D backdrop!

It’s a great game, we concur with you. But, there’s a status the gamers go by, and that is – no game is forever!

So, we have figured out a list of best games like Roblox for gaming enthusiasts to experience the art of world building a new and punch boredom in the face.

1. Minecraft


If you feel the days of immersive gaming are behind, you’ve probably not dabbled into Minecraft and its highly engrossing gameplay. Rightly the best of the genre, Minecraft is all about mastering the nuances of build, survive and compete. You create worlds, to be definite: realms, using the unlimited resources available, and also experience the well-sublimated exploration and combat episodes, as your way to survival.

Minecraft is user-friendly and one of the best games like roblox, and ensures no trespassing on the realms. Only people you have invited can join your realm. The multiplayer gaming on Minecraft provides for up to 10 gamers, who can play simultaneously. On the contrary, there is no limit to friend invites, as you invite as many friends as you want.

It’s your world. You’re the boss. Let your imaginations run wild – create imperial-looking castles, massive cities and rummage through to find resources that help you live through the conditions and double the fun. Also, only the realm owners are required to pay. The friends can get in and explore the world for free.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows, macOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii U.

Official Website:

2. Block N Load

block n load

With Block N Load, the challenges are twofold – build, expand your world, and fight your enemies by launching an offensive. For the first challenge, you need to accumulate blocks to build structures and draw up a defence plan to resist the attacks soon to follow on your 3 base cubes. You also get to combine the usual blocks with the utility blocks, such as land mines, respawn pads and more, whose advantage will get unlocked only when the game enters the raid and blitz mode. So much adrenaline rush and excitement, this game deserved to be on the list of 10 best games like roblox.

You can create and recreate environments and maps, tailored to your needs. As a first-person shooter, you are pitted against the enemy faction of 5 members, and have to shoot down the opponents. Block N Load has various characters to choose from. The type of character you choose has a direct bearing on the grade and scale of skills and weaponry you’re provided with.

Availability: Windows

Official Website:

3. Terasology


Minecraft does have addictive qualities, but Terasology might have you the bad way. Thanks to its block-building adventure, which is typically Minecraft, yet refreshingly new, and of course, the gorgeous insides, all these things made it one of the best games like roblox or rather a good alternative to it.

Again, you build – block by block – and, dismantle what seems at odds or a competition, using a ray gun. If you have a heart for fantasy-infested gaming, try Terasology to create your own world for others to visit. Developments, which are all user-generated, are a constant thing here.

Availability: Windows

Official Website:

4. Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles is one killer for the Roblox, taking you on the incredible journey of building a 3D realm – one cube at a time! If we are to simplify this, Cubic Castles lets you create a world, but What kind of – is something that it leaves to your imagination. But, nothing comes in smooth fashion! Obstacles aplenty make it a tough nut to crack but if you are really looking for the best games like roblox then it’s worth trying. The real beauty of the game lies in its parental controls, making it easier for you to pick and drop materials.

Besides this, you can select how you will look like by wading through a number of customization options. Entering the top-notch aesthetics of the game, you can interact with other players, gather resources while visiting other realms, and create scores of structures to any number.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS

Official Website:

5. Growtopia


It would take a grain of your brain to understand what Growtopia focuses on – Grow and Utopia – pretty much to say that the game rivets around creating and growing your world. How? By building, collaborating, trading, and exploring within its ecosystem.

With Growtopia, there are no limits on your builds. Sculpt as much as you can, right from houses, mazes to dungeons. And, with over 13 million player count, you are no short of possible collaborations. Communicate with fellow players using full-fledged messaging and chat system for either taking up the building tasks together, or laying down traps to turn others’ sculptures into rubble. However, be watchful of any steal attempt to keep you strong in the game.

Availability: Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS

Let’s move on to the No.6 on the list of best games like roblox !!!

6. Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades

Ace of Spades is the quintessential build-and-break action, fusing the art of world building with the role-playing shooting gameplay. Construct attractive worlds by tapping into your creative freedom, and conceive strategies to beat and break the neck of your opposition.

What offers the heart-in-mouth sense of combat is the Multiplayer Map Action – join hands with over 23 friends and power up your pace to conquer the battlefield. Plus, there are over 400 prefabricated structures and a bevy of custom tools to create pitch-perfect multiplayer gaming maps and embark on ultimate quests to build and protect your kingdom.

You can choose to become one of the many character options provided by the game – be it the Commander, Rocketeer, Miner or Marksman. There are also a plenty of match modes, along with a number of adjustable options, to get you the creative and collaborative approach well-tailored to your liking.

Availability: Windows, Mac OS X

Steam Download Link:

7. The Blockheads

The Blockheads

When it comes to the Blockheads, the game is never a crashing bore. Stepping into its ecosystem, you will get viable feels of playing a game that’s constantly on the upgrade. Why? Because of the incremental changes. The game is best to play on the pint-sized iPhone screens, as you ought to get better hold of parental controls and a slick interface to surf through.

You will develop a fondness for the game, owing to its bouquet of features, including the surprisingly random worlds, biome variety, weather system, plants, boats and the list is simply endless for your expectations.

Spot and grab the ‘Blockheads’, as they have this stunning capacity to create and destroy blocks, and procure materials to raise impressive structures. Once you progress to high levels, you can add additional blockheads to do a myriad stuffs, such as asking them to guard your world, explore the new and much more. There’s no good reason to skip this game if you love to experience the stellar sights of mountains, oceans, deserts and caves under various weathery spells. Gorgeous! It deserved to be the one of the best games like roblox

Availability: iOS, Android.

8. Castle Miner

Castle Miner

For those with a quirky sense of creativity, Castle Miner has a lot to offer. Considered as a game with the choicest of features, Castle Miner doesn’t aim at drifting apart from the original premise of world building gaming, but giving you a quirkier way to do what’s supposed to be done. With Castle Miner, you can create worlds of multiple kinds, be it icy, wilds, lagoonal or coastal. Once through, you’re good to go, dig the complicated set-up of underground caves to find the blocks, 200 in types, and create a civilization of your own.

What’s more? The game has teleportation abilities as well to assist you in navigating your own world with absolute ease. With an interface that’s minimalistic, this is a game for simpletons with strong adventure passion. As well, the game provides for multiplay on any of your chosen realm or map.

Castle Miner has no survival quests. It is merely a game to build and flaunt your worldly art. However, if you’re looking out for some action, its sequel, Castle Miner Z, should be your choice.

Availability: Xbox 360

Official Website:

Now!! Moving on to the No. 9 on the list of best games like roblox

9. Trove


Trove is the most comprehensive of its kind, a well-built MMO game, where you need to select the form of your attack, and your catch of abilities. Once through, you need to select a class well-suited to your playstyle, as per which, the right kind of melee fighters and ranged combatants will be allotted to you to lift your attack.

Trove circles around the idea of building a home called the ‘Cornerstone’, but only after surviving the multiple quests and loot attempts presented on the way. This homeland is exclusive to the owner, with no other player in the system having the access to enter it.

Trove is synonymous with full-throttle loot events, offering multiple slots and levels to design the loot and collect the rewards. The game is all about edgy action that keeps you hooked. Best choice for anyone looking for the games like Roblox !!!

Availability: Windows, MacOS.

Official Website:

10. Deepworld


A game that expects you to build structures, along with other players, amidst a plenty of obstacles that make the ride bumpy. You get different resources and items to create impressive structures, and if you successfully scale to the advanced levels of the game, you get to see the highly imaginative pieces of technology, which can be used to create cool machines with great quirks.

Deepworld fosters a collaborative sense of building in a persistent world by making you run into other players from time to time and discover the undiscoverable. What’s admirable is Deepworld’s cross-platform accessibility that enables you to use the game, irrespective of the platform you’re using. So, you adventure gaming goes interrupted, even if you have a device change.

You need to create an email account, as Deepworld is played online. Adding on, you can build your character around various role-playing characters if you win skills. These spur your character to achieve the objectives and complete the allotted missions. Not a very good one but yeah!! Good enough to be one of the best games like Roblox.

Availability: Windows, iOS

Official Website:

How are you still here? Have these games now if Roblox gives you the burnout and experience the best of gaming. Of course, if you know any other game as amazing as the ones we’ve mentioned above, let us know. And, we will include it in the list.