8 Best Gaming Mouse that You Can Buy in 2018

A big part of gaming is the equipment you use, and gaming mice are perhaps the one piece of equipment with the most advantages that can help you score higher, control the player better and effectively multitask. Whether you want to play MMOs, a simple arcade RPG or test your mind at Mahjong puzzles, all that can come in handy. And so here is a detailed post on the best gaming mouse the market has to offer, with the 411 on each. Let’s begin!


Now, Here the list of the best 8 Gaming Mice…

SteelSeries Sensei 310
92.1 g812,000TrueMove3Buy Now
Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum107 g1112000Pixart PMW3366Buy Now
Razer Ouroboros181 g1182004G LaserBuy Now
Razer DeathAdder Elite96 g716000New esports-gradeBuy Now
Corsair Glaive RGB381 g816000OpticalBuy Now
Corsair M65 Pro RGB168 g812000Pixart PMW3360Buy Now
Asus ROG Spatha175 g128200LaserBuy Now
Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum122 g1112000Pixart PMW3366Buy Now

1. SteelSeries Sensei 310: Best Lightweight Gaming Mouse
SteelSeries Sensei 310

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Pros: Suitable for both left handed and right handed people, light and easy to carry due to small size
Cons: The side buttons could have been placed a little better, or perhaps made them a bit harder.
USP: The best gaming mice in the market right now.

If gaming mice were soup, this would be a Michelin 3 star fancy clearwater soup can also be called best wired gaming mouse. It certainly has its meat and potatoes in order. The design speaks of a very refined aesthetic that makes the mouse usable by both left handed and right handed people, and still carry an expressive and attractive contour. The multicolored Prism RGB Lighting adds more dimension. And the programmable buttons on the side with a rubbery padding to fence it from below brings customisability as well as an unparalleled firmness in grip.

The sensitivity is more than just adequate. It goes upto 12000 DPI, and given the reliability that wired mice score better at compared to wireless options (no batteries to be changed, no wireless signals that may interfere/be interfered with), there are few matches for the Sensei Steelseries 310.

All of that said and acknowledged, the side buttons could have been arranged better because they tend to get pressed when you clench the mouse at times. I got over this problem by not configuring the left lower side button which I pressed accidentally most often, but if you’re playing a game that requires all 4 side buttons, you might have a little trouble.

Also, if you’re looking for a best wireless gaming mouse 2018, you’ll like the next one better.


2. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum: Professional Grade Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

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Pros: Wired but detachable, crazy awesome appearance, built for left-handed as well as right-handed players, chargeable (max battery life of 32 hours)
Cons: A little expensive, unconventional design means it’ll take you time to get comfortable with a grip if you’re used to conventional models. The mouse wheel isn’t indexed.
USP: The detachable wire, of course.

If you’re going to choose a wireless option, the battery life will be the most important factor that will dictate its convenience. Wireless gaming mouse either run on AA batteries, in which case they last for months under moderate use, or on rechargeable batteries, in which case they die out at the end of the day. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum doesn’t though. It can go of for as long as 32 hours, which means as many as 4 days even if you play your games 8 hours each day. And in case the battery dies, you can just plug the mouse back in. The lack of need of a separate software or driver to run this mouse makes it even easier. Plus, plugging the Logitech G900 Chaos mouse in or out of the wire causes no delays or lags at all, and you can easily pull the wire out in the middle of an exciting game.

The components used are state of the art; the PMW3366 optical sensor and the serrated gripping surface are just two of them. There are as many as 11 buttons (2 for left and right as usual, and 9 in addition) which you can customise to enhance your gaming performance. The mouse itself is designed symmetrically, meaning both left and right-handed people can use it effortlessly. The wheel does give a hard time to some since it isn’t indexed (you don’t want your page to fly up or down when you scroll).


3. Razer Ouroboros: Best Razer Gaming MouseRazer Ouroboros

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Pros: Ambidextrous in design, detachable wire, looks futuristic
Cons: Costs a bundle of cash.
USP: The detachable side fins, in case you want to alter the grip or the amount of pad contact your mouse experiences. Plus the design and the superb sensitivity

Top gaming mouse the Razer Ouroboros is quite the all rounder, getting good scores across the board in all factors, though still missing out on the top spot. It is sensitive, equipped with a laser sensor that measures a neat 8200 dpi (it’s not uncommon to find more, but too many dpi is simply overkilling). The design is very customisable because virtually every bit of the exterior apart from the buttons can be added to or subtracted from at whim. This means this will probably fit in even the most typical of hands.

Playing with this mouse gives you access to claim a whole other level of expertise. There are so many buttons to customise, and the clutch trigger really comes in handy when you’re playing shooting games like CS:GO. The battery life is less than the Logitech G900 Chaos, fizzling out at 12 hours after which it needs to be recharged, although the detachable battery means you can just pop in another AA battery (rechargeable or not, your call).

The Razer Ouroboros does have its share of shortcomings, though. The mouse might be customisable, but the whole thing takes time to get used to. The detachable parts were also pretty numerous, and we ended up losing one side fin, so you’ll need to be more careful when giving your mouse a new feel and contour. Maybe keep the box close to your seat.


4. Razer DeathAdder Elite: Top Esports Gaming MouseRazer DeathAdder Elite

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Pros: Lots of beautiful colors to light up your mouse. Superior fit in the palm.
Cons: Not designed for left-handed gamers
USP: Perhaps the most gaming-optimised design in the market, if you’re right-handed.

We don’t see a lot of fancy features in the Razer DeathAdder Elite; the mouse’s primary selling factor is its look and branding. It’s almost the iPhone of gaming mice. Too far? Okay.

The little blips on the scroll wheel, the matte finish and the curved angle of the mouse’s top bulge make it easy to scroll and drag, and the weight and the size seem just right (though these are subjective). The lighting is a bit simple in layout, but there are more colors than any other gaming mouse we tried out. If that’s important to you, this might be a great buy.

What about if you’re not picky about looks and lights? There’s not much to look forward to in that case. The design is very gaming friendly. It fits your palm comfortably and the grip is great, but the same company has models with much of the same design available at a lower cost, just minus the fancy RGB lighting. That’s not to say that choosing lower end models from the company is much of a solution. The lighting and the colors possible make Razer DeathAdder Elite a purchase worth the money you pay for it. If only it’d been ambidextrously designed as well, we’d place it at number 3.


5. Corsair Glaive RGB: Best Corsair Gaming Mouse
Corsair Glaive RGB

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Pros: Customisable side-grips, settings are saved on the device instead of a driver, good for people with large hands
Cons: Not left-hander friendly, the mouse wire is poor in quality.
USP: The sensitivity and design for sure.

The buttons are the star attraction here; for once, the extra buttons haven’t been treated as step sons and have a decent space and design arranged for them. If only there were two on the other side as well…

The Corsair Glaive RGB lighting and the design make things pop. Especially the LED panel in the front of the body; I mean there are no two opinions on the fact that the mouse is inspired. The scroll wheel performs well, and the mouse can go till 16000 dpi which with an optical sensor is more than decent. The detachable grips fare well in our evaluation too, being effortless to clip on and off. Plus, any changes you make to the mouse’s settings are saved to the device and not to the PC, making it easier to plug in your mouse into a different PC and continue gaming without having to readjust the parameters.

Corsair Utility Engine is pretty capable as an accompanying software since it does more than just change the lights on your mouse. It can configure your mouse to react more suitably according to the game you’re going to play. This means you can make precise shots when playing point and shoot games, and also configure the cursor to fly at the slightest pushes and pulls when you’re playing a chill game like solitaire or browsing the web.

Despite the great performance, the lack of left-handed support becomes the biggest shortcoming this mouse has, big enough to drag it down to position 5. There are a significant amount of complaints about the mouse wire breaking or twisting all over the internet, so it won’t be wise to ignore them. If you’re right handed and trust corsair and its post-sale support, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider buying  Corsair Glaive RGB.


6. Corsair M65 Pro RGB: Best FPS Gaming MouseCorsair M65 Pro RGB

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Pros: Sniper buttons, detachable weights and sturdy build
Cons: Not the best option for left-handed players, the design a little too quirky.
USP: The ability to alter the centre of gravity for your FPS gaming mouse. Truly unique!

Another gem from Corsair is the M65 Pro the best budgeted gaming mouse. Honestly, the M65 and Glaive were tied for the fifth position when we were making this list. We put Glaive higher because its design was a little more appealing. The M65 Pro is attractive too, but not everyone might like the placement of the wire which is under the left button instead of the centre. It is really easy to adjust DPI with, and you can even alter how weighty it feels by changing the disk weights underneath.

The design tries hard and honestly, we appreciate the lighting under the belly of the mouse, but it fails to make as much an impact as the Ouroboros or Corsair’s own Glaive. The side buttons are kind of tiny too, another matter which puts Glaive at an advantage. Sniper buttons are this mouse’s saviors when it comes to utility as a gaming device. They instantly alter your DPI so your mouse becomes more stable, allowing you to aim your cursor at the enemy and shoot perfect headshots in CS and CS:Go. The M65 Pro mouse is pretty sturdy too, despite the open joints and the detachable weights. In fact, the weight alteration has a benefit not many explore; you can change the side of the mouse that is heavier, and thus make sweeping motions easier by heavying the wrist-side or reduce shakiness in the thumb translating into wacky cursor movements by making the thumb side heavier. With the sniper buttons deal, it is a welcome addition.


7. Asus ROG Spatha: Best Durable Gaming MouseAsus ROG Spatha

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Pros: The most number of buttons, superior lighting customisation, great charger
Cons: Very Expensive, plus no support for left-handed players
USP: The wired/wireless concept, the charging position and the design, in general, all have the wow factor

If cost is not a restriction, Asus ROG Spatha is a great option to consider. It is quite the geek’s wet dream, with all the crazy design, as many as 5 tactile buttons on the thumb side contributing in their own unique way to give a net score on 12 customisable buttons, the highest in this list. However, that shouldn’t make you rush to buy it. The tactile buttons are conveniently placed, but they’re still a task to get used to.

It wouldn’t be fair to list all the negatives alone, especially since the positives do outweigh them. The mouse can be charged via a wire as well as using a neat dock that you need only plug into a USB port. The dpi might appear short at 8200 dpi, but the laser tracking more than makes up for it. The battery lasts around 10 hours which isn’t bad, considering you don’t need to plug your mouse into a wire if it is inconvenient, just put it on a dock.

One more thing about this mouse; don’t be misguided about its size. The mouse is not 7.2 inches long as many are guessing looking at the device’s pictures. It actually measures 5.4 inches, which makes it fairly palm sized, suitable for claw and palm grips. The weight sits at 175 grams, which is can make the mouse feel bulky. If that’s something you’re going for, then buy this palm grip mouse without any worry.

Having 5 more buttons on the other side and a symmetrical design to facilitate left-handed gamers was all this model needed to be in the top three; all other shortcomings would have been dismissable.


8. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum: Best Logitech Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

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Pros: Repositionable weights, gusty design, and almost symmetrical design
Cons: Despite the shape symmetry, it is still not useable by left handed people.
USP: The well placed and well-designed side buttons and the scroll wheel

The great design and the weight customisability make the Logitech G502 Proteus worth the money you pay for it, considering it is less than $50 on a good deal. The PMW 3366 optical sensor and the smooth scroll wheel make all sorts on control movements smooth and effortless. There are as many as 11 programmable buttons too. The weight adjustment is a lot more approachable and has more options, compared to the M65 Pro. It can say this is the best gaming mouse under 50.

However, where it misses out is the lighting and the left-handed use. After trying out upwards of 15 gaming mice, we weren’t really impressed by the lighting this one packed. There was certainly a lot of scope of making things light up since the side buttons and the fins all have a lot of joints that could have been enhanced to give a truly tron-like appearance. When compared to the two Corsair models included above, this one comes off as more vanilla. The lower side of the mouse is, in fact, more geeky looking than the visible top side. It isn’t a mortal flaw to have simple looks; G900 and SteelSeries S10 aren’t the wackiest-looking, but to not have ambidextrous support makes the design overall quite the downer. Still, if you care about performance or are looking for a mouse with easy to use side buttons or a scroll wheel worth your time, the Logitech G502 excels.

Why buy a gaming mouse and how to choose one that fits you?

There are a ton of options to avail when it comes to the type on gaming device you are comfortable with. A joystick is easy to hold but it is limited in the scope of movement, and most of the more pocket-friendly options often prove to not be durable. Keyboards are pretty much a standard requirement these days, but you can’t expect to fare well using just a keyboard; you need more than WASD to fully take control of your player, especially if you’re into MMORPGs. Gaming consoles are great, but it takes time for your fingers to get used to the controls when you switch to a new model or visit someone and try out their controllers. Gaming mice have none of those limitations and tens of other benefits!

  • You get superior control since every little way you turn can get you more camera panning and for little effort.
  • There is little pain or discomfort compared to wrist pain with joysticks and smarting fingertips with keyboards.
  • Computer mice are much easier to carry around in your bag or suitcase; they’ll fit between your clothes and you won’t have to bother about carrying things carefully either.
  • Oh, and did I mention? There is a whole truckload of gaming mice to try out and enjoy all sorts of cool looks, added features and customisability!


That said, it is important to pick the best mouse for yourself to really get the best performance. Some mice may be excellently suitable for you, while others might not even be comfortable. Quite a few factors matter, honestly, and these are just some you can consider while buying a gaming mouse.

  1. Left handed gamers face a lot of problems with gaming mice built for right handed people. Mice built ambidextrously are a better choice. You can customise the Gamer mouse to respond as a right handed or left handed mouse through the settings, and it becomes easier for everyone including if you have someone coming over who doesn’t play with the same hand as you. In our rating, we placed the high priority of whether or not a gaming mouse could be switched between hands.
  2. DPI matters. Standing for dots per inch, DPI can be understood to be a measure of the sensitivity of a gaming mouse, and it is not uncommon to see mice with DPIs as high as 16000, though the usual we see can be upwards of 3000-6000. However, DPI doesn’t suffice as a measure of actual sensitivity, for which one must consider issues like connectivity and response times during high CPU stress. Honestly, you only get a sense on things when you try them out. But you don’t need to, coz we already tested a few out.
  3. Some might be inclined to brush off lighting as a mere show, but the truth is, not only does it enhance the gaming experience, but also makes things a lot easier to see in the dark, tell the tiny buttons apart.
  4. And perhaps the most important feature of the good gaming mouse is the grip you have over it. You have a few ways you can hold your mouse, either using two fingers with the body pushed around by your palm, using a claw with your fingers curled like talons, the mouse cupped under your palm, or using a solid grip. Small mice may work better for people with claw-grips, and mice with bulky bodies fit right in with people who use their entire palm to hold and click the mouse.

You can also consider this video to get a better clarification on what is the best gaming mouse.

Of course, you may have different opinions on the best gaming mouse 2018, which are better or worse than where we’ve placed them. Your thoughts are welcome in the comments as usual.