9 Best Hidden Gestures Inside Android: The 2019 Checklist

Are you sure that you know everything about the Android device you’ve in your hand?

We bet, you don’t!

There are a dozen of useful tricks, in every nook and corner of this extensive OS, which are yet to see the light.

And, knowing all these extras, you’ll love your device even more.

To help you catch the drift and take full advantage of what Android can do, we’ve listed the best Android gestures here to experience.

Try them out!


Two-Finger Swipe to Open the Quick Settings Panel

Two Finger Swipe to Open the Quick Settings Panel

The Quick Settings Panel on Android is highly convenient to make some fast customizations. You can adjust the brightness levels, switch on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enable the torchlight and lots more. And, how do you open it?

By dragging down twice. Right?

Well, this shortcut says, you can instantly open the entire setting panel by swiping down using your two fingers.


Hold Power Button For Reboot Option to Pop Up

Hold Power Button For Reboot

Rebooting option on your Android device lies in a secret custody.

Since rebooting your phone is necessary to kill the third-party applications and ensure slick functioning, you should know where the option is actually found.

To reboot your device into safe mode, long-press the power button to reach the ‘Power Off’ option, and hold it for a while. This will open the reboot dialogue box with options – Cancel and OK.

Tap on ‘Ok’ to get the reboot happen. To get out of the safe mode, you can enable the apps by rebooting again.

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Swipe Down the Address Bar To Switch Tabs

Swipe Down the Address Bar To Switch Tabs

If we ask, how do you toggle between various tabs on Chrome, you would say – by clicking the tab number icon, found right next to the address bar.


For your knowledge, there’s another way of doing it as well. Swipe down the address bar to find out the open tabs. You can swipe right or left to switch between the tabs without heading to the overview screen in between.  


Text-Copy Action Works Differently For Third-Party Apps

Text-Copy Action

Every Android user knows the trick of selecting text on Android. Just press and hold on a word, doing which, options like Copy, Share, Web Search and Assist, will appear, and then, use the handles to highlight additional characters.

That’s easy!

However, not every app works the same way. Case in point: Twitter. When such selection is carried out on Twitter, the text gets instantly copied to the clipboard.


Triple-Tap to Zoom In

Everyone has heard, experienced and known the single-tap and double-tap action.

But, triple tap? That’s where the Android comes in various flavors.

Go to Settings tab on your device and click ‘Accessibility’ option. 

Triple-Tap to Zoom In

Under the ‘System’ subheading, you will find ‘Magnification Gesture’. You need to turn this on for enabling triple-tap.

Magnification Gesture

Doing so, you will be able to quickly zoom in on your screen. To drag the screen in the zoom mode, you need to use your two fingers or more. You will not be able to move the screen with one finger.

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Enabling One-Handed Keyboard Mode

Enabling One-Handed Keyboard Mode

Activating the one-handed keyboard mode is something, we believe, a common knowledge. But, we’re writing this to target the exceptions.

You can easily activate the one-handed keyboard mode by holding the comma key, sliding up to the three options, and selecting the one appearing on the extreme left.

The icon is easy to identify with one hand supposedly holding the device.

Notably, this gesture will only work in portrait mode.


Looking At App Specs Through Overview Screen

Looking At App Through Overview Screen

How do you reach the app diagnostic section on your Android device? Via Settings tab, off course!

There is a shortcut even!

If the app is showing up in the overview section, tap on the icon, which will bring up another option. Click it and you will be instantly directed to the ‘App Info’ section, where you will see the Uninstall and Force Stop options.


To turn on the developer options to get this work, tap on the Build Number for seven times, which can be found in the Settings >> About Phone option.


Double-Tap to Access Google Maps

Double-Tap to Access Google Maps

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This can be of great aid when you’re travelling in a crowded coach, or have heavy bags to carry in one hand.

Simply double-tap on the Google Maps and drag down and up to zoom in and out respectively. This Android gesture ensures that you can access Google Maps with absolute convenience, even when on the move.


Improved Notifications on Nougat and Marshmallow

Improved Notifications on Nougat and Marshmallow

Time and again, Android has taken the trophy for being the best OS home. And, this is for many great reasons, one being the ease of managing notifications.

A simple drag-down lets you view all the notifications at once. And, a swipe to dismiss them. And, when using a Nougat device, you can individually set the preferences for that particular app.

This is even available for the Marshmallow as well.

In fact, did you know you can make your own android gestures using just a little knowledge about android programming? With so much to do, aren’t you in love with android all over again?

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