Best Hoverboards of 2022

Self-balancing boards made a swipe at something the world really took for granted; walking. They’re fashionable, easy to balance on and really fun to zoom through the streets on. They make sure you don’t get your shoes dirty, and even make you look a little bit taller walking around. What’s not to love?

Regardless, electric hover boards have been criticised in all possible tones, almost seen as epitomising sloth and capitalistic excess. We couldn’t disagree more. Back in the day, they criticised books and newspapers by calling them anti-social and unhealthy things that promoted too much sitting. We know them to be an essential means of broadening one’s horizons in the present day. Best hoverboards can help you save time that you spend walking around by letting you zoom past pedestrian traffic, reach your workplace, school or gym on time and get more done in the same 24 hours than someone who shuns it.

The only genuine concern regarding this was about their safety, with some incidents of improper charging and overheating being reported. Hoverboards were instructed to be recalled in 2016 by the government, following which all the models sold hence are required to meet rigorous standards

In this list, we’ve placed prime importance on the self balancing scooter being UL2272 certified. You can read more about the UL2272 certification here. Also check out the video at the end of the page linked for some really helpful safety tips.

Top 8 Hoverboard Reviews 2022

1. Swagtron T6: The Fastest ScooterSwagtron T6

Swagtron is the best brand for hoverboard right now in the market and Swagtron T1 is still a favorite pick for quite a lot of people. But by contemporary standards, it is  Swagtron T6 that really steals the show. There are a lot of good things about the Swagtron scooter, such as its enviable off-road performance. It is also among the fastest hoverboards, reaching a speed of 12 MPH at max.

This is rated with UL2272 certification. The Lithium ion battery charges completely in under 3 hours, which is better than what many other hoverboard brands offer. The wheels with the 10 inch diameter tubeless tires with rugged finish are powerful enough to take you up an incline of 30 degrees comfortably on flat terrain. The foot grips are neat, and its self-balancing feature really deserves respect, being easy enough for children to drive. The guards on the side of the wheels are pretty sweet too, adding an extra safety feature to the list. The lights under the hover board are great, it looks wonderful and has a decent floor suspension.

The T6 is built to easily handle upto 250 pounds, and a maximum of 400 pounds, which should be comfortable for most users. The device itself weighs around 35 pounds, which is fair though carrying it around can be a bit of a challenge, especially because of its kind of awkward grip. It’s not something that should be allowed to pass, since this scooter do tend to run out of battery with use after which you must carry them to the nearest charging point.

2. Halo Rover: Self balancing Scooters with Bluetooth
Halo Rover

Believed to be the fast scooter till the recent past brought us more up-to-date models like the T6, Halo hoverboards is still among the fastest hover boards to try out. The battery charges in about 2.5 hours, after which you can expect it to take you a neat 10 miles. The battery is also UL2272 certified.

The wheels are a decent 8.5 inches in Halo Rover, which doesn’t leave as much scope for ground clearance and suspension as the 10 inch wheels of the T6. This is it’s biggest disadvantage, other than which there is no issue when it comes to taking the board for a spin in terrains other than flat roads or pavements. The wheels are also arguably better than the T6. The foot grip is good too. Regarding balancing, the electric  hover board comes with 3 modes to choose from; Learning, Normal and Advanced, each with their own peculiarities. It also has a mobile app you can use as a remote control and keep track of battery life and distance covered to avoid being left in the lurch. The looks good, runs great and is a great buy hoverboard scooter. The price is a slight disadvantage though.

As a nice add-of, though, I really enjoyed the music it played through the Bluetooth speakers, though I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to Ariana Grande as I zoom through the streets.

3. Swagtron T5: Best Kids Hoverboard

Swagtron T5

Swagtron’s T5 figures at third place on our list, being arguably the best hoverboard to buy for people on a budget.

The Swagtron T5 is essentially a watered down for people who don’t want to pay a premium for features they won’t be using in everyday life. The hover board maxes out at 7 mph speed, and the tire size is decent at 7 inches. The self balancing hoverboard can maintain good functionality at angles till 30 degrees, much like the T6. IT also takes less time to charge, which is understandable since it also retains less power, lasting around 4-5 hours per charge (depending upon weight and task stress). The foot grip and paddle design go back to the traditional mud-guard encasing and it’s not a bad deal when you compare it with the price you pay for it; some even prefer the mudguard encasing to the foot fences that the T6 and Halo Rover employ.

The design and color options aren’t the fanciest, which is ok for the price range. The floor suspension is short; I wouldn’t recommend taking this for a spin in terrains that are too bumpy, though the wheels can easily handle grassy lawns, pavements and parks. The Swagtron T5 is ideal for kids and young adults. The weight limit is 200 pounds, though it performs when the limit is exceeded (with reduced performance, of course). Also comes with learning and standard riding modes. Oh, and it is also pretty light in weight and balancing scooter under 300!

4. Hoverzon XLS: Hoverboard for BeginnersHoverzon XLS

The Hoverzon XLS may be designed in a stubby kind of way, but the display and the app-friendly, beginner-friendly design make it a great choice for people who want a moderately priced board with respectable stats and utility. This isn’t a hover scooter you buy to race your friends or zoom along an undulated trekking terrain; the 8 mph speed and 220 pound weight limit make sure of that. But if you’re into durability and sizeable rewards from every single charge, this is the option you need to consider.

The weight is among the lowest, standing at a mere 28 pounds in Hoverzon XLS. This makes it fairly easy to control and maneuver by kids as well as adults. The battery is better than many others in its price range too. This is controlled by an app which functions much like a remote control. In terms of durability, this self-balancing board fares better than we expected, looking at how other brands scooter in the price range advertised durability but were reported being delivered with body covers chipping off and whatnot. The LED panels could have been a lot more refined, but then we didn’t place the Hoverzon XLS on the list for its design but its superior function and resource economy. It’s surprising to many that this hoverboard can deliver so much performance using 250 watt motors in the wheels; it goes on to show that merely comparing stats numerically doesn’t give you the most accurate picture about how electric hover boards fare in practical use.

5. Razor Hovertrax 2.0: Best Self Balancing Scooter

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

This stylish black Razor hoverboard is a work of art to behold. The thinner wheels and the fancier, sharper looking mudguards gel well with the polished dark appearance of the main frame. The LED lights are neat, as are the razor designs on the wheels. The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is the most stylish scooter.

It’s not just about the looks either. The motors are silent, almost ghostly silent on the street. One charge gives you about 60 minutes of use, but the batteries can easily be replaced with a charged pair so you can resume your hovering instantly. The overall cost with a replaceable battery kit still comes out to be significantly less than other comparable options in the market. The hoverboard 2.0 goes an impressive 8 mph, though some noise from the motor can be observed at close to top speeds.

The self-balancing is admirable, the LED power display is fairly above standard and coupled with training and standard riding modes you can switch between, this comes close to being a steal. There isn’t as much floor suspension, however, and it would have been nice to have one individual battery last more than 60 minutes, like maybe 3 hours. Carrying an extra battery would have made it last longer still, the combination is sufficient to land this on the top of this list. I guess the fourth place isn’t bad either.

Honorable Mentions

6. EPIKGO Classic Self Balance Scooter: Most Expensive HoverboardEPIKGO Classic Self Balance Board

There are quite a few advantages to EPIKGO (pronounced Epic-Go) Classic, but almost just as many disadvantages. If you’re willing to overlook the affiliation to a relatively less known brand, you might this quite a bit. The 400 Watt dual motors last upto an hour on a single charge, allowing you to climb 18 degree slopes and inclines, which is kind of low. A single charge takes EPIKGO to 10 miles but takes it about 2-3 hours to charge completely.

The battery is UL2272 certified. The foot grips are above average. What really makes this device stand out are the lights and buttons on the body, and the tires they come with. The device itself is wider than what you usually get with EPIKGO, and that is a plus since it means more foot space. However, it can also mean keeping a wider stance to land your feet on the footboards, so choose carefully if you have any issues that could make that difficult. The design also includes an impressive 8.5-inch wheel diameter, which makes scope for a lot of clearance and suspension, which once you get cozy with hoverboards you realise is vital.

Among other things, this balancing scooter does well includes a one-year warranty. We’d have been pleased to include this one in our main list if it only had longer battery life. I mean charging for 2-3 hours for 1 hour of performance isn’t really great resource economy, unless you carry 3 batteries and constantly have one being charged.

7. Skque X1: Safest HoverboardSkque X1

If you can get over the hoverboard colors available to choose from, you just might like the Skque X1. And don’t worry, even though the manufacturer is Chinese, it still has a UL2272 certification. This is a neat 10 inches in wheel diameter which is a major benefit since it also ensures a higher ground suspension and protection for the base. The lights are shaped nicely, but they’re not as useful as you’d expect them to be. The Bluetooth music speaker is also not available in all devices (we actually found out we ordered a variant that didn’t have them, and so we had to return it and place a second order to get the proper one). The wheels are really good in build, though we’d have liked them a little thicker. Also, getting Skque X1 with a one year warranty really helps.

It charges in under 2 hours, which with 2 350 watt motors can give you almost 8 mph speeds. It is a tad heavier at about 32 pounds, which does serve to make it hard to carry around on your back. It isn’t very durable, despite what the product advertises. Since we got two products to try our hands on, we did notice that the production quality tends to be a little inconsistent. We still found their customer service prompt in replacing our non-Bluetooth board with one with a Bluetooth speaker, which is something many established firms flounder in. That’s the reason we think it deserves an honorable mention, though it doesn’t fare well overall to make it to the list.

8. Segway miniPRO: Best Quality Hoverboards

Segway miniPRO

10 MPH top speed and a whopping 12.5 mile range. Plus the Segway miniPRO has 10.5 inch tires that makes for amazing ground clearance. If only it were more best Segway hoverboard-like, and didn’t have the centre rest, we’d have placed this in the top three of our list. The alloy frame of Segway miniPRO is stronger than most commonplace hoverboards, easily surpassing the frame quality in the price range it comes in. Remote control operable and with anti-theft features, and a very customisable lights and regular firmware updates, it is the option to buy with your eyes closed, if you don’t have issues with the central prong.

Why do we have such a big issue with the central prong in the frame? Because carrying the 28 pound hovercraft around becomes quite difficult with it, especially compared to the usual models which can just be stuffed in a duffel bag and carried on your back. It also takes about 4 hours to fully charge from scratch, which is a little much, though it also performs proportionately well.

The hoverboard has UL2272 certification, and an easy to run mobile app. It fares well in self-balancing as well. Almost everything you’d want in a self balancing scooter.

What to look for when buying a hoverboard

There are a lot of features that you might find attractive, and a lot of features which seem drab and average but are really important to consider when buying. This is a list of all you need to consider when choosing a hoverboard to buy.

  1. Always buy a UL 2272 certified hover board. Boards with this certificate are the safe scooters. There might be dirt cheap options available without the certificate, and they might give you the “UL certification isn’t required by law” nonsense, but it simply isn’t worth risking your safety and the safety of your house and property. Also, if the scooter you buy seems to be heating up too much, or you hear sparking, demand a replacement of the charger or the product. Most companies would be happy to check your device and replace it.
  2. Ground clearance is important to take note of if you plan on taking your balancing scooter on the unruly terrain. If the hoverboard you really want to buy doesn’t have a lot of ground clearance, try looking for a body case or protector to shield the body from impact and prevent scratches and bumps.
  3. Charging time is very important to consider. You should NOT plug it into the charger and let charge overnight. No matter what the charger build is or what the packaging says, it is very unsafe to rely on auto-shut-off. The quicker the self board charges, the less time you need to wait for it to complete charging.
  4. Top speed can be a measure of the maximum power your motor can exert, but rarely anyone goes racing on hoverboards. It is better to not be fixated on hoverboard top speeds, and instead consider how long a charge lasts and the maximum distance one full charge can take you.
  5. Cleaning and care your board requires are important to take note as well. If your self-balancing is prone to getting dust stuck around the axle, or getting scratched at the bottom due to smaller wheel diameter, you can be sure you won’t like your hoverboard as much as when you start using it. Enquire about how you can take care of your hover board, and if there is a free or paid service facility you can avail to make sure you’re lasts long.

Source: loveliveserve

Additional Features to watch out for when buying a hover board:

There are other features you should look out for, though they aren’t as essential to a hoverboard’s smooth function. Here are some of them below:

  • Water resistance: You don’t really get waterproof boards. But there are models that are splash resistant. More ground clearance should be able to save you from small puddles on the road, and body covers might add some protection. Unfortunately, most balancing boards cannot be made completely waterproof because there are a lot of moving parts that need to be employed which makes complete sealing really hard to accomplish.
  • Weight: Big bulky balancing scooter might appear more muscular and eye-catching, but the weight also needs to be taken into consideration. When your hoverboard’s battery dies, you need to carry it to the nearest charging point, or back home. Even the top hover board cases and duffle bags don’t make it easy to carry a that weighs 35 pounds. If you’re into a board that’s big and bulky, make sure it has an app or a warning system that indicates low battery, or maybe even keep an extra battery charged in your backpack so you can reach home without the additional toil.
  • Cost: Finally, price is important. And no, that doesn’t mean you should prefer buying cheap self balancing scooter, but when you pay several hundred bucks for a top-notch model, it certainly helps to have more than what a cheap model would have got you. Cost isn’t something to compare numerically; instead, compare the money you’re being asked to pay for the product with the safety, the utility and the finesse the product offers.

How we chose which hoverboard to buy?

The first priority as we said was UL2272 certification. The next priority was assigned to charge time and performance per charge. We say performance because just having good speed or covering long distances isn’t enough. You need both, plus a decent bit of standby time.

The next priority had to be designed. You can’t have a balance board that bumps on the speedbumps, or which is too heavy to carry around, or which doesn’t balance well. Hover boards easier to balance on got special consideration, because nobody has time to mock-tightrope-walk after spending hundreds of dollars.

Finally, we kept customer self-balancing scooter reviews to resolve any conflicts we had when placing one or the other hoverboard higher. Goodness knows there were many, and since customer reviews aren’t a fixed faceting comparison, and they keep changing as the company betters its product and its distribution, we would love to hear your experiences with your board.

There are lots of models that come to mind when you say best hoverboard 2022. However, each board we included in the list fares well in some or the other term, and the option to buy may be different for different people. We’d love to know your opinions on these self balancing boards, and any others you’ve tried and found to be excellent.