9 Best Idle Clicker Games for Android, iOS & PC

There’s something oddly satisfying about idle clicker games. Maybe it’s the feeling of progress as you watch your numbers go up, or the dopamine rush of getting a new achievement. No matter what it is, there’s no doubt that these types of games are addictive. If you’re looking for a new idle game to play, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best ones available on smartphones and PC.

Best Incremental Games 2022

1. Egg, Inc

Egg, Inc

Remember FarmVille from Facebook? Yeah, there are a bunch of games like it on Apple’s App Store. Perhaps the best among them is Egg, Inc. Think of it as a poultry farm on your mobile. In a future dystopia where chicken eggs are almost the next Bitcoins, you get to click on farm eggs, sell them and rear more chicken to get your production up. You can research coops and boxes as well as expansion packs once you level up enough and have enough money. The game is entirely click based, and it’s going to keep you entertained for hours.

Also available on Android.

2. AdVenture Capitalist

AdVenture Capitalist

There are no down sides to being rich. But not everyone can be rich. AdVenture Capitalist lets you experience wealth right on your iPhone. The game is funny, but there’s also the occasional subtle commentary on the state of things. You click to buy, click to invest and click to play events and unlock milestones. There are fancy suits, Angel Investors to lure and lots of lemons to squeeze till you can grow your empire from a modest lemonade stand to a giant conglomerate.

Also available on Android.

3. Taps to Riches

Taps to Riches

There are a hundred tap android auto clicker games to enjoy with similar plots and premises as CityVille, another gem from the house of Farmville, but none are as engaging as Taps to Riches. Based on a similar mode of operation as AdVenture Capitalist, you tap your screen to fund and earn from your empire, beginning from one city and going on to rout all competition across several. There are Advisors and Bizbots to collect and engage, upgrades to use to speed up your global domination and resources, bonuses and more to fuel it all. The game is never-ending, and we sure prefer it that way because it is just that entertaining.

Also available on Android.

4. Virtual Beggar

Virtual Beggar

If the dark premise of the previous games is off-putting, use your screen taps to help a beggar on your iPhone screen. Tap the screen to shower him with coins, collect change that people throw at him and slowly gather enough to rise out of poverty and establish a business, so the beggar never goes hungry again. There are new looks your beggar can acquire as he gets more prosperous, and you can get him houses to live in, help him visit new places (there’s even a visit to the moon!) and get pets for some company. It’s like a charity-based version of the SIMS for smartphones.

Also available on Android.

5. Doomsday Clicker

Doomsday Clicker

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Others want to make money out of it, or at least that’s the premise of Doomsday Clicker the Incremental Fun Android Games. You have the technology to save people from all kinds of disasters that may befall humankind, and now you must market your services by wreaking havoc on the earth. You earn money and then get yourself upgrades, it’s pretty standard. The characters and the upgrades are what make this game truly amazing and fun.

Also Available on iOS.

6. Clicker Heroes: Idle RPG Games

Clicker Heroes

Taking Idle Clicker RPGs to a new dimension is Clicker Heroes, a more Anime version of the genre’s staple fare. You lure and slay monsters using your heroes, using their abilities by tapping the screen of course. There are new abilities you unlock as you progress which keeps the game fun and engaging. You can team up with fellow players and form Clans. There are all kinds of bosses with different levels of difficulty, peaking at the Immortals. Clicker Heroes is pretty addictive, and we’re not complaining.

Also Available on iOS.

7. Tap Tycoon

Tap Tycoon

The game takes you to the 35th century, where you can literally make money appear out of thin air. Shower your Tycoon with cash and help him invest in businesses and industries. The game takes player competition in a different perspective, and has country vs country competition where countries with the best performing business and industry earn weekly rewards. It’s a lot like clan-competition, with somewhat of a patriotic twist. It’s one of the perfect tap games to play to kill time on your Android.

Also Available on iOS.

8. Dungeon, Inc

Dungeon, Inc

Dungeon, Inc is a game from the same developers as Doomsday Clicker. It’s a lot like setting up a sweatshop, only you’re already a monster and thus absolved of the moral culpability. You get to recruit all varieties of monsters, each with their own advantage and quirk, and your aim is solely to maximise gold production. If that kind of clickers aren’t your thing, you also get to raid others’ dungeons to reduce their profits and clench the “Manager of the Week” title for yourself. It’s pretty fun, even hilarious at some points.

Also Available on iOS.


PC usually has io games to offer when you look at clicker games. Most io games are the usual chase-and-swallow kind like (4 “e”s, if you’re too lazy to count) breaks the mould and lets you chase, injure and kill your opponent before you can eat them. Your character evolves from one animal to another. But nearly anyone can kill and eat anyone. You hide differently based on your character, and you gain the most XP according to it too. It’s probably the best io game on the internet.

Also Available on Android and ios


If you’re more of a traditionalist, might just be your game. is much like the Snake game from the age of Nokia feature phones. Only it features other players you must kill to eat their mass and grow longer and bigger, faster than you can by merely eating points on the screen. The servers are almost always populated by several players which makes it really competitive and engaging. You have different skins to use for your snake. And there are also a ton of strategies to discover and practice to become the king of the leaderboard.

Also Available on Android and iOS.