Best Kodi Builds of 2022

Everyone loves Kodi; it might be the biggest media sensation after Netflix! It brings to your electronic devices what you expected the original OS to carry; a light, dreamy interface that makes your TV, Android or PC become easier to access and have a little more panache. Kodi is also very customizable, which makes it all the more presentable.

You can customize your Kodi through Kodi Builds. These are like presets available for the app that can be installed easily (check out the method at the very end of this article). In fact, you can make your own builds too if you know a little bit of programming. Anyway, each Kodi build has its own look and appeal, and you can choose one of the many options available for free on the internet. There are paid options as well, and they’re understandably better. We have collected the 17 best Kodi Builds for you below.

Note: You don’t need a whole new Kodi Build to change your wallpaper to something fancier. You can set your wallpaper from the images available on your device itself. Go to System on your Kodi homepage and choose Skin Settings. In the Home Window Option, you should be able to find an option to Setup the main menu. “Set item background” to any image(s) you like. You can choose them in the dialog box that shall appear next, just like changing the desktop wallpaper on a Windows PC.

Note: You also don’t need to install a new build to get more/better add-ons, though some may be available with their specific skins only. You can just add a repository to your existing skin and choose an app from those. Some of the best add-ons for various purposes are listed below.

  • Elysium, if you want to watch movies.
  • Zem to watch full games of soccer
  • for the best of the internet, memes, videos and all.
  • Twitch to stream gameplay as well as to share games with the internet; you know what twitch is for…
  • The Reddit Add-on for, well, Reddit
  • KissAnime for the most exhaustive Anime series collection. Or AnimeGo.

With that covered, let’s begin with the best Builds for Kodi you can find on the internet. Information on how to install them, like I said, is available at the end of this list.

1. Onealliance Build

Onealliance Build

OneAlliance has panache. The screen is better utilized, and there are a lot of good images for the background. The Kodi Build has some really neat features like documentaries you can watch under the Reality Tab, or the Add-Ons that it packs with itself, the most noteable of which I find ITV. It is very family friendly as well, with a dedicated Kids tab with cartoons and other kid-friendly entertainment.

2. Pulse CCM Build

Pulse CCM Build

Pulse CCM is among the most popular Kodi builds around, and it uses a well established Xonfluence Skin to make things look more suave and approachable. The big block capital font is bolder and very masculine, though the options under the tabs can look weak and overwhelmed. Pulse CCM also happens to be among the ones with the least reports of crashes or non-functional features.

3. Eminence Build

Eminence Build

The icons are especially impressive in Eminence Kodi Build. Built by Diggz (the makers of Xenon, also a part of this list), the text is very beautifully arranged. The slight bent in the options layout also makes things look better and feel faster. The animations work too. The Build would have scored the first position if it had a few more Add-Ons included, but maybe a lot of readers do regard it as the best already.

4. Underverse Build

Underverse Build

The main appeal of this build is in the visual aesthetic. The purple laser-like highlight makes this build stand apart from the crowd. The wallpaper art is especially appreciable. The options under each tab, by contrast, however, look overwhelmed and might need you to strain your eyes a bit. Perhaps a better option for big screen TVs than other devices?

5. Boom Shakalaka Build

Boom Shakalaka Build

Boom Shakalaka has some pretty, uhh, specific niches it targets If you know what I mean. That said, it’s not all Adult rated either. There are a lot of good streaming, music and other entertainment add-ons available. But you’ll have to sit with your kid when watching the TV; that’s for sure. Maybe try this if you’re a bachelor living in your own, adult-only space?

6. No Limits Magic Build

No Limits Magic Build

Note: The No Limits Kodi Build has had some pretty negative opinions and experiences voiced about everywhere on the internet. We ourselves had no issues. But if you do, we welcome you to tell us in the comments. If there are many, No Limits shall be struck off from this list.

No Limits Magic has an admirable Live TV collection and a bunch of neat add-ons like Bob Unleashed, Bennu, Quantum and more. Much of the original Kodi appeal seems to be retained, but there is quite some improvement too, like on the menu and the art.

7. Slamious Build

Slamious Build

I like what the makers of Slamious did with the text in the main scroll menu. The font in the main menus is impressive. The background of the home screen is a bit tacky, but the screen arrangement when you’re exploring options or Add-ons can is better optimised. The skin also has “Movies+” and TV Shows+” menus, which collect the latest trends in content streaming (4K, Trakt and Live TV options) into convenient locations, easily accessible.

8. Fire TV Guru Build

Fire TV Guru build

If you’re looking for a quiet sort of shine for your Kodi app, the Fire TV Guru build isn’t a bad option at all. The tinted LED backlit highlight adds a very glassy look of the add-on. Locating the voice searching option and the clock on the top corners of the screen was definitely a good idea. Whoever came up with that deserves a pat on the back. The font can be tiny at times, though.

9. SchismTV Build

SchismTV Build

SchismTV appears to be more centered on the TV bit, which is why the TV Add-Ons are so good. The looks are good too, but the TV streaming functionality is what ultimately stands out with this one. SchismTV is perhaps something I’d see in my ideal hotel room, maybe not my living room. That said, if the content is what matters to you, this one should serve you well.

10. Diggz – Xenon build

Diggz – Xenon build

The Diggz Xenon Build is probably the most frequently recommended Kodi build on the internet. The font is certainly bolder than the stock font in Kodi. There are good Add-Ons available in the build as well, such as WolfPack, StreamHub, Bob Unleashed, IPTV, Stream Army and others. The appearance is a bit, well, peculiar, so you might want to switch the background a few times to really grasp the appeal.

11. Cellar Door Build

Cellar Door Build

Cellar Door is something an 8-12 year old would probably love, given it’s amazing video add-ons and fun decor that has a heavy animated presence. It’s my favorite Kodi Build in this list. Despite the strong element of appeal to the younger audience, the Build doesn’t come on as shabby or juvenile, unlike (previous versions of) Xenon.

12. Kisakul Build

Kisakul Build

I’ll admit that Kisakul comes off as more a repository for Add-Ons than a Kodi Build, but it is among the top Kodi Builds for sports fans. The background is very average and the text format isn’t very peculiar either. But the video options are the real deal. You have 24/7 TV shows, Live Sports and Live TV from the USA.

13. The Beast Build

The Beast Build

The Beast Kodi Build is perfect for a bachelor’s pad. The wallpaper is what the build is named after. The interface is pretty unique, and the add-ons are plenty. Plus you get to watch movies, TV shows, and sports, as well as Live TV. The date and time are smaller than what you expect, but surprisingly, it doesn’t mar the looks of the build.

14. Durex build

Durex build

Durex is only slightly different from the usual Kodi interface, but that need not be a bad thing. There are movies to watch and add-ons to enjoy like any other Kodi Build, but what makes it unique is the strong brand game. Durex carries a very semi-formal feel to it, and with the fast function and relatively small size that the app comes with, it can be very profitable to install.

15. Spinz Build

Spinz build

The Spinz build is fancy to look at and easy to use, just the kind of Kodi Builds anyone looks. The font stands out, as does locate the menu neatly on top, which frees up the central area of the screen. The build is definitely most suited for the big screen. The art can be a little tacky, but if it’s in HD, who cares, right?

16. Wookie Retro Build

wookie retro build

If you like the look of old, 90s era text-based HTML websites, you’ll enjoy Wookie Retro build. The text is block-letters only, and the menus are very block-based. The stock-ish time-display could have been better; it certainly doesn’t gel completely with the retro theme. The add-ons are okayish too. The small size is a nice bonus and it also makes the add-on run smoother than most.

17. Biagio Build

Biagio build

The perfect finale to this list is Biagio’s amazing build, unbelievably beautiful to see and smooth to run. Biagio lets you watch Netflix and Amazon series in TV shows and HD movies in the movies tab. Live TV is impressive too. The website name on the skin looks a wee bit unpleasant, but I guess it is only fair to include it since the developer deserves credit for a job well done.

How to install Kodi Builds?

From your Kodi app’s Home screen, Go to Settings. Open the File Manager, and press Add Source. You’ll see “None” in the options, click it and proceed to enter the address Name the source Ares (or anything else, it won’t matter). Press OK.

Then, Go to Add-Ons on your Kodi’s main menu. Go to the “Add-on Installer” (it looks like a box in a box). Click Install from the zip file, and then use the Ares (or whatever else you named it). Use the repository that shows up and let it be enabled.

Finally, go to Install from Repository, go to Ares Project and then to Program Add-ons. Use the Ares Wizard option next and press Install. The Wizard will be available in the main Add-Ons menu. You can then use it to browse for builds and install them with just one click.

Note: It is better to keep a backup of the skin or profile in use; I recommend pressing Yes when asked by the prompter.

What makes the best Kodi Build work? Since the concept rests on visual appeal, aesthetic sense should meet user-friendliness, for example by making the text easy to read and keeping the menus intuitive and easy to access. What do you think makes a Kodi Build awesome?