Best Kodi Skins to Revamp the Look and Feel of Your Media Player

To try to make your Kodi a little interesting to look at, you have a good number of themes to try out. These themes are technically the Kodi Skins.

Kodi Skins, not one or two, but many in count, add certain novelties to the look and feel of the streaming interface. Using these, you can customize the Home menus, the color scheming, the typography, and a lot more, just like what you do with your smartphones when you install a theme. And talking of Kodi customization, we’re reminded of some amazing addons you can use to smarten up your experience. If you’re willing to check them out, we’ve a list here.

Back to topic, we’ve curated this list of top Kodi skins that you can install to make your Kodi look awe-inspiring. Here’s everything you need to know to get to speed.

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The Guide to Installing a Kodi Skin is a Few Scrolls Down

This section builds your awareness around the process of downloading your favorite Kodi skin that gives an inviting look to your media player. Here’s how you can do it.

Step One: In a first, go to the Home Screen and tap on the ‘System Settings’ icon by navigating to the top of the screen.

Step Two: Select the ‘Interface Settings’ to reach the ‘Skin’ option, and then the ‘Look and Feel’ tab.

Interface Settings >> Skin >> Look and Feel

Step Three: Under the Look and Feel menu, you will be required to select the ‘Skin’ option again.

Step Four: Reaching there, you will find the two default Kodi Skin options with the name – Estuary and Estouchy.

Step Five: To get the best skin for yourself, hit the ‘Get More’ option. Doing so, you will be instantly directed to various skins, which can be instantly downloaded.

Step Six: Click the skin you find suitable. This will kick-start the downloading process.

Step Seven: On the completion of the installation, Kodi will ask whether you would like to apply the new skin or not. Choose ‘Yes’.

THE RESULT? : Your Kodi will look a piece of your imagination, just the way you want.

Now that you know how to download a Kodi skin, we’ll take you through the best Kodi skins available in 2019. So, here’s everything you need to know to get to speed.


1. Amber

amber kodi skin

Amber is a sure favorite among all the classes , for being a lightweight Kodi skin with an uncomplicated interface. When Amber is in application, the Kodi menus appear in both horizontal and vertical lines. You can easily toggle between them. As a disadvantage, the screen looks pretty overdone in the horizontal set-up, with movie/show details appearing in the section placed at the immediate left. The good thing is the easy popping up of the descriptive content without scrolling a mile. Other starry additions to Amber include custom home menu, custom home shelf and the custom background.


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2. Aeon Nox

Aeon Nox kodi skin

Easily a Kodi Skin with oodles of good looks, Aeon Nox has a superb appeal, so much so, that it is the most downloadable of them all. Packed with powerful and bold elements, this skin minimizes the performance hiccups to its best, and offers beautiful customization. What’s impressive is its cross-platform compatibility, giving you the total flexibility of using it on any platform, be it your smartphone, or the console. Like other best skins for Kodi, Aeon Nox is also little weight, giving you the fast, smooth scrolling on your system.



3. Eminence

Eminence kodi skin

Quite a bargain for its impressive look and feel, but doesn’t come up to scratch for the features! Eminence is a pick if you aren’t having a fixed mind on having lots of customizations. As a fact, this Kodi skin lacks customization features, but vouches for a better, faster experience with your Kodi. This, to an extent, equalizes the good-bad equation with Eminence.



4. Mimic

Mimic kodi skin

Mimic is a keeper if you are seeking a light Kodi skin with fun customization and well-adapted interface. No matter how varying a change you may prefer, whether in terms of color scheming or navigation, Mimic can them all done. Again, this is a skin with support to a number of devices, and also comes with a touchscreen function that’s indeed a big scorer for getting nominated for the best kodi themes. The TV page is a little tucked up, which is an undoing of this Kodi Skin.



5. Nebula

Nebula kodi skin

Nebula is well provided for features, so that you can have your way with the Kodi. It has the nicest of the customization features, making your Kodi a total ‘terrific’, and also comes with the touchscreen support. If you’re using Nebula, you’re keeping it beautifully tasteful with muted colors and textures. So, it is a likeable choice if you don’t have a thing for bright tones. Nebula features some custom home items, such as Live TV/PVR, Extra Fanart and more. But, despite such great stuff, we really don’t have good reviews for its design, as it could have been better.


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6. ReFocus

ReFocus kodi skin

ReFocus is close on the lines of Amber, allowing both vertical and horizontal views. While this Kodi skin isn’t vast by its customization options, it still offers items, widgets and pretty much to individualize elements, including the Fan Art and the Homepage. Also, it has the touch support. ReFocus has a feature that lets you know the exact number of episodes you need to watch to complete a series. Instead of looking through the long lists of episodes, you can simply tap on the ‘New Episodes’ option to see what’s on the recent arrival.



7. Ace

Ace kodi skin

Ace is a light-built Kodi skin with a plump set of customization options to up your Kodi game. This skin further broadens the options by allowing you to download more skins and improves personalization. The only downside is its lack of support with Live TV/PVR. If we just subtract this, Ace makes the cut as being a Kodi skin with neat interface, well-put content pages and slick navigation.



8. Pellucid

Pellucid kodi skin

Pellucid comes with a starry feel, a menu that’s clear and emboldened and fade-in animations as backdrops. With end-to-end PVR support, Pellucid is a sure thing if you use Kodi for Live TV consumption for most of the time. However, Pellucid has compatibility only with Kodi Krypton. This shouldn’t come as a disappointment, as Kodi 17 Krypton Alpha is touted as the most dependable, most functional with enhanced video watching and improved streaming. If you ever plan to switch to the 17th iteration of Kodi, download Pellucid for a first.



9. Transparency

Transparency kodi skin

Transparency is a comfort choice in the class of fanart skins. And, is a hand-picked one for giving the access to custom home items, vertical home menus and more. This skin has the highly evocative periodic style, with movie pages represented in cards. Flick through these cards to reach your preferred pick. Transparency Kodi skin is thick in its content, coming with full-length descriptions and reviews for you to have a look at. Though Below on the list, but still one of the best kodi skin.


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10. Arctic: Zephyr

Arctic Zephyr kodi skin

Rove your peepers once and you get to see a lot on the kind of Kodi Skin that Arctic Zephyr is. This skin has a good-looking interface, represented in both light and dark shades, which makes it a delight to work on. However, it is only accessible using the remote, a factor that reeks of inconvenience. Customization is its strong point, allowing you to bring about sorts of layout and structural changes. Less wonder, it is the most used Kodi skins ever, and will continue to be so.



11. Box

Box skin for kodi

This Kodi skin is well-deserving for its attractive, box-styled interface and easy on the eye details. It’s very clearly laid and quite minimalistic in styling, providing all what you need in the first place. When applied, you’ll find icons for Movies, TV Shows and Music, positioned at the upper-left of the screen. Press any of the icon of your choice and you’ll see all of your collections underneath for you to access. What’s more? Box supports Live TV, is customizable, and looks appealing with its building blocks layout.



12. Back Row

Back Row

Back Row is one of the choicest Kodi skins and looks splendid. When in use, it brings your home entertainment alive to the beauty of cinema, especially the red curtains and the clapperboard, which look really authentic. The skin makes Kodi look pretty nice and is ideal anyone with a love for cinema and its signature details.



13. Xperience1080


Kodi looks superb. However, with Xperience1080 into play, navigating this media center is a much simpler experience. Since it is panel-based, it becomes very easy to scroll across various menus and multiple titles. The overall emphasis of the skin lies on improving the graphical quality, animations and other integrated functions. The main menu, moving along the top of the screen, includes options – Play, TV, Movies and more. As you flick through these options, you’ll find content related to the menu you’ve chosen. With a heck of intuitiveness and elegance, you’ll be experiencing Kodi with a dab of refreshness.



14. Confluence


Confluence – neat, stylish and very scalable – has been the default skin for Kodi for many years now. And, is being replaced with Kodi Krypton recently. Confluence is the simplest and the comfiest one out there to use; a perfect one for those who are new to Kodi and looking for something easy to understand what’s all there inside. If you’re only using Kodi for watching films and TV shows, Confluence, being the most basic of the lot, is the best to try out.


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15. Chroma


Chroma looks vivid, introducing the right blend of colors with a commercial feel added to it. Anybody, who likes splattering of colors or a rainbow delight, will definitely like Chroma, since it’s extremely beautiful and looks so resplendent. With the very first option as ‘Search’ in the menu bar, it becomes extremely easy to look for your favorite TV shows and movies, your favorites basically. Customization is something you’ll definitely love with adjustable menus and layout. What else? Chroma Kodi skin supports Live TV.



16. Black Glass Nova

Black Glass Nova

This Kodi skin looks extremely stunning. As you continue scrolling through various menus, you’ll be presented with various bright backgrounds, one scroll at a time. Besides beauty, Black Glass Nova has great customizations too. You can successfully customize the Kodi navigation, or can even change the layout of the screen. There is also a utility, using which, you can edit and customize background images for every specific menu. Also, there is well-placed Search option to find out your favorite TV shows and movies by simply entering the title name.



17. AppTV


Clean and simple, AppTV is based on Apple TV GUI and has a similar looking layout and icon styles. Expect no art elements since it’s very plain-looking, but still works seamlessly and responds quite quickly. With AppTV, you can easily tailor the main Kodi menu to per your liking, and can choose between a horizontal or an app-based style layout. In totality, it’s neat looking, and works fast. There is no dearth of good customization features, which makes it ideal to try out. What’s more? AppTV features full touch support.



18. Estouchy


A Kodi skin for touch screen devices, Estouchy is a near-parallel to the default skin Estuary, and is launched with the very new, Kodi 17 Krypton. So, if you’re interested in downloading Estouchy, you’ll have to download the Kodi Kyrpton. The skin has everything you’ll find in Estuary skin for regular Kodi, and even goes better at some aspects. The icons and menus, which again are very identical to Estuary, look just perfect for touch screen devices.


19. Estuary


Estuary is the new default skin for Kodi and succeeds Confluence. However, the caveat is that since it’s been launched with Krypton, it can also be used with Kodi Krypton and no other devices. Estuary is very similar to Confluence, and is both easy and flexible than the previous default one. Talking about utility, we’d like to tell you that Estuary has support for touch and PVR. This is indeed a drooling draw. However, it specifically lacks in customization, as there are many skin which are apparently better than Estuary. To remedy this, you can download the Estuary Mod and drive more customizable features in.

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20. Metropolis


One of the few Kodi skins with a vertical menu, Metropolis is pretty gorgeous to look at and use. The entire screen layout is divided into three sections – menu on the bottom-left, artwork on the right and content display at the bottom. The settings screen even looks really interesting, laid out like a pack of cards.


These are the best Kodi skins you need to try RN. That’s not to say that customization is one of the most loved aspects of Kodi. Using addons, you can totally overhaul the way Kodi works, and using these skins, you can transform your Kodi to either look like a massive color affair or a gloomy, dark hall. You can change the way icons look, the way stream links are presented (vertical or horizontal) or the way you wish to tailor your Kodi for a complete experience. It’s all really fantastic inside. Try any (or all) of these and let us know how your Kodi looked. If you think there’s other great Kodi skin options as well, mention them in the comments section below. We might include them in the list.